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Love to Layer Accessories With Another Outfit

The love to layer accessories are great with the purple dress, but what about another outfit? I picked a dress I made, that Rachel was wearing, and put the jacket and skirt on over it.


Here Rachel is wearing the vest over the dress. I am not sure I like this combination, because the vest covers the pink waistband and the collar, and the colors clash a little bit. The dress is old fashioned, too, and the jacket is not.


Then we have the skirt. If it weren’t for the color clash, I would love this combination. The style of the dress, and the frillyness of the skirt, it just works.


Then we have both. It’s okay, but I don’t like it.

So there you have it. They work with other dresses, but not this one.


Rachel’s story

I couldn’t find Rachel’s name so I named her Susan. When I found That it was Rachel, I changed it, but she still looks like Susan.

I used to be played with. But my girl grew up. I was donated to a thrift store. I rode in a hot vehicle. When I got there, my hair was tangled. I was only wearing a shirt, and my foot was bent. A girl with a doll walked past, saying something to her mom. Later she picked me up. She walked down the aisle. She turned around, and picked another doll up. We all went home and got fixed. 

Rachel is about 17 years old. She is in amazing condition for being that old.


I dressed Rachel in clothes like her meet outfit.


She has a very sweet face, with her big brown eyes. When I got her the headband was still tied to her head!



Her hair is a bit frizzy. It is shiny and soft though. It is in great condition for being 17 years old.


On her neck it says:




She has a blue, fraying tag.


Her foot was so bent that it was hard for her to stand, but now all that is left is a little crease.

I am very lucky to have found her.