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Holly’s New Hair


At my house we have always had this doll. She’s about the size of a three year old. When people come over they say she’s creepy. (I’ve managed to freak people out multiple times.) I’ve never thought she was all that creepy, but we’ve had her for longer than I can remember. However, she has almost no hair. The doll used to be my great aunt’s, and when she was little she cut the doll’s hair. Very short.

I once made a headband with yarn hair on it, (Which you can see in this photo story Here) but it didn’t look much better.

Mom wanted her to look nice, so she asked me to re wig her if she bought the wig, and of course I said yes.

We were researching Holly, and it turned out the original doll had only an inch or so more hair then Holly had at the time we were researching her.  Holly was also a knock off. (Like an Our Generation doll instead of an American Girl doll.)

We measured the doll’s head, and ordered a wig. I was rewigging Holly for Mom’s Christmas present, so I wouldn’t let her see it.


Here’s Holly at the beginning. Both of her eyes are getting silver eye, but since the last time I did doll eyes didn’t work out too well I didn’t want to try again.


I took scissors and cut her hair as short as I could get it.


I took a nail polish remover wipe and cleaned her skin. It got quite dirty.


This is the wig right out of it’s packaging.


This picture is a bit blurry, but it’s a dark brown Peggy Sue wig in size 17-18 from eBay.


I tied the long hair in a ponytail so it wouldn’t get in the way.

I just put it on her head and adjusted. I didn’t glue it on, though now I wish I had. It stays on well enough, but slides around some.


I took Holly outside for a photo shoot. Yes, she is wearing her Christmas dress, though it is March. Her bangs are a bit long, so I just bobby pinned them to the side.






I really like this picture.

We all like Holly better than we did before. She isn’t creepy anymore.


Doll Rescue-Audrey Ann Part Two

part one

Warning! If you don’t like seeing dolls taken apart, or in parts don’t read this post!


I did the lips and then the eyes. It was the same thing as getting them out, but way harder. I had lost one of the pieces, so I was just going to put the eye part in, and it would be an eye that dosn’t open and close, right? Wrong.                               dscn37441     

We got the eyes in, after much trouble. They are messed up. Sigh. (On a side note the lips look like that because the boiling water washed her lip color off.)                           dscn37451             

I decided to try something, hoping it would word. I put some glue on the eyelid.


Then I taped it in place till it dried. It didn’t turn out as nice as I wanted, but it worked, so I did the hair.


I went back and forth over how to give her hair several times. First I was going to use a doll wig. Then a hair weave. Then a human wig. We finally decided to go to Goodwill to look at human wigs. They were all $10 but the one. It looked like this, and the package said it was a hair weave. It was $5.


I was disappointed to find I had a wig till I actually looked at it. The way it is sewn together I could cut it apart and glue the strands on.


I started cutting the wig apart, grabbed a glue gun and started gluing.


A view from the front.


And the side.


Here she is with all the hair I wanted glued on and no styling whatsoever.


Then I put her hair in a bun so I could do her face ‘paint’.


Thrift store finds.

In may I found four beat up dolls at valley thrift. There was an Abby doll there but I decided that she was too beat up, and only took home three. Mom said that I could bring them home. I could only take all three if I sold two of them. I restored them and my friend wanted to buy one. She was the one I had paid the most for. (Even though she was in the worst condition.) I had paid four dollars but she would only pay five. We decided that she would pay just a bit (She only paid less than a dollar.) and take the two dolls I had to get rid of to her house. When I saw her again she would lend me the dolls. They are her dolls so she can take them whenever she wants. But she doesn’t play with dolls all that much so I would have them most of the time. The other one I could keep all the time. Here is how I restored them. Although I don’t have pictures of all the steps you can get the idea.


This is the before picture. All of their hair was crazy. It was tangled and the blond one had color in her hair. It was pink, green, blue, and surprisingly, blond. She also had a stain on her. The next one had tan skin. She was the only one with any clothes. Her foot was also bent. The last one had awful.  hair and scuff marks on her face. They all smelled bad.

I removed their heads and took out the stuffing. I sprayed the one with the stain on her with stain remover and put their bodies in my washing machine.


UnStuffing them I found out what the ‘wires’ were. Some dolls have squishy limbs and wires inside them. Then you can move their arms and legs differently. Two of my dolls had squishy limbs. After I took their heads off I found that the arms and legs were connected to a block. All of the wires were put in the box to hold them. I had to take the box out to unstuff them.


Here is a different view of the wires.


I put the box thingy in a bag so I wouldn’t lose anything.

After the wash was done I hung the bodies upside down to get all the water out of the limbs. Then I stuffed them with new stuffing.


And here is a picture of how the wires fit into the box. The other arm wire goes in it too, and then the top goes on.


With the heads off I stuck them in a box with downy in it. If the hair soaked in the downy long enough it hopefully become easier to deal with.

After 24 hours I rinsed the hair out and left it to dry.



Here you can see the hair. Even after the downy it was hard to brush it. With the one on the right I ended up also washing, conditioning, hair spraying, and using water on it. When I finally got it brushed it was still bad. (It smelled worse.)  The one on the left wasn’t bad and the one in the middle was actually still nice. When I got it brushed it wasn’t very frizzy and it was shiny. After it was brushed I set it in big curlers.

I attached the heads with long wire ties. I snipped the ends and tightened.


Here is the after picture. I dressed them in the closest I could to their meet outfits. I got the stains out of the one on the left’s body and hair. In the middle the tan skin is here to stay. I did unfold her foot though. I Attached it to a flat piece of wood and melted the skin with a hairdryer till it was good. When I took the wood off it was almost flat. The one on the right’s hair got a lot better but still not great.

Soon I will share their story’s.