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The Water fall

Today is McKenna’s last day so I planed something fun for her. A weekend in a woods in a cabin.



I saw my cabin. It was nice so I started settling in.


When we were settled in I sat on the couch next to Mom thinking about Josie who was also here.

“Isn’t there a wheelchair friendly path that Josie can go on?”

“You mean accessible?”

“Yeah that.”

“I like the way you think. I might be able to arrange that.”


We met Josie outside of the cabins. Mom said we could go ahead so we did.


We walked (and wheeled) until we got there.


When we got to the waterfall we just watched the water fall down down down. Then Josie said

“Mckenna this is the BEST surprise, Thank you!”

I hope you enjoyed my month. It was fun. Come tomorrow for Abby to start her month.

Untitled and Mckenna.

Mckenna and Joise


We were in the library, Josie was tutoring me but I wasn’t really hearing her. Josie must have thought I was bored because she said

“Y know Mckenna when we finish early we can do fun stuff.”

“Like what?” I asked


Josie pulled a book off the shelf and started reading it. Then I tried to predict what was to happen. Then I read. I was having fun. But then it came to me, Tomorrow is my last March day. But for now Josie and I were having FUN!


Snow and Abby

Pictures work now so I am  now adding pictures to this

First of all sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. I was experiencing technical difficulty. (I am now too so no pictures today. When word press start working I will just add them in.) Anyway When I took the pictures I was going to take Mckenna and Abby outside with there cabin but it was snowing so this happened instead.
“I heard a loud scream “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

So I went downstairs and outside. “What’s wrong Abby.”
“We were supposed to take the pictures of us in the cabin on our weekend away today but it snowed!”
“Come upstairs for a minute. I want to show you something.”

When we were upstairs I opened the snow drawer.
“What’s in here?” Abby asked.
“It was something I did for Hope when it was snowing and she wanted to go outside but she couldn’t.”
I grabbed the snow paints and we were off.

When were outside we looked around and then started up the hill.

We stopped to rest in a dry spot.

“Look at the snow already!” Abby said
We went back out and I tried the snow paints but they did not work.
“Sorry Abby.” I said “They did not work.”
“I heard some of Hope’s conversation when she wanted to play outside in the snow and you said it was too big.” Abby said “It is bigger now, why did you take me outside?”
“Well” I said. “I wanted to show both of you that you can’t always have what you want but you can be content without it.”
“It worked.” Abby said “But let’s go it!”
“I agree.” I said “COME ON!”

Mckenna’s competition

Mckenna’s gymnastics competition was yesterday. I took pictures so I will show them to you. Most of the story is from Mckenna’s second book but I took the pictures. A big thanks to my friend for helping with the pictures and letting me use her doll McKayla.


I arrived in the gym and was overwhelmed by the noise and people.


I spotted Toulane and Sierra so I went over to them.


Then as a surprise I pulled out bracelets and gave them to my friends.

“Cool! I wish we could wear them but I guess we will have to wait until after we compete.” Toulane said


“That’s right.” Said Isabelle coming up behind us. “Remember girls even though you are competing against each other you are still a team. You need to encourage each other and help each other have fun.”


The last word must have stuck because we were smiling while went to the mats to warm up for half an hour.


Then each team marched around the gym while being introduced.


Isabelle signaled us over to a corner along with four girls that I did not know.

“This is where you will be trying out. I will be taking notes along with two other coaches.

Then it was time. I was last on vault.


When it was my turn I ran and jumped on the spring board, pushed off the vault and landed on the mat.


I did pretty well on bar.


On beam I tottered once but I stayed on.


I was most worried about floor. I saluted, and then I froze! I weren’t sure if I would even hear the music when it started.


Desperate I glanced at Toulane. Breathe.


It all came back to me and I started my routine.


“You were amazing.”

“Thanks.” I said, I wasn’t just having fun I was flying high! It must have been contagious because my friends did well too.


When we were finished and the teams were getting medals we gathered in the corner.

“No matter what happens we are all teammates and friends. Right?” I said


“Yup.” Toulane said putting on her bracelet. We did so too.


“And now for the scores of those trying out for the competitive team.”


When the girls from outside our club had taken their places they were up to fourth place.


“Third place and honorable mention goes to Sierra.”


“Mckenna is in second.”


“And Toulane in first.”


We came off the podium and hugged. It was a perfect day!

Thrifty Thursday Cabin


I made this collapsible cabin to use for when Mckenna goes on a weekend in the woods and to use as a camp cabin when camp comes around.


The outside is contact paper.


Mckenna can stand up at the very edge.


Lay down sideways.


Or front ways.


Here the top is blue.


I made it out of a box and expanded it. I cut in a few places and it collapses.


