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Joy’s Journal 2-2

This is the first part. This is Joy’s first journal.

dscn35881                         Savana was at my house that day. It was not a good day. It didn’t help that this was going to be one of my last days with Savana before she left.


dscn35891                         “I’ll go see what that is.” Savana offered.

I was glad. I didn’t really want to get up. Savana knew that, and she wouldn’t make me get up.

Or not.

“Joy! Come quick!”

I jumped off the bed and ran into the kitchen, where Savana was. dscn35901                           Mom had fallen off of a ladder or something, and was laying on the ground, not moving.

“What happened?” I whispered, not wanting to make too much noise.

“I don’t know.  Maybe you’d better call 911.” dscn35921                          I grabbed the phone off of the table and punched in the number.dscn35931                          “My Mom fell and she is not moving. I don’t know, maybe a concussion. What should I do? You are sending an ambulance over? Okay. Yeah.” I gave them my address and told Savana.

All that was left to do was wait.


The Dollhouse Project

I have no idea what part this is. I lost track a long time ago. Anyway, here is the link to the whole project.  dscn34291                         This is what I have done on the kitchen so far. I have made a lot of process, but I’m not done yet. There is going to be a back splash, a light, more paint, a rug, more cabinets, more counter space.dscn34331                         I have the trash and recycle cans up in a cabinet.   dscn34341                         I hung a spice cabinet up on the wall.dscn34351                          There is a bucket in the corner, where the washing machine will be. dscn34361                   The floor space is just enough room to put the table, a stool. dscn34371                         When I’m using it, I will pull it out onto the ground, so I have space for the dolls.

I think that about sums it up. Now that I’m back in school, the dollhouse project will be on Mondays.         Lexie

How To Make A Blender

Yup, I know that blenders don’t have much to do with baking, but I think this is a cool craft, so I am going to do it.

DSCN8698[1]                     You will need:

Duck tape



An empty container with a lid


Beads and buttons

DSCN8700[1]                         Start by cutting the cardboard to the size you want it. This will be the base. DSCN8701[1]                          Cover it with Duck tape or paint it.     DSCN8702[1]                       Glue a bead to the top for a lid and beads to the sides for handles. Glue beads to the base for buttons.DSCN8704[1]                        Now you have a blender. You can take the top off and put stuff in it.



DSCN8687[1]                           Today is a tour of the Kitchen.  It is one of the things I am still working on. It is in the dollhouse. DSCN8688[1]                         On one side we have a refrigerator made out of foam board, potato bin found at a thrift store and cabinet made out of velcro.  DSCN8689[1]                           The cabinet holds the trash and recycle cans found at dollar tree. DSCN8690[1]                       In the middle of the kitchen there is a thrifted spice rack painted and hung, and a paper organizer made into a shelving unit and stove and oven. DSCN8691[1]                         On the other side there is a cabinet rescued, painted, and hung, and a cabinet that came with a tea set.

That finishes the tour of the kitchen.


A Mess In The Kitchen

First of all I apologize for the post that posted today. It was supposed to be last Tuesday’s, but I messed it up.

DSCN8669[1]                       Katelyn, Riley and Hope Gathered in the kitchen to make something. They had but one rule. ‘Don’t make a mess, or use the cookie dough. ‘ They discussed what to make. They finally decided on cookies.Riley went to the instructions on her laptop. DSCN8671[1]                          She leaned over to look at the recipe. The container tottered. DSCN8672[1]                          Then it fell, spilling cookie dough EVERYWHERE. DSCN8674[1]                     They cleaned it up and decided what to do.

“Tell Faith.” Riley said. “It was an accident after all.”

“Even if we tell her, she will still need the dough she doesn’t have.” Hope said.

“We need to make more.” All the girls said it together. DSCN8675[1]                         Supplies were gotten out and stirred together. DSCN8677[1]                    Soon they had enough for both the cookie dough container, and cookies. DSCN8679[1]                            They put the cookie dough into the container and shut the lid.

When Faith asked them how it went? They told her “Great.” then they winked at each other.


