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The Gazebo

I’m not qualifying this as the dollhouse project, but technically it is part of the dollhouse. When Samantha’s Gazebo came out last spring, I knew I wanted to make it. It has taken a whole year, but oh well. I finally finished it (For now) and I think it turned out pretty well. DSCN7889[1]      Last spring, I wanted to find a top for the gazebo. We looked at our hardware store. When we came to the bird feeder section, there was a perfect bird feeder. It had six sides, a top, a bottom. It was a little over my price range, but it was perfect enough, I didn’t care. The bird feeder part was cracked though, and it was the only one left. We went to guest desk thing. I asked, (Being 11, they were more likely to give me a discount.) Since I wasn’t going to use to feed the birds tuppence a bag, tuppence tuppence a bag. (Shout out to everyone in my homeschool groups’s Mary Poppins) it was a perfect bird feeder for my gazebo. The price was even better. Since it couldn’t be used for what it was made for, they gave me eight dollars off, bringing it to four dollars! DSCN7887[1]  Here it is! I used dowels from a broken chair, and beads to lengthen it. I painted it all purple/white. DSCN7888[1]         I used Popsicle sticks to brace it, and I love the way it looks!DSCN7890[1]    It’s a lot smaller then Samantha’s, but it still is pretty big. Big enough for two dolls to sit in chairs and talk.

I am going to use it for camp, and a meeting place for the dolls. I am very happy with it, and it only cost five dollars, (I used dollar store foam bored for the top and bottom.) I’m glad I made it, and it turned out better than I expected.


Aquarium week


This week at camp was Aquarium week. That meant we were on a field trip. I was paired with Sandie and we went to this fish tank, with guppies and snails.


There were a lot of guppies.


I stood up to feed the fish, wondering how many fish would come to the top.


Most of them went to the top.


Then we went to see how the filter works. The pump sucks up water and runs it though a filter. Then it goes back to the tank. It was a fun beginning to the week.

The fish tank is mine, in my room. It is actually next to camp.