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A Review Of Mia

Since today is Thrifty Thursday I am going to review my first thrifted American Girl doll Mia! I took the pictures in the place I always do, even though the lighting there is bad, and it is not  a great place for pictures. (It is a tradition.) DSCN8335[1]                         I dressed Mia in clothes that looked like her meet outfit. The shoes are Grace’s meet boots, I made the sweater for Mia, and the skirt is the bottom part of a dress I made. DSCN8336[1]                            Mia actually came with her underwear. I thought that was cool. Mia has three stars on her underwear, as that was when they still put logos on the underwear. DSCN8339[1]                      She has the classic face mold, freckles that look like someone took a paint brush and made tiny lines, and hazel eyes that are very close to Lea’s.DSCN8342[1]                            Pretty eyes.

DSCN8345[1]                        Mia came back from the doll hospital with her original hairstyle, a braid that looks like Graces from first glance, but really is very different. Grace’s is a french braid, Mia’s is a braid with hair going in and out of it.

DSCN8346[1]                        Her hair comes all the way down her back with a little bit of curl. It is a dark strawberry blond, not a true red.

The trip to the doll hospital was about 57$ so I got her for 58$. Even though she isn’t new, and she didn’t come with her meet outfit, I love her more than I would getting her when I was five. It has been a dream of mine to find an American Girl doll at a thrift store, and it finally came true!Lexie