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Joy’s Journal Part 2-5

Today was the day we drove to River Valley school. It was five hours away, too far too come and go every day so we were to be boarding students.

dscn37831           I don’t know what happened when we got to the checkout desk, but Savana suddenly lost it.

dscn37841             “Joy Fully is in room 876 and Sava-”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wanna be with JOY!”

“Sorry. You are in room 43-”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I won’t do it unless I can be with JOY!” dscn37851           Savana’s mom stepped up.

“Actually Joy probably should be with someone she knows, or she won’t take it well. She has been known to do some not so smart things when she is sad, and she might try to run away if she isn’t with Savana.”

I hoped she was making some of that up, but it worked, and we got to room together.

“You too may go up to room 768 but Mrs Parker stays here.”

We said tearful goodbyes and went up to our room. dscn37861            It wasn’t much, but a place to call our own.  I saw a bunk bed, a ladder/shelf, a desk (Why not two?) and a sink. dscn37871           Tired from hours in the car I jumped up to the top bunk and fell asleep. dscn37881           Savana jumped up to me, I don’t know how much later.

“Someone came to our door and asked for Joy Fully to come to the nurse’s office.” dscn37901            The place wasn’t much bigger than ours, decorated the same way. The nurse sat in a chair. dscn37911



Suddenly I knew the nurse’s name=. She used to be my school nurse, back when I was little.


“What are you doing here Joy? Don’t you have a good school?”

Tearfully I told her my story, ending with: “And with my chronic illness and all my parents decided to send me here.”

“You still have that?”

“The chronic illness?”

“I was afraid this would happen.” Ellen groaned.


“When you were younger your chronic illness wasn’t nearly as bad. I was hoping it would go away, but it only got worse it seems.”

“All too soon.”

dscn37921             I hopped on the top bunk. dscn37931            Ellen jumped after me.

“Mind if I give you some advice?”

“Yes please.”

“If you aren’t felling well skip a day of classes. Don’t push yourself, or you could make yourself extremely sick.”

Oh how I wish I’d listened.


Camp plans


I was in the library in my pajamas reading a book while waiting for everyone to get up so I could change.


Katelyn came up and sat down.

“Why are you here?” I asked

“I just want to talk.” She said

“Then move to the more comfortable place.” I said


We were just sitting side by side talking.

“I heard that you are going to be the camp nurse.” Katelyn said. “Would you like to see some of your utensils?”

“Of course.” I told her. So off we went.


“There will be more when camp starts as well as an infirmary.” Katelyn said.

“That is okay.” I said “For now this is cool. I can’t wait till camp. Are you volunteering at camp?”

“I will probably teach everyone how to make a bracelet but I am mostly going to the camp.”

“That is okay.” I said “We still can’t wait for camp.”

Story Saturday-Friend Fights


“Today we have the art challenge.” Katelyn said to all the contestants. DSCN3976[1]

“One girl from each team will draw something with the utensils and on the canvases.” Katelyn said turning toward the supplies.

“Oh can I do it?” Joy asked Riley.

“Sure.” Riley told her.

“I will do it.” Mckenna said to Grace.

“You do it then.” Grace said.


Mckenna and Joy turned to the canvases and started.


When they were told to present their masterpieces it was clear that Joy’s was much better.

“We will take a loss.” Mckenna said before Katelyn could even ask.

Story Saturday-Friend fights- part 1

Because the computer is working for now I am going to try and post a story every Saturday. And starting today even though this was supposed to be for three weeks ago I am starting a series called the friend fights. Come on Saturdays for a new part.


“Welcome to the Friend Fights. I am the host, Katelyn Russ. You will be in teams of two. There are six challenges. In each challenge there will be one loseing team.


Katlyn held up some mats and blankets. “The first chalange is to go outside and sleep there all night. If you come it your team may get a loss. You may use the supplies but nothing else.”


Every team got their pack and waited.



they gathered around the tree outside.

“I guess this is where we part.” Mckenna said.


“Let’s go somewhere away from wind and rain.” Grace suggusted.

“That is a good idea.” Mckenna encoraged


It was cold so we got in bed as soon as we found a place and whispered as we huddeled.


“We can just get into a sunny spot” Abby said

“But it might rain.” Hope protested.

“It won’t.” Abby said


They got settled-and it started to rain. DSCN3822[1]

As soon as Abby was asleep Hope was gone.


Meanwhile Riley and Joy were huddeled. They were so shy nether spoke.



Finaly they just dropped and slept.


In the morning everyone met up messy and tired. Hope was with Katlyn.

“Wash up and then come back.” Katlyn said.


Mckenna looked around the nice bathroom. It was as nice as everything else.


When everyone was back Katlyn spoke.

“Hope and Abby, Do you want to take a loss or vote someone off?”

Hope said take a loss but Abby said vote someone off.

“That means you have to go Hope.” Katlyn said “What team is Abby on?”

“Her own.” Hope ansewed. She knew what the next chalange was, everyone did, and she wanted Abby to know that she was not happy with her.


For this story I dropped Grace in the mud and I had to soake her hair in cold water to get it out.

April fools!



Hope and Katelyn sat before a big bowl of candy.

“I Like jelly beans, but not jolly rancher jelly beans.” Hope said

“April fools! I mixed them together!” Katelyn told her.


“Try this one!” Katelyn nagged.





I think I’ll just stick with the kisses!”

Mckenna’s competition

Mckenna’s gymnastics competition was yesterday. I took pictures so I will show them to you. Most of the story is from Mckenna’s second book but I took the pictures. A big thanks to my friend for helping with the pictures and letting me use her doll McKayla.


I arrived in the gym and was overwhelmed by the noise and people.


I spotted Toulane and Sierra so I went over to them.


Then as a surprise I pulled out bracelets and gave them to my friends.

“Cool! I wish we could wear them but I guess we will have to wait until after we compete.” Toulane said


“That’s right.” Said Isabelle coming up behind us. “Remember girls even though you are competing against each other you are still a team. You need to encourage each other and help each other have fun.”


The last word must have stuck because we were smiling while went to the mats to warm up for half an hour.


Then each team marched around the gym while being introduced.


Isabelle signaled us over to a corner along with four girls that I did not know.

“This is where you will be trying out. I will be taking notes along with two other coaches.

Then it was time. I was last on vault.


When it was my turn I ran and jumped on the spring board, pushed off the vault and landed on the mat.


I did pretty well on bar.


On beam I tottered once but I stayed on.


I was most worried about floor. I saluted, and then I froze! I weren’t sure if I would even hear the music when it started.


Desperate I glanced at Toulane. Breathe.


It all came back to me and I started my routine.


“You were amazing.”

“Thanks.” I said, I wasn’t just having fun I was flying high! It must have been contagious because my friends did well too.


When we were finished and the teams were getting medals we gathered in the corner.

“No matter what happens we are all teammates and friends. Right?” I said


“Yup.” Toulane said putting on her bracelet. We did so too.


“And now for the scores of those trying out for the competitive team.”


When the girls from outside our club had taken their places they were up to fourth place.


“Third place and honorable mention goes to Sierra.”


“Mckenna is in second.”


“And Toulane in first.”


We came off the podium and hugged. It was a perfect day!