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Joy’s Journal Part 2-5

Today was the day we drove to River Valley school. It was five hours away, too far too come and go every day so we were to be boarding students.

dscn37831           I don’t know what happened when we got to the checkout desk, but Savana suddenly lost it.

dscn37841             “Joy Fully is in room 876 and Sava-”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wanna be with JOY!”

“Sorry. You are in room 43-”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I won’t do it unless I can be with JOY!” dscn37851           Savana’s mom stepped up.

“Actually Joy probably should be with someone she knows, or she won’t take it well. She has been known to do some not so smart things when she is sad, and she might try to run away if she isn’t with Savana.”

I hoped she was making some of that up, but it worked, and we got to room together.

“You too may go up to room 768 but Mrs Parker stays here.”

We said tearful goodbyes and went up to our room. dscn37861            It wasn’t much, but a place to call our own.  I saw a bunk bed, a ladder/shelf, a desk (Why not two?) and a sink. dscn37871           Tired from hours in the car I jumped up to the top bunk and fell asleep. dscn37881           Savana jumped up to me, I don’t know how much later.

“Someone came to our door and asked for Joy Fully to come to the nurse’s office.” dscn37901            The place wasn’t much bigger than ours, decorated the same way. The nurse sat in a chair. dscn37911



Suddenly I knew the nurse’s name=. She used to be my school nurse, back when I was little.


“What are you doing here Joy? Don’t you have a good school?”

Tearfully I told her my story, ending with: “And with my chronic illness and all my parents decided to send me here.”

“You still have that?”

“The chronic illness?”

“I was afraid this would happen.” Ellen groaned.


“When you were younger your chronic illness wasn’t nearly as bad. I was hoping it would go away, but it only got worse it seems.”

“All too soon.”

dscn37921             I hopped on the top bunk. dscn37931            Ellen jumped after me.

“Mind if I give you some advice?”

“Yes please.”

“If you aren’t felling well skip a day of classes. Don’t push yourself, or you could make yourself extremely sick.”

Oh how I wish I’d listened.


6 x green

Happy saint Patrick’s day! I helped my dolls fine green things to wear. From left to right Riley is wearing Hope’s meet outfit. Hope is wearing an outfit that came with a girl sized outfit. Mckenna is wearing an outfit made by me for saint Patrick’s day. Grace is wearing the outfit that came from an Amish store in Pennsylvania. Kaitlin is wearing a nightgown from a girl and doll night gown set. And Abby is wearing a outfit from madame Alexander that I got before I was interested in american girl dolls.

Humans And Horses Part 1


Today I am going to do the first part of one of my things.


My teammates and I were stretching at the gym.


After a few minutes Toulane leaned forward and said

“I see your tutor is here. Do you need her to tutor you in gymnastics too?”


I looked up into the stands where Josie was watching. She had come along to watch me practice.


“She is not tutoring me.” I answered “We are friends.” DSCN3638[1]

At the word friends Toulane’s expression turned stormy. She got up and walked away. I called after her.

“What’s your problem?”


“Okay time out!” Couch Isabelle said “Everyone come sit down for a moment.”


I sat by Sierra and as far away from Toulane as I could.

“I have noticed some tension between some of the teammates.” Isabelle said. I knew she meant me and Toulane but I couldn’t meet her eyes. “Does anyone have any team building ideas?”

“There is a horseback riding center around here.” I suggested “We could volunteer there.” I risked a glance at Toulane but she didn’t shoot down my idea.

“Good idea Mckenna.” Isabelle praised “I will have to look into that.”


Then we went off to practice our gymnastics.

Thrifty Thursday-Library



“What are you doing?” Kaitlin asked Mckenna

“Looking for a subject for Thrifty Thursday.” Mckenna answered

“What’s that?” Kaitlin asked.

“Every Thursday someone posts on the blog about something thrifty.” Mckenna answered. “However the first one was in November and no one kept on with it so I am going to.”

Kaitlin laughed. “I can tell you that chair is not handmade but I like the idea.”


Mckenna fell into the library. “I know what we are doing today.”


“Help me move this chair.” Mckenna told Kaitlin. “And then we can start. “You can take the pictures.


“Today for thrifty Thursday we are going to show you the library.”



“The bookshelf was made from a box.”


“And the books are doll sized books or books made from a sheet of paper.”


“On the top shelf there are smaller books and Toys.”


“This seat was made from a box on a cloth covered box. ”


“And the couch was made from a box and a piece of cardboard and a handkerchief.”


Kaitlin came in. “That is all? That was easy.”

“Yup.” Mckenna answered. “That hard part is remembering to do it every week.”

“Bye and happy Thursday!”



Doll sized Carpet ball

One of my favorite sports is carpet ball but we don’t have a carpet ball table and there is no chance of getting one. So I made a carpet ball table for my dolls that you can sort of play. Here is how I did it.

I started with two boxes, One of them is for the base and should be a long as the table but my table is a little short. The other one is for the pockets. You could use two boxes but I used one.


I cut the smaller box in half and cut the top off. I put cardboard on the open ends. I cut the other box to how deep I wanted it.


I cut holes for the pockets and taped the flaps together.


I taped the pockets in with the cardboard edge near the ends of the box.


I covered four paper towel tubes with contact paper.


And taped them to the the base.


I covered the whole thing with contact paper.


I covered the inside with green paper.


Katlin wanted to try it out but the ball did not stay put very well.


I painted the top with green paint for more traction.


And then I cut the tubes and taped mini cans filled with chia seeds (Mom had too many chia seeds and they were heavy.) into the tubes.


Later I covered the paint with cloth. The cloth helps the balls stay better and roll better. I am using marbles for balls and the shooter as the throwing ball.

I had fun making this and will have fun playing with it.