The Dollhouse Project Part Ten

part one part two Part three part four part six part seven Part eight part nine                                                     On a trip to the thrift store I finally got some cabinets for the kitchen. I did a lot, and now it is almost done. Here is what I did. DSCN8369[1]                         First of all is the bin that I am painting. DSCN8370[1]                         The bin says salt, but I am using for a potato bin. However my dolls will probably put fruit in it. I will be hanging it on the wall.DSCN8373[1]                      Here is another cabinet/shelf for the wall. I have no idea what it was supposed to be used for, but my dolls will be putting plates in it. DSCN8375[1]                           I also painted this spice rack that I got for the camp infirmary last year. I have other things to use for the camp infirmary, and it will work really well in the kitchen.DSCN8376[1]                         I made this cabinet to hang on the wall.DSCN8377[1]                           It will hold the trash and recycle cans which came from the dollar store.DSCN8379[1]                         I found this organizer at the thrift store. I painted it and turned it on it’s side. The one side is an oven and stove. (I haven’t made the stove top yet) I think I am going to leave the other side for storage. DSCN8380[1]                          I put the sink on the top. The sink is a paperclip holder.DSCN8381[1]                          I made the door out of foam board and masking tape. I made the handle from a foil covered Popsicle stick and two silver pony beads. I love the way it looks!DSCN8382[1]                          The bottom of the door has straws and the main piece has a straw. I put a stick through it and now the door opens. I held it shut with velcro. There are straws in the oven to hold the unmade rack up.

So that’s it. My progress. I hope you enjoyed!


Review My Twin Cook Set And Comparison

For Easter my parents gave me the My Twin cook set, which they got on sale when My Twin went out of business. I also have a kitchen set from the dollar store which I am going to compare it with. First the Dollar store set. DSCN7947[1]  Here is the whole set. It is fully made of plastic. DSCN7948[1]    The pan is red on the outside, and black on the inside. DSCN7949[1]    The utensils include a spaghetti strainer, a spaghetti spoon, and a spatula. The handles are molded red plastic.

Now for the My twin set. DSCN7950[1]     The set comes in this box.DSCN7951[1]  This is the entire set. Two pots, a pan, and some utensils. A funny story about the utensils, The pots and pans were in the box with Styrofoam in between them, and I didn’t see the utensils. It wasn’t until I was looking at my catalog that I saw the there should have been utensils. I looked, and there they were!DSCN7952[1]   This pan has blue enamel on the outside, and white on the inside with a metal rim. The handle is wood. DSCN7953[1]   The pots have handles on either side, and on the lid. The lid is blue enamel with a metal rim, and a handle on the top. The lids just sit on the pots, but they fit well.DSCN7954[1]      There are three utensils, each has a folded piece of wire glued on to the end as a handle.

And here is the comparison.DSCN7955[1]  The dollar store pan is deeper, but the My Twin one is well made. They both are the right size. DSCN7956[1]     On this one I would say that the dollar store one is better. It looks more realistic, and would actually be able to strain spaghetti. (If it was doll sized.) DSCN7957[1]  The spatula parts look the same, but the handle is different. The angle of the handle is different on each. DSCN7958[1]   And then we have a ladle, and a spaghetti spoon, both good things for making spaghetti. DSCN7959[1]  With both set together you would be able to make spaghetti, sauce, meatballs, and garlic bread.


Both sets are nice, even better together. They are a great addition to my doll kitchen, especially if they want to make spaghetti.


Welcome to the mini doll house!

First of all sorry about the no postyness. Things have been crazy around here. Second welcome to the mini doll’s house! The big dolls have their own house so the mini dolls wanted one too. My dad and I built this out of wood and I made furniture and decorated it.DSCN3351[1]


This is mini doll bedroom 1. I painted the walls and the tile is duck tape. I made the bed out of straws, glow sticks, cardboard, and felt. I keep all the clothes in the box in the corner. The rug is a carpet sample and the ballet bar is a mirror with a bar glued to it.


The rug goes under the bed so they can use the bar.



For this room the carpet is felt, the walls are painted, and the rug is a carpet sample. I made the chandler from stickers and the bed is from a box. The chair is a felt covered ribbon spool and some cloth.


The wardrobe is made from a box and holds clothes and shoes.


The art room is one of my favorite rooms. The floor is a tile and I had a lot of fun painting the walls.


At the desk there is a tablet and laptop. The screens are painted in black paint and the stylus is chalk.


I made the easel with a real clip to hold paper.


Ruthie is playing the piano.


Kit is looking at the rock collection and poster.


This is the kitchen.  The table is made from a box. In the back I have a sink, washer, and cabinet.



The fridge opens and so does the oven.


Here is the gym.


Ruthie practices vault.


Here Holly bounces on the trampoline instead of doing exercises on the bar.


Samantha does beam.


Here is the living room. It has a chandelier and stone floor.


The shelf hold little trinkets.


This is the fireplace.



It opens to tend the fire.