What happened?

URL: http://agdollplay.blogspot.com/2013/01/doll-craft-make-clubhouse-for-your-dolls.html

I made it from this post and the link in it.

More Practice

First of all sorry that this post is so late, I had other stuff going on. Now for the fun part. To Mckenna!


“Oh I need to practice gymnastics! I’ll just eat this yummy breakfast first.


“Hey! I made that breakfast for ME!”


“I’ll just practice my gymnastics now.”


“The beam is what I really need to work on. But it is SO HIGH.”


“Now for the dreaded dismount.”


“Argg! I don’t think I will ever be ready for the tryouts.”




OOF! I fell on my handspring again.



I got up and prepared to do it again. Then it hit me, I had been so focused on my leg that I forgot that my arms had to be strong too. And they were, from months of push ups and rope climbing during practice.


This time believing I could do it I did a perfect handspring.


I had an idea. The tryouts are on Saturday but that doesn’t mean that I have to do all work and no fun. I thought of a fun way to do my floor routine and have a lot of fun…


I went to the trampoline and started jumping.  Now for the routine.



And some jumping.



Thrifty Thursday-A Wheelchair For Josie


Every Josie needs her wheelchair. I Made one and am here to show you how I did it.


Other side.




Front without seat.

I glued Popsicle sticks and chopsticks together to form a chair and then I tied the spots together with string. I glued ribbon spools and bottle caps on to form wheels.


Josie loves not being confined to one place.


“Hi Josie!” Mckenna said “Your wheelchair doesn’t have anything to push!”


Mckenna left and returned pushing the wheelchair.  “Oh I know something to make it better!” Mckenna was gone again.


What can she be doing now? Josie asked herself.


“I am back!” Mckenna returned with a backpack.


“There. All ready for you!”


And then they left Mckenna pushing Josie all the way home.

Humans And Horses Part 2



Finally the day arrived to go to hearts and horses. Shannon met us at the door and then gave us a tour of the place.


When we get to the riding ring I introduced some of the riders as they passed.


When Dora passed she said to me  “Purble in…”

“Wait, What did she say?”Sierra asked.

“Gray sky OUT!”

“You taught her our gymnastics trick didn’t you?” Sierra asked punching me playfully.


When the riding session was over Shannon led us to the kitchen where some riders were waiting. I was glad to see that Josie was there. To my surprise Shannon asked me and Josie to divide everyone into groups.


When we were in groups we started making cookies. Everyone seemed to be having fun except Toulane. She watched the cookies bake in the oven.

“Hey Toulane want to help make a new batch of cookies?” I asked her. To my relief she turned back to the group.

Julia held out her hand to  Toulane and said “ME Julia.”

Toulane shrank back “I can’t understand her.”

“She said her name was Julia.” I said gently.



“Come on Toulane, We need help measuring.”

“I am just not good at this.” She said

“Well how do you get over things at the gym.”

“Blue sky in, or maybe purple.” she gave me a half smile

“So can you shake off your stress the same way here?” I asked.


“You will do fine.” I assured her.


She turned back to Julia

“Want to work together?” She asked

“I working hard.” She said clanking her spoon around in an empty bowl.

“Want to help measure flour?” She asked

“I helping!” Julia answered.


Okay um, I will just and a few eggs and you can keep stirring.” She said.

“I good at stirring.” Julia said

“Yes you are very good.” Toulane agreed.


Crack! Julia must of stirred too hard because her spoon landed on the floor. I waited to see if Toulane would help her but Toulane just stood there.”


I quickly washed the spoon and handed back to Julia.


I looked around for Toulane but she was gone.


Humans And Horses Part 1


Today I am going to do the first part of one of my things.


My teammates and I were stretching at the gym.


After a few minutes Toulane leaned forward and said

“I see your tutor is here. Do you need her to tutor you in gymnastics too?”


I looked up into the stands where Josie was watching. She had come along to watch me practice.


“She is not tutoring me.” I answered “We are friends.” DSCN3638[1]

At the word friends Toulane’s expression turned stormy. She got up and walked away. I called after her.

“What’s your problem?”


“Okay time out!” Couch Isabelle said “Everyone come sit down for a moment.”


I sat by Sierra and as far away from Toulane as I could.

“I have noticed some tension between some of the teammates.” Isabelle said. I knew she meant me and Toulane but I couldn’t meet her eyes. “Does anyone have any team building ideas?”

“There is a horseback riding center around here.” I suggested “We could volunteer there.” I risked a glance at Toulane but she didn’t shoot down my idea.

“Good idea Mckenna.” Isabelle praised “I will have to look into that.”


Then we went off to practice our gymnastics.