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Joy’s Journal Part Ten

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Today was the day I went to school. I was fine until gym class. I had been walking around on a aching leg all day, and it hurt enough. I knew if I did gym it would be agony. DSCN7979[1]       When I got to the gym I was a little late and they had already started. I saw instantly the gym had changed. They were doing bar now, and Grace was on the bar. DSCN7980[1]      Gathering my courage, I walked up to the teacher.

“Oh Joy! You are finally here again. I am glad that you are well enough to come.”

“I am here, but I don’t think I can do gym today, with my broken leg and all.” I confessed.

“I am sure you can do bar.”

“No.” I instead. “I need to skip today.” DSCN7981[1] Over in the dark two girls were whispering about me.

“She is such a idiot she won’t even do gym.”

“Who does she think she is?” DSCN7982[1] Savanna walked over.

“Seriously?”  She said. “We all know that you want to not have to show everyone your terrible skills, but you don’t have to complain about her getting to leave.”

That was the end of that. DSCN7983[1]   Then Savanna walked over to me.

“Don’t listen to them!” She told me. “They just are jealous that you get to skip class, and they have to do stuff that they are terrible at.”

I giggled.

“I’ll come with you.”

“Okay.” I was grateful for her company. DSCN7984[1] Miss Maria sat on the bed in the nurses office reading a book. DSCN7986[1]   We went in.

“Hello Miss Maria!” I greeted her. “I was wondering if I could rest in here for a bit?”

“Of course!” Miss Maria said. DSCN7987[1]  Savanna left, and I sat on the bed. Miss Maria and I started talking.

“I have an idea for a project for the money raising race,” She told me. “And since you haven’t been here I thought you might like to take it, it’s already started.”

“I’d love to!” DSCN7988[1]        I was handed a book. It was all about Maria in her home country. They really needed fans. DSCN7989[1] Maria plopped a neat pile of folded blankets on my lap.

“I have been making blankets, hoping we could sell them for fans?” She told me.

“That’s a wonderful idea!” I burst out. “I’ll do it!”

“Now you should rest,” Miss Maria reminded me. DSCN7990[1]     So I took the book and read it with the pile of blankets at my feet. DSCN7991[1]  Soon enough gym was over and Savanna came in. DSCN7992[1]     Then I sat up and told her about it. She agreed it was a wonderful idea, one that would surely win. Lexie

Joy’s Journal Part Four

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We went to gym class again. I groaned because I didn’t want to do it. I sat next to Savanna as we listened to the teacher. 

“Joy will go first.” She said “Because we have a special guest joining us today to see her.” 

I gasped. Someone wanted to see me? 

DSCN7059[1]A woman I didn’t recognize came in. 

“This is the gymnastics teacher.” She explained “If she likes what she sees, Joy will work with her during the gym time instead of here.” 

“I’m Katrina.” The woman explained. “And I think you have potential Joy!”  DSCN7060[1]

I was stuck. I couldn’t go to a gym class by myself. I would be miserable. Then I had an idea. I smiled as I though of it. I was going to have a case of over confidence.

“Are you ready Joy?” DSCN7061[1]I stood up. “I am ready.DSCN7062[1]I got on the beam as everyone went to the wall.DSCN7063[1]Then I tried a fancy flip. DSCN7066[1]Then (Just as planed) I fell off. I heard a sharp crack, and felt a lot of pain. I screamed.DSCN7067[2]Everything was blurry as Savanna walked over to me.  DSCN7068[1]Then the world went black. 



First Of all, I want to apologize for having the post be late, and not very good. I was helping take a tree down today, and I am exhausted. It is sports week at camp, and tomorrow I am going to do a few sports crafts. Today Mckenna is showing you her swimming routineDSCN5129[1].

When I got to the pool, a beam was set up for sports week. I liked that-I could do gymnastics, and dives.


Right away I got on the beam. But it wasn’t super sturdy.


When I got to end of the beam instead of jumping, I turned around.


I stopped. Then I got back on, ready to cartwheel.


I stood at the end of the beam.


I split jumped, (FOR JOY!)


All too soon I hit rock bottom and was swimming away.


Mckenna’s competition

Mckenna’s gymnastics competition was yesterday. I took pictures so I will show them to you. Most of the story is from Mckenna’s second book but I took the pictures. A big thanks to my friend for helping with the pictures and letting me use her doll McKayla.


I arrived in the gym and was overwhelmed by the noise and people.


I spotted Toulane and Sierra so I went over to them.


Then as a surprise I pulled out bracelets and gave them to my friends.

“Cool! I wish we could wear them but I guess we will have to wait until after we compete.” Toulane said


“That’s right.” Said Isabelle coming up behind us. “Remember girls even though you are competing against each other you are still a team. You need to encourage each other and help each other have fun.”


