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Review My Twin Cook Set And Comparison

For Easter my parents gave me the My Twin cook set, which they got on sale when My Twin went out of business. I also have a kitchen set from the dollar store which I am going to compare it with. First the Dollar store set. DSCN7947[1]  Here is the whole set. It is fully made of plastic. DSCN7948[1]    The pan is red on the outside, and black on the inside. DSCN7949[1]    The utensils include a spaghetti strainer, a spaghetti spoon, and a spatula. The handles are molded red plastic.

Now for the My twin set. DSCN7950[1]     The set comes in this box.DSCN7951[1]  This is the entire set. Two pots, a pan, and some utensils. A funny story about the utensils, The pots and pans were in the box with Styrofoam in between them, and I didn’t see the utensils. It wasn’t until I was looking at my catalog that I saw the there should have been utensils. I looked, and there they were!DSCN7952[1]   This pan has blue enamel on the outside, and white on the inside with a metal rim. The handle is wood. DSCN7953[1]   The pots have handles on either side, and on the lid. The lid is blue enamel with a metal rim, and a handle on the top. The lids just sit on the pots, but they fit well.DSCN7954[1]      There are three utensils, each has a folded piece of wire glued on to the end as a handle.

And here is the comparison.DSCN7955[1]  The dollar store pan is deeper, but the My Twin one is well made. They both are the right size. DSCN7956[1]     On this one I would say that the dollar store one is better. It looks more realistic, and would actually be able to strain spaghetti. (If it was doll sized.) DSCN7957[1]  The spatula parts look the same, but the handle is different. The angle of the handle is different on each. DSCN7958[1]   And then we have a ladle, and a spaghetti spoon, both good things for making spaghetti. DSCN7959[1]  With both set together you would be able to make spaghetti, sauce, meatballs, and garlic bread.


Both sets are nice, even better together. They are a great addition to my doll kitchen, especially if they want to make spaghetti.