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Eileen And Maryellen Comparison

My friend has Maryellen, and a couple weeks ago I brought Eileen to her house for a comparison. Here’s what’s different and here’s what’s the same.DSCN6604[1]Here are the girls standing next to each other.DSCN6605[1]Now here is their hair. Eileen’s is more of a strawberry blond, and Maryellen’s is more of a light red. Also Maryellen has bangs and Eileen does not. DSCN6607[1]Here are their faces. They have the same face mold, but Maryellen has hazel eyes, and Eileen has blue. DSCN6609[1]It could just be that Maryellen is brand new, and Eileen is not, but it looks like their skin is a bit different. DSCN6611[1]The torsos are also a bit different. DSCN6612[1]And one last picture.

Maybe these girls aren’t twins, but they are defiantly sisters. They look like twins, compared to how much me and MY sisters looks alike!