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Turtles In The Kitchen

Yup. More apologizing for awful pictures. (The I pad doesn’t have a flash! Who knew?) Anyway, for team bonding, the turtles decided to make something for the rest of the camp! img_0169        Grace insisted that they all wear buns and aprons. They took a before picture. (Eileen said so that there was proof that they did intend to bake, and not just kill each other.) img_0174        After several minutes of battling for the mixer they worked it out. Mia read the recipe. img_0171        Grace mixed. (Without the coveted mixer.) The rest of the girls did what was needed. Eileen poured everything in the bowl. img_0175         Mckenna got stuff out of the fridge. img_0176        And Lea did everything else. Here she got stuck sweeping. img_0177          The team bonding worked, and soon they had made several treats.

Have you ever baked with friends, (Or not friends)?


Make A Camp Scrapbook

First of all I want to apologize for the awful pictures. (it drives me crazy!) I am using an I Pad, and I am not very good at it. I did take some pictures, and here they are! How to make a scrapbook!
The scrapbook!img_0160           You will need!


Glue stick

Hole punch

paper (I made mine by smashing colored ice.)

Cardboard. img_0161Start by cutting pieces of cardboard, two for each scrapbook. img_0162       Cut paper to cover each cover. img_0164         Cut paper the same size for the inside of the scrapbook.img_0166        Stack everything the way you want it to be. (Front cover, inside sheets, back cover.) Hole punch the whole stack twice. img_0167-1       Thread ribbon or string through the holes and tie in a bow. img_0168         Put out some scrap booking supplies and let your dolls make scrapbooks! The silver lion group decided to make theirs along the whole summer.


Camp Update

I had a review of one of the cabins that I was all ready to post for today. And then my camera broke. I have no idea if I will be getting another one, fixing the one I have, or just not doing pictures. For now I will be using my Mom’s I Pad, so posts might not always happen, (I have to pull the I pad out of my mom’s hands) and the pictures won’t be great. ( I am a camera person, not a I Pad person.)

I am really sorry about that, but there is nothing really I can do. So enjoy your summer, with or without Dolltastically Fun!


Welcome To Camp And How To Make Stationary

DSCN8453[1]                         Faith sat at the registration table for Pinecone camp. She checked to see if she had everything. Stuffed animals to give to the girls? Check. Clipboard with registration papers? Check. DSCN8458[1]                         The first campers, Lily Anna and Riley hopped up on to the table in the infirmary to be checked. Once clear they hopped down and went to the registration table. DSCN8454[1]                      The two girls walked over to the table. DSCN8455[1]                           “Pick a stuffed animal or doll while I check you in.”Faith told them. “Now would you like to be in the rain forest cabin, the house cabin, or the log cabin?”

“Can we be in the log cabin?” The two girls asked together.

“Log cabin it is.” DSCN8456[1]                         Lily Anna and Riley walked over to the log cabin, following the directions Faith had given them exactly. They soon came to a cabin in the woods. It had four beds, each covered with a bandanna blanket, a sink with a mirror and drawers, a rug, and a sign that proclaimed they were the dancing deer. A girl sat on one of the beds in the cabin and she looked to be thirteen.

“I am Joy.” The girl said. “I am going to be your leader for the summer. You are the first ones here, so pick a bed.”

DSCN8457[1]                          Lily Anna plopped on the top bunk, with Riley under her. DSCN8460[1]                          Joy gave the girls pieces of paper and markers to make stationary. Joy sat on the bed looking at the list of themes on her laptop.

“This says,” She told Lily Anna and Riley. “That this week’s theme is welcome to camp!”

DSCN8449[1]                         For today’s craft (since it is Make Something Monday) I am going to show you how to make…Stationary. You will need markers and doll sized paper. (I cut the doll sized paper from human paper.)

 DSCN8451[1]                         All you have to do is color the edges with a marker. Your dolls can help you with this. Now you have doll sized stationary!