The last word must have stuck because we were smiling while went to the mats to warm up for half an hour.


Then each team marched around the gym while being introduced.


Isabelle signaled us over to a corner along with four girls that I did not know.

“This is where you will be trying out. I will be taking notes along with two other coaches.

Then it was time. I was last on vault.


When it was my turn I ran and jumped on the spring board, pushed off the vault and landed on the mat.


I did pretty well on bar.


On beam I tottered once but I stayed on.


I was most worried about floor. I saluted, and then I froze! I weren’t sure if I would even hear the music when it started.


Desperate I glanced at Toulane. Breathe.


It all came back to me and I started my routine.


“You were amazing.”

“Thanks.” I said, I wasn’t just having fun I was flying high! It must have been contagious because my friends did well too.


When we were finished and the teams were getting medals we gathered in the corner.

“No matter what happens we are all teammates and friends. Right?” I said


“Yup.” Toulane said putting on her bracelet. We did so too.


“And now for the scores of those trying out for the competitive team.”


When the girls from outside our club had taken their places they were up to fourth place.


“Third place and honorable mention goes to Sierra.”


“Mckenna is in second.”


“And Toulane in first.”


We came off the podium and hugged. It was a perfect day!

More Practice

First of all sorry that this post is so late, I had other stuff going on. Now for the fun part. To Mckenna!


“Oh I need to practice gymnastics! I’ll just eat this yummy breakfast first.


“Hey! I made that breakfast for ME!”


“I’ll just practice my gymnastics now.”


“The beam is what I really need to work on. But it is SO HIGH.”


“Now for the dreaded dismount.”


“Argg! I don’t think I will ever be ready for the tryouts.”




OOF! I fell on my handspring again.



I got up and prepared to do it again. Then it hit me, I had been so focused on my leg that I forgot that my arms had to be strong too. And they were, from months of push ups and rope climbing during practice.


This time believing I could do it I did a perfect handspring.


I had an idea. The tryouts are on Saturday but that doesn’t mean that I have to do all work and no fun. I thought of a fun way to do my floor routine and have a lot of fun…


I went to the trampoline and started jumping.  Now for the routine.



And some jumping.



Humans And Horses Part 1


Today I am going to do the first part of one of my things.


My teammates and I were stretching at the gym.


After a few minutes Toulane leaned forward and said

“I see your tutor is here. Do you need her to tutor you in gymnastics too?”


I looked up into the stands where Josie was watching. She had come along to watch me practice.


“She is not tutoring me.” I answered “We are friends.” DSCN3638[1]

At the word friends Toulane’s expression turned stormy. She got up and walked away. I called after her.

“What’s your problem?”


“Okay time out!” Couch Isabelle said “Everyone come sit down for a moment.”


I sat by Sierra and as far away from Toulane as I could.

“I have noticed some tension between some of the teammates.” Isabelle said. I knew she meant me and Toulane but I couldn’t meet her eyes. “Does anyone have any team building ideas?”

“There is a horseback riding center around here.” I suggested “We could volunteer there.” I risked a glance at Toulane but she didn’t shoot down my idea.

“Good idea Mckenna.” Isabelle praised “I will have to look into that.”


Then we went off to practice our gymnastics.

Mckennas story


Hi its Mckenna. Today I am going to do something a little different and act out a part from my second  book.


Will you be Toulane?

Uh sure?

Its really easy, all you have too do is pose for pictures.


Mckenna turend around and three other girls were behind her.

You can help. She told them Abby is Mom Riley is Sierra and Kaitlin is the teacher. Lets start.


I sat with my teammates to watch the rhythmic gymnastics. Toulane was very interested in it it seemed.


However I was a little stunned when the teacher asked if anyone wanted to try and Toulane stood up.


Sierra and I were amazed, Toulane was a natural!



After practice I caught Toulane even though I was scared she would snap at me. “You were really good at rhythmic gymnastics.” I said

“Thanks.” She said “I used to do it at camp. I want to to it again.”

“You should.”


Toulane walked over to the poster. I heard “time” and “money” from her mom.


“Did she say no?” I asked

Toulane nodded “But she is right, we have to practice. We don’t have time for other sports. Like horses.”


I wanted to be mad at her but instead I hugged her. “You were still good.”

Thrifty Thursday-Uneven Bars


Today for thrifty Thursday I am going to make something useful.  At my gymnastics meet they probably will have uneven bars. I don’t, though, so I am going to attempt at transforming the bar into barS.


I tried hanging the bar from the ceiling but I am too tall for it to work.


Ill just take a few things…


I just need to make it stable.


I wrapped tape around the bar so that my grips would stay on. DSCN3619[1]

A few adjustments and TADA! Lets try it out.




Yay! It works.


If you want to make this I just took chopsticks and taped them together. To store it I will just UN tape it from the bar and put