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The Cutest Three-Step Doll Skirt You Will Ever Make

Hello people reading this!

Want to learn how to make a really cute, really simple (three steps!) doll skirt? You have come to the right place.

*Note: This is not the easiest skirt you will ever make, nor the cutest, but for how easy it is, it is really adorable, and you can make it for any size doll.


Step one: Gather your materials. All you need is wide lace (which you can find at the craft store) and self sticking velcro or sew-on velcro and fabric glue. If you want, you can use flowers or bows to embellish it, or fabric dye to dye it.

Step two: Wrap the lace around your doll, and mark how long it needs to be. Add some overlap for the velcro. My lace was really thin and see-through, so I used my sewing machine to sew two pieces together. I also dyed my lace pink, but that is optional.

Step three: Wrap the skirt around your doll. Cut a square of velcro, and place it where the end of the lace on top overlaps with the lace on bottom. Either stick it on, or glue it on.

And you are done! See how simple that was?

You could make a bunch for Holiday gifts, or for dolls to wear in a dance class. The possibilities are endless!

Nora (The doll) is wearing: Warm Winter Outfit from American Girl, Silver Sparkle Beanie from American Girl, and the skirt I made.


A Super Simple Octopus

DSCN9978[1]                       Today’s craft is a super simple octopus. He is pretty cute, and fast enough to make that you could make one for every one of your dolls. DSCN9974[1]                          All you need is a square of cloth, cotton, hairbands, scissors. DSCN9976[1]                             Fold your square in half, in half again, and in half one more time. Cut a half oval shape on the side without the fold.DSCN9975[1]                            Pinch the middle around some cotton and secure with a hair or rubber band. DSCN9978[1]                          Now you have a cute octopus.


Quick Craft Volleyball Net 

Since this week’s theme is Talent Week I am going to show you how to make a volleyball net. Gather your supplies. You will need: Tulle or netting, Duck tape, Scissors and a ball for your dolls to play with. Cover an end with duck tape.  Cover the rest of the sides with duck tape and cut holes for string.  Hang it up with string on two trees. Do your self a favor and tie the string in bows, or use easy to break string. Teach your dolls how to play volleyball!

On Thursday the Wellie wishers come out! I am going to the first look event in Columbus on Thursday! It is free, but you need reservations. If you are also going comment down below and tell me! As soon as I get home and have time I am going to post pictures!