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Joy’s Journal Part 2-5

Today was the day we drove to River Valley school. It was five hours away, too far too come and go every day so we were to be boarding students.

dscn37831           I don’t know what happened when we got to the checkout desk, but Savana suddenly lost it.

dscn37841             “Joy Fully is in room 876 and Sava-”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wanna be with JOY!”

“Sorry. You are in room 43-”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I won’t do it unless I can be with JOY!” dscn37851           Savana’s mom stepped up.

“Actually Joy probably should be with someone she knows, or she won’t take it well. She has been known to do some not so smart things when she is sad, and she might try to run away if she isn’t with Savana.”

I hoped she was making some of that up, but it worked, and we got to room together.

“You too may go up to room 768 but Mrs Parker stays here.”

We said tearful goodbyes and went up to our room. dscn37861            It wasn’t much, but a place to call our own.  I saw a bunk bed, a ladder/shelf, a desk (Why not two?) and a sink. dscn37871           Tired from hours in the car I jumped up to the top bunk and fell asleep. dscn37881           Savana jumped up to me, I don’t know how much later.

“Someone came to our door and asked for Joy Fully to come to the nurse’s office.” dscn37901            The place wasn’t much bigger than ours, decorated the same way. The nurse sat in a chair. dscn37911



Suddenly I knew the nurse’s name=. She used to be my school nurse, back when I was little.


“What are you doing here Joy? Don’t you have a good school?”

Tearfully I told her my story, ending with: “And with my chronic illness and all my parents decided to send me here.”

“You still have that?”

“The chronic illness?”

“I was afraid this would happen.” Ellen groaned.


“When you were younger your chronic illness wasn’t nearly as bad. I was hoping it would go away, but it only got worse it seems.”

“All too soon.”

dscn37921             I hopped on the top bunk. dscn37931            Ellen jumped after me.

“Mind if I give you some advice?”

“Yes please.”

“If you aren’t felling well skip a day of classes. Don’t push yourself, or you could make yourself extremely sick.”

Oh how I wish I’d listened.


A gymnastics competition

I helped my friend put this together for you.

team awards

Here they are, The gymnastics competitors. They are getting team awards, they are just about to announce  the individual awards.

the first three award winners

The competitors that will be getting the first three awards are here discussing things. Mckenna, Grace, and Abby.

Dolls at podim

They are now getting their individual awards. The girls not standing on the podium are tied for fourth place.

Our generation Katlin


This is Katlin. I haven’t read the book yet but from the description she is an ice skater.


She comes in a dress with a bow on the shoulder.


She has blue eyes and comes with earmuffs and a bun.


Since she is a deluxe doll she comes with an extra outfit and a few accessorizes, Her other outfit is an ice skating outfit.


The skating skirt has layers and the leotard has ribbon in the front.


The skates don’t come with skate guards but she can stand on the skates easily.


She comes with three medals and two mugs.

Katlin is a great doll but her underwear is always falling down, her boots are hard to get on and the Velcro on one of the medals broke already. But she is still a great doll and one I totally recommend getting.