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I shared with you the girl of the year 2015 but who exsactly are the Beforever dolls?b

These are the current historical characters. The beforever girls.


Julie is a girl who has her parents divorce and she moves to a new school and home. Ivy was her best friend and they used to have a doll of her.


Samantha was one of the very first dolls. She was an orphen who lived with her grandmother. She helps Nellie in the story’s. She was retired in 2007 and American girl brought her back for befoever. The picture is of Nellie, Samantha’s best friend.


Kit’s dad lost her job during the depression and they struggled to make ends meet. Ruthie is Kits wealthy best friend.


Josephina lives on a rancho in Mexico. Her Mother dies and Tia Dolores comes to live with her and her sisters.


Addy was a slave on a plantain. She escapes from slavery and lives with her Mother in freedom. They try to get their family together and deal with segregation.


Rebecca’s family is Jewish. She is caught between the Jewish ways and the American ways.


The British have just declared war on America and Caroline’s father is taken captive. Caroline has to make some wise choices to help her country.


Kaya is taken captive when invaders come. She escapes but has to leave her sister alone.


I hope this has helped you understand the Beforever characters more. You can buy them at: