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A Not Kayaking Adventure

It was a hot summer day, the kind that makes you want to get wet. So Lea and Abby dragged a kayak to the river with intentions of going kayaking.

DSCN9938[1]                           They plopped the kayak down and sat down.

“Where is the water?” Lea asked Abby. DSCN9940[1]                       She got up on a rock and looked around.

“Let’s go down the river and see if there is any water.” DSCN9941[1]                       Abby slid into a hole. She screamed. DSCN9942[1]                      Suddenly she saw something cool. DSCN9943[1]                        “Hey Lea look at this!” DSCN9944[1]                       It went on like that. Lea found a mushroom. DSCN9945[1]                           Abby came to look at it. Soon the kayaking trip was forgotten and they spent all their time exploring. DSCN9946[1]                        After awhile they had to rest. DSCN9947[1]                         Abby went over to a big rock and climbed on it. DSCN9948[1]                     Jumping into the water made a huge splash. DSCN9950[1]                      Lea came to see what made the sound. DSCN9951[1]                      But she only dipped her feet in. DSCN9952[1]                          They found a mushroom rock, the signal that they should look for the bridge. DSCN9953[1]                             Pretty soon they saw it, a big bridge with three lanes, though no cars were on it. DSCN9954[1]                        Abby hopped onto a log. DSCN9955[1]                        Then some roots.DSCN9956[1]                   Then finally the ground. DSCN9957[1]                     Following, Lea jumped on the log. DSCN9958[1]                      Then the roots. DSCN9959[1]                           Then the pavement. DSCN9960[1]                         The girls walked down the bridge, sad that it was over. What started as a kayaking trip became so much more.


The Picnic Mishap

All morning the girls of the Turtles cabin had prepared for the picnic they were going to have for lunch. They had baked treats, made flags, and cut watermelon. Now they were setting out on their picnic. DSCN8655[1]                      The girls sat down and prepared to spread out the blanket. DSCN8656[1]                   Mckenna pulled the blanket out of the basket and looked down into it. No food was to be seen. DSCN8657[1]                             She turned to look at Lea. “You have the food in your backpack right?” She asked.

“No, I thought you had it.”

“We left it at camp.” The two girls said it in sync.

DSCN8658[1]                        “That’s okay.” Said Eileen. “We can pick berries.” DSCN8659[1]                      Everyone turned to look above them. A berry tree that no one except Eileen had seen was in the sky. Lea and Mckenna set off to get some berries. DSCN8660[1]                        Lea balanced on a branch. DSCN8662[1]                     While Mckenna just sat on a stem. DSCN8663[1]                    The basket was nestled in the vines. DSCN8664[1]                         Meanwhile the girls left behind prepared everything. They laid out the picnic blanket, picked leaves to use as napkins and plates, picked flowers to put in the basket, found a berry bowl, and put out sticks to use as stabbers. DSCN8665[1]                            Lea and Mckenna returned. Seeing everything they were delighted. DSCN8666[1]                          They nestled the berries in the bowl and settled the flowers in the basket. DSCN8667[1]                       Sitting down to eat, the berries looked so good they were eaten soon. DSCN8668[1]                       When everything was packed away and ready to go back to camp Grace spoke up. This was great and all, but maybe we can have another picnic, this time with food?


Rope Course

My family always has ropes up in our backyard. We string them up different ways and walk across them. Ours our sort of in the woods, so I did it for jungle week. You will need thin rope or strong string. DSCN8692[1]                           I strung it from one tree to another, tying in the middle. Make sure to tie it really tight. You can add a top rope if you want. DSCN8693[1]                        Now put a doll on and maybe a harness. I am using a string tied around Abby’s waist and a clip, more to keep her up then for her. DSCN8694[1]                      Apparently Abby decided to go zip lining.

You can do this as many ways as you want. I just used the two strings so I did a tight rope, but we have done it more ways than I can count.

Till tomorrow!


A Hike In The Woods With Mckenna

I ran away into the woods. Just for a little bit, but it was fun. I bundled up, and off I went!


I jumped into the soft leaves to start the adventure.


I climb up the stairs, but they are big, so it takes awhile.


I look around. It is a very big yard, so I’ll have to be careful not to get lost.


Just then a gust of wind picks up my hat, and I run after it.


I bend down and pick the hat.


I stand back up, realizing something. I’m lost!


I walk over to that big tree.


I jump up on it. Now I remember where I am.


I fell off into a pile of leaves. Then I set off to go home.


I start walking.


The bridge is bouncy, like a trampoline.


Then I see the water, and get off the bridge.


I get inside, cold from the wind.


I take off my stuff, and drop it.


Just as I’m getting warm Eileen comes in.

“Will you take me outside!”

“Not right now.”


“Come sit with me?”



Eileen sits with me, watching the cat movie. I am glad ti have a warm house and good friends. Lexie