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Meet Lea Clark!

What is it with Wednesdays being so hard to post on? As you saw with Tuesday’s post, I got Lea Clark!  I went to the American Girl store last weekend (I have pictures by the way), and I had the money. So here she is!

Lea Clark is ten. She goes to Brazil for her stories. As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted her. It took me about two months to get her, but it was way worth it. We were going to be in Columbus, so I convinced Mom to take me to the AG store. I had to wait several hours, till the way home to open her. I am very happy with the one I chose!


Here is Lea in her box in the car. (Excuse my knees!) She has here hair net on, and all the packaging. They have plastic ‘gloves’ now. LEa.jpg

Now here is Lea out of box! (This photo was edited, so the colors might not be true.) DSCN6927[1]Here’s Lea’s dress. It had different stripes, each a different pattern. It’s short, but that can be fixed with leggings.DSCN6938[1]The top is braided yellow. This is annoying, because older girls can’t wear this dress without something under it. (Bras) The prints don’t match, and the braided belt doesn’t go all the way around. DSCN6939[1]The prints line up in the back though.DSCN6940[1]The bag’s strap have embroidered yellow Vs. DSCN6941[1]The bag has two straps that hold the bag closed. They have a X pattern, and a yellow plastic ‘buckle’. It doesn’t work, but is a nice place to pull to open the bag. In between is her symbol.

DSCN6942[1]The bag opens with Velcro, and while isn’t as big as most of my bags, holds enough stuff. It could work as a purse. DSCN6943[1]Here’s the compass. It has a arrow which turns, but the compass doesn’t really work. In the middle is a star.DSCN6946[1]Here’s another view of it. DSCN6947[1]The clasp is knots. You slide the knots around to make it longer or shorter. It was a little hard at first, but not bad. The longest it gets is still hard to get it over the head, because they have such big heads. DSCN6948[1]Here are the shoes. The sandals will be great for the summer. DSCN6949[1]The back opens, but I don’t understand why, because the strings are elastic, and it doesn’t need to. DSCN6957[1]She also comes with lime green undies. DSCN6950[1]Lea has the Josefina face mold. She has tan skin, like she’s been out in the sun for awhile. She has feathered eyebrows, that make her look older. Her eyes are greenish with brow in them, and a black ring. I really like this. DSCN6954[1]Hopefully in this picture you can see the highlights and colors. She has caramel/blond hair. DSCN6955[1]Her hair was supposed to be curly, but it isn’t really anymore. It defiantly has a wave though. DSCN6956[1]When the curls are pulled straight it comes almost to her knees! DSCN6958[1]And even though this picture is blurry, you can see that they don’t have strings anymore. I hate this, but it will make pictures easier. Let’s just hope her limbs don’t get loose. DSCN6959[1]And here is her book. It didn’t interest to me as much as they books usually do, but it was still a good read. The title gives away the ending though.

Anyway I LOVELOVELOVE Lea. If you are thinking about getting her, let me make the desion for you. GET HER! Can you tell I like Lea?


Welcome Home!

DSCN6892[1]We pulled up in front of a house. “Where is she?” I asked Faith. “She will be here soon enough.” Faith told me.

We were waiting for a girl to come and join us. For we were getting a new sister today.DSCN6893[1] As soon as I saw the people I went out to join them I saw a girl about my age, and a woman. Good. Only one sister.DSCN6894[1]The girl got off. “You must be Lea.” She said. “And I’m Grace.”DSCN6896[1]I got on, and away we went. Then we started to talk.

“The girls and I decided to give you your own room.” The woman who was to be my step mom said. “But it’s not finished yet, so you will have to sleep in one of the bedrooms.” 

“Okay.” I said. “So I will be with Grace for now.” 

“You can be in Grace’s bedroom if you want.” Faith told me “That is probably good, because it has only four girls in it.” 

“Only four girls!” I gasped “How many do you have? Five, six?” 

DSCN6897[1]Grace nearly died laughing. She was laughing so hard she couldn’t talk. So instead the woman name Faith told me. 

“Actually we have fourteen.” She said “But they are all nice.” 

I was very surprised. I mean who wouldn’t be? Fourteen sisters. I had never had any before. Now I was wondering how I would deal with fourteen. I pulled Grace up, and we changed the subject.

DSCN6898[1]“I really like your dress Lea.” Grace told me. “Are all of your clothes like that?” 

“When my parents died.” I started. “I was outside changing for a party. That’s why I wasn’t in the house, and I didn’t die. I had only the clothes I was wearing, and what I was going to change into. Those are the only belongings I have.” DSCN6899[1]I turned my head so Grace wouldn’t see me crying. 

“That’s okay.” Grace said. “We share LOTS of clothes, and you can too. You will never run out of things to wear.” 

Just then the car pulled up to a house, and we got off. 

DSCN6901[1]Several girls were there, yelling “SURPRISE, AND WELCOME LEA!”

DSCN6902[1]Then they all started talking. Fourteen girls, and I was alone. 

“Hey, that looks heavy.” A girl whose name I have yet to find out said. “How about I show you the room you will be in?” 

“Okay, thanks!” I told her. 

DSCN6905[1]“How did you know?” I asked. “I was feeling all alone, and then you came.” 

Being the youngest, I often feel all alone too, and I thought you could use a friend.”

DSCN6906[1]I set my suitcase on a bed. “Does this one work?” 


DSCN6907[1]“Then I think I will take a nap. Thank you.” 

And so I started getting used to life in the dollhouse.