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River Princesses – A Photoshoot

A couple months ago I took two of my dolls along when we went hiking. The path we walked on is parallel with a river, and at one point there is an island thing. It is surrounded by a little creek, and if it doesn’t have water in it you can just walk right up to the island.  Or you can just use rain boots, which is what I did. Anyway, I took Mia and Eileen up to the island and took pictures.dscn0173 dscn0174 dscn0175 dscn0177 dscn0178 = dscn0181 dscn0185 dscn0187 dscn0189 dscn0192 dscn0194 dscn0196 dscn0202  dscn0211                           I love this picture. I just love it so much.


Eileen’s Melody

Since I am doing AGdollAwesome’s photo shoot challenge, I dressed Eileen, did her hair in a music note and some curls, gathered my violin set, and took her and my guinea pig peperment outside for some pictures!

dscn34631  dscn34681 dscn34731 dscn34751 dscn34771 dscn34791 dscn34821 dscn34861 dscn34871 dscn34921 dscn34951 dscn34981 dscn35041 dscn35061 dscn35101


Butterfly’s Fly


I got up, deciding what to wear.


I spun into my butterfly costume. It was old, but I loved being a butterfly.


I sprouted wings, and flew away. This is what I did.