Everyone watching TV.


Next to the Issys house (More about this in a later post) Is a campground. Holly arrives in a steak and shake car while Kit and Ruthie and Samatha are already there.


Ruthie and Holly go swiming and two Issys rest in the hot tub.



One of the Isabelles is at the beach table while another rests on the bench and Samantha just hides in the tent.


And here is the campground with out the dolls.

Welcome To The Dollhouse!

I put together a little doll house for my dolls. I spend a lot of time there and wanted to share it with you. (Warning lots of pics.)


I made the dollhouse by pushing a table into a corner. My bed is on one side so I tied strings to a gutter atached the wall to add another floor. I made a roof by tying a piece of cloth to the bed and gutter.


Here is the porch. I bought the bench at goodwill and I made the sled out of Popsicle sticks.


This is little baby Poppy’s nursery. I bought her at a garage sale with the clothes in the changing table and made the bed out of Popsicle sticks and cardboard.and the changing table out of a box.


Here Katlin is sitting on a shoe box in front of a window in the the bedroom. The dog bed is a basket and I taped  a popcical stick to the bed and put food and water bowls on it. The cocoanut car is under the bed.


I put a doll bunk bed in the corner and put the bed part from another bunk bed on top.


I have a gutter on the wall so I hung a string over the gutter and put the clothes on hangers on the string and the shoes in the gutter.


I placed a plastic container against my bed for a shower and hung a piece of string with some cloth on up for a shower curtain. I made a toilet out of an ice cream container and some cardboard. I made the towel rack out of Popsicle sticks and wrapped up a tissue for toilet paper. I put some American girl towels on the rack and put travel shampoos and soap in it. The sink is also used by the kitchen.


I made a doll salon by pouting a dollar store container on a can and shoving it in the corner. I filled it up with hair stuff and put the our generation salon chair behind it.


The kitchen table is a stool and I made the stool Mckenna is sitting on out of beads and a lid. The chair Riley is sitting on I bought at a garage sale. The buckets at the end of the table are mini buckets filled with mini candy canes and toy fruit. I made the napkin holder out of cardboard and beads and filled it with napkins cut down to size. Riley’s place mat came under a sandwich at Panara bread.


I made the oven and sink to look like the piece from graces bakery. I made it out of different boxes and covered them with paper. On the top is contact paper and the sink is a bowl.


I covered a box with paper for flour and the sugar is a bottle of glitter. On the bottom shelf I made the recipe box from a printable. The sifter is a paper covered toilet paper tube with a handle glued on and a tulle bottom. I made the mixer out of a toilet paper tube and duck tape.


This is the mixer in action. I can take the beaters out for storage or use them as whisks.

Over here there is a shelf for the microwave  and under it  a counter, cabinet, washer, and drawer. I am storing extra plates in the gap because they do not fit with the rest of the plates.


In the cabinet I have a bucket for clothes and a shelf for other stuff.


This is the drawer. I made or found most of the stuff.


I have an iron and ironing board too. This picture also shows off the hook thingy on the wall. It holds a rubber spatula and hot pad.


The corner holds the refrigerator and two cabinets.


In the cabinet I have china plates, plastic communion cups, and veggies.


The fridge has food in it and the drawer under it is the freezer.


The cabinet has chocolate chips and glitter bottles that I am using as sprinkles.


Moving on the the library. The reason I have a library Is because I had some some extra room and I love the library so I thought that my dolls would too. I made the couch and bookshelves both out of a box. I made a bunch of books for the shelf and then put little trinkets in the remaining space.


I put the library on the doll hose I made. Before I had 18 inch dolls I had 6 inch dolls and I made a doll house for them. I decided to put the dollhouse in this one so my dolls could play with their own dolls. Grace is standing near it to show how tall it is.


In the living room I have a fireplace, a coffee table, A TV, and some seating. I found the wicker chair at a garage sale and the grandfather clock at good will. I made the coffee table out of a box and some beads and the rug is a carpet sample.

DSCN3289[1] locker

Mckenna looks at her locker. I made the locker our of a box and some beads and stocked it with school supplies.


Katlin is trying to decide what to do in the school room. I made the desk out of an egg carton and Popsicle sticks and I bought the chair at a garage sale. I made the key board out of a piece of wood, Popsicle sticks, some beads, and ribbon.


In the theater Abby is watching the mini dolls put on a play. The seats are book holders and the stage is a box.


And last but not least Mckenna floats above the earth in a hot air balloon hung from the ceiling.