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Holly’s New Hair


At my house we have always had this doll. She’s about the size of a three year old. When people come over they say she’s creepy. (I’ve managed to freak people out multiple times.) I’ve never thought she was all that creepy, but we’ve had her for longer than I can remember. However, she has almost no hair. The doll used to be my great aunt’s, and when she was little she cut the doll’s hair. Very short.

I once made a headband with yarn hair on it, (Which you can see in this photo story Here) but it didn’t look much better.

Mom wanted her to look nice, so she asked me to re wig her if she bought the wig, and of course I said yes.

We were researching Holly, and it turned out the original doll had only an inch or so more hair then Holly had at the time we were researching her.  Holly was also a knock off. (Like an Our Generation doll instead of an American Girl doll.)

We measured the doll’s head, and ordered a wig. I was rewigging Holly for Mom’s Christmas present, so I wouldn’t let her see it.


Here’s Holly at the beginning. Both of her eyes are getting silver eye, but since the last time I did doll eyes didn’t work out too well I didn’t want to try again.


I took scissors and cut her hair as short as I could get it.


I took a nail polish remover wipe and cleaned her skin. It got quite dirty.


This is the wig right out of it’s packaging.


This picture is a bit blurry, but it’s a dark brown Peggy Sue wig in size 17-18 from eBay.


I tied the long hair in a ponytail so it wouldn’t get in the way.

I just put it on her head and adjusted. I didn’t glue it on, though now I wish I had. It stays on well enough, but slides around some.


I took Holly outside for a photo shoot. Yes, she is wearing her Christmas dress, though it is March. Her bangs are a bit long, so I just bobby pinned them to the side.






I really like this picture.

We all like Holly better than we did before. She isn’t creepy anymore.


My New Doll!

There are going to be a lot of pictures, and a lot of review.

My Dream was to have my doll home by Easter. She came the Monday before. Every time the mail came I ran to see if she had come. Three weeks later American Girl sent me an email. Your doll has been admitted. That was Wednesday. She came on Monday. I was doing math when she came. I ran outside to meet her. I was doing math, and Mom said I could open her right away, but I did math first. I wanted to be able to play right away. DSCN7644[1]      My Mom really wanted to be there, so while I waited for her I set up my dolls. She had the camera. Here I am opening my box. DSCN7646[1]   Here she is!DSCN7649[1]      Then I lifted the lid! Mia was home!

Yes, you heard me right. I now own Mia. Here are some before/after pictures and review. DSCN7006[1]DSCN7005[1]    My before pictures. I took her head off, washed the body, re stuffed her with lemon sent and strung her head on with a zip tie, since I had to cut the strings to get it off.DSCN7246[1]DSCN7259[1]DSCN7229[1]DSCN7252[1]  The day she left I did a photoshoot. DSCN8324[1]                     Now here is the new her. She came in the hospital gown, socks, and a hair net because I got a new head. And the watch. They were out of hospital bracelets, so they sent a watch and a letter explaining instead. DSCN8326[1]                      The hospital gown looks big, but that is the style. DSCN8328[1]                       It has velcro in the back, a square at the top and another in the middle. DSCN8327[1]                       On the front it says American Girl Doll Hospital. DSCN8329[1]                    Mia also came with pink heart socks. DSCN8330[1]                         And a get well card. DSCN8331[1]                      Here is her beautiful face. DSCN8332[1]                       She had her original underwear. DSCN8333[1]                   She came in this beautiful dress. It’s from 2012 and has LOTS of detail. DSCN8334[1]                        The belt not only goes all the way around, but it ties too!

That’s all.

Oh. You want to know her story?

Well I keep saying second hand doll. I guess I forgot to tell you that she came from a thrift store. As always I ran to the doll section. This time I saw doll feet sticking out. I had found a Springfield doll for four dollars. I found a messed up bitty baby, and a couple of other dolls. Then I saw Mia. I didn’t know who she was, but in one glance I knew it was American Girl. I snatched her up screaming ”
I FOUND AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL!” Mom shushed me, so I said it quieter. I still couldn’t believe it.  We walked around the store and checked out. The whole way home I tried to figure out who it was. Not Nellie. I looked at the tag. 2008. Maybe, just maybe, it was Mia. I decided against it. Lea says 2014, and she is the 2016 doll. She must be a look alike. I got her home, and looked on the internet with my Mom. DSCN8325[1]                      This hair part is what finally decided for us. I had a Mia! Later that night I saw a doll that looked the same from first glance, but they had differences. When I had enough I sent her to the doll hospital. I was VERY worried I wouldn’t get a Mia back, but I did. I took her to an American girl store. It was an empty day. I told one of the workers there she was Mia, and when I went to get her sent they knew right away she was Mia. They must have talked. She came back with strings! I love that.

Now here is the best part. Although I didn’t care if she was 10$ or 100$ she was only 1$