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Joy’s Journal 2-3

dscn36721                       A couple of hours later I went to see Mom in the hospital.

“What exactly happened?” I asked, as no one at home would tell me.

“Remember when I had Scarlet Fever?” Mom asked. I nodded. “Well, what the doctors think happened is that it triggered a chronic illness. I have been feeling pretty bad for awhile, so that would explain it.”

“But don’t you have to be be born with it?” I asked.

“You were born with it, but it also can be triggered by a really bad illness, like scarlet fever. It also can be genetic, meaning that it’s likely that you are not the only one who has it in our family.”

“What happened with the falling thing anyway?” I asked.

“I don’t really know.” Mom confessed. “I just was there, and then on the floor.”

“When are you going to be released from the hospital?” I wanted to know.

“Not for awhile, I don’t think.” She glanced at me. “Which brings me to something you need to know. I talked to your dad, and we decided with me being in the hospital, that we are going to send you to boarding school with Savana.” dscn36731                         I rocketed out of my chair. “What!” I screeched. “What about Hope and Faith? What about me? I have a chronic illness too! How’s that going to work?”dscn36741                        Mom put her hands up, like ‘what am I going to do?’ She reacted calmly. “Joy, Faith is old enough to care for Hope, and they both can handle being alone at home a lot. I don’t think you can. Savana will be there too. Maybe you can be roomies”


“This is not up for discussion Joy. We already decided.”dscn36751                          I buried my face in my hands and cried.


Why I Do Joy’s Journal

*I don’t really know why I wanted to do this post. It just seemed like something I had to do.*

All week long my Mom has been telling all of her friends. “Do you read Lexie’s blog? You should. Joy’s Journal is really good. The first one was fine, but this is great.” Let me tell you, I’m happy that Mom likes it so much, but this is getting annoying.

Part of what I think makes it so good is that I want to do it. I love writing it.

Sometimes I’m stuck for words, I know what I want to say, but not how to say it. It’s hard to write the parts in which there are bad things. Joy makes some not so smart choices and ends up in a place no one wants to be. That part was/is really hard to write. I know Joy isn’t real, but it is still hard to have bad things happen to her. And I don’t really want to cause as much of a stir as part eight of the first Joy’s Journal did.

Still, I love writing it.

Sure, I do it for my readers. I do it for my friends, the one’s I’ve told.

I don’t really tell everyone. It’s not something that I do for glory, so I don’t really want everyone to know about it. I have told my close friends, who I think will enjoy reading it.

I like being able to discuss it with my friends. I have a couple of friends who I think about when I write it. They help me some, and I do it partly for them.

But mostly I do it for me. I love writing it, reading past parts, thinking about it, and posting it.

I post it online, but if everyone knew, then it wouldn’t be my quiet place. The place where I escape to write it.

So welcome to Joy’s Journal.


A Mess In The Kitchen

First of all I apologize for the post that posted today. It was supposed to be last Tuesday’s, but I messed it up.

DSCN8669[1]                       Katelyn, Riley and Hope Gathered in the kitchen to make something. They had but one rule. ‘Don’t make a mess, or use the cookie dough. ‘ They discussed what to make. They finally decided on cookies.Riley went to the instructions on her laptop. DSCN8671[1]                          She leaned over to look at the recipe. The container tottered. DSCN8672[1]                          Then it fell, spilling cookie dough EVERYWHERE. DSCN8674[1]                     They cleaned it up and decided what to do.

“Tell Faith.” Riley said. “It was an accident after all.”

“Even if we tell her, she will still need the dough she doesn’t have.” Hope said.

“We need to make more.” All the girls said it together. DSCN8675[1]                         Supplies were gotten out and stirred together. DSCN8677[1]                    Soon they had enough for both the cookie dough container, and cookies. DSCN8679[1]                            They put the cookie dough into the container and shut the lid.

When Faith asked them how it went? They told her “Great.” then they winked at each other.


Joy’s Journal Part Eight, Hopeless

part one part two part three part four part five Part Six part seven

Before I start I want to say that this is the character. This has NOTHING to do with my real life. It is based off of someone who did something similar, but that was a long time ago. 

DSCN7917[1]     Mom and Hope were at the store, and I was all alone doing homework. Then a scary thought struck me. What if I was like this forever? I knew that chronically ill people took longer to heal, but what if I was like this forever? I hadn’t known that ‘falling’ off the beam could change my life forever! Something had to change. I didn’t want to put up with this forever.DSCN7918[1]         I snuck down to the empty kitchen. DSCN7921[1]         Then I pulled the biggest knife I could find out of the cabinet. DSCN7923[1]         Raising it, I was about to use it to stab myself.

“Joy!” DSCN7927[1]       In a blur I jumped, and dropped the knife on my foot. DSCN7928[1]         I sat down and bandaged my foot. DSCN7929[1]      Having hobbled up to my room I flopped on the bed, trying not to believe what I had almost done, crying myself to sleep.


Joy’s Journal Part Five


part one part two part three part fourDSCN7331[1]         I layed in a hospital room, Mom on the bench next to me. I didn’t know where I was, or why I was here. DSCN7332[1]         I sat up and looked around. Mom still read her book. By the furniture I guess a hospital room, and then I remembered falling off the beam. DSCN7333[1]Mom set down her book and moved closer to talk to me. DSCN7334[1]   But then the nurse came.

“Oh Joy you are awake! I’m one of the nurses here, and I am going to help make you comfortable. You broke you leg. Can I get you anything?”

“Can you come here a minute?” Mom asked. “We should talk.”DSCN7336[1]     So the nurse came and sat down to talk to me.

“So what happened?” That was all. No chance for mom to explain, no baby voice, just a nurse talking to me.

“I fell off the beam at gym.” I told her. But somehow she could sense that there was more, and she didn’t say anything. I took that as a cue to continue. “Last time I had gym I was good at it, and they wanted me to move up a level so I could do more. But it hurt so bad the first time I fell off the beam so I didn’t have to do it again.”DSCN7337[1]Mom turned to her.

“She has a chronic illness.”

“Well I have something that can help with that! I will be right back!” DSCN7339[1]  And she was gone. DSCN7340[1]    Then she returned with a jar of pills.

“These might help. Also being gluten free might help with your chronic illness.” Then she left. DSCN7341[1]Behind her Savanna almost toppled over under the weight of some stuff. I had no idea how long she had been there, and how much she had heard, but I didn’t say anything and nether did she. DSCN7343[1]   She dumped the stuff on my bed and I winced. DSCN7344[1] “Broken leg. See?” She moved over. DSCN7346[1] “First of all a teddy bear.” DSCN7347[1]    “And a card everyone signed.” DSCN7348[1]“Some macaroons” DSCN7349[1]“And a brush.” DSCN7350[1]     As she did my hair, I felt so much better. But soon she had to leave. DSCN7351[1]   And that night I lay in bed wondering. “what if everyone knew my ‘secret’?”