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How To Do A Snowflake Hairstyle


Today I am going to show you how to do this cool snowflake hairstyle. Although it might look complex, it is actually very simple. This is a good winter hairstyle, and would be a great hairstyle to wear with your Christmas dress. After you do it on your doll, try it on you!DSCN6500[1]

Pick a doll with easy to handle hair, or it won’t work great. Joy is looking a little sad, maybe we can cheer her up.DSCN6501[1]

Start by brushing all the hair and gathering it up like a ponytail. DSCN6503[1]

Separate some hair to be the outside layer and ponytail the rest. DSCN6504[1]

For the first point separate some hair. DSCN6505[1]

Brush it and put it in a ponytail. DSCN6506[1]

Do this with the rest of the outer hair. Make as many ponytails as you want points. DSCN6507[1]

Now tie some yarn around a ponytail. DSCN6508[1]

Separate the ponytail into three sections, and put the yarn into two of them. Braid. DSCN6510[1]

Braid the rest of them, and gather into a ponytail. Here’s my first try. DSCN6511[1]

And another picture. DSCN6512[1]

I decided to try again. To make it better, this time I tied each braid to the ponytail after it was braided. DSCN6513[1]

What do you think? I think I need to work on my hair styling skills.


Doll comparison.

Today I am going to compare all of my dolls hair. The place that I am getting my camp ideas from is having problems and there is no camp this week so I am going to do basic camp things. DSCN5255[1]


All of my dolls in color order. Sorry about the bad picture, I had to take it from really far back.


Here is Abby and Katelyn.  Abby has golden blond and Katelyn has sort of honey blond. Nether of them really have highlights.


Lily Anna and Katelyn both have blond hair that looks alike. Katelyn’s is shiner and Lily Anna’s is lighter but they look the same.


Lily Anna has blond and Faith has a honey-caramel color. It is very shiny but doesn’t have highlights.


Mckenna and faith have caramel hair but Mckenna’s is darker and has light highlights.



Rachel has auburn hair with reddish highlights. It looks like a dark caramel in pictures.


The base of Rachel and Hope’s hair are about the same but Hope has honey-caramel highlights, and Rachel has reddish highlights.


Hope and Sandie also have the same color of hair but Sandie has no highlights.


Sandie has no highlights and Grace has a darker color of hair but she has highlights of several different colors.


Grace has brown hair with highlights and Maria has black hair with no nothing.


I didn’t know where to fit the redheads in so I put them on the end. Joy’s bright hair looks very different then black.


And Riley has darker hair then joy.

I hoped you enjoyed this comparison.




Meet Hope Parker


Welcome….Hope Parker! She is our generation hair play doll, Parker. I changed her name to Hope and brought her home.


She wears a floral dress and an vest. The vest is removable from the dress. The dress has a high waist, puffy sleeves, and it does have an OG tag.


Her shoes are plastic but they are molded to look like ballet shoes.


The bottom looks like a ballet slipper too.


She has gray sleep eyes. (My first 18 inch doll that doesn’t have blue eyes!) She wears a headband and has a faint smile.


Now for the best part. Her hair! It comes to her ankles when down.


In her hair there are three braids that can grow or shrink.


On her back is a button that you push to ‘grow’ the hair and wind to shrink it.


It goes through a hole on her head.


Since she is a hair play doll she came with some hair stuff, two hair extensions, two clips, a comb, and a hair style booklet.


The book has information about the dolls.

The reviews on this doll are really bad but I ignored them. Her hair is not that hard to mange if you care for it properly.

I hope this review will help anyone who is thinking about getting this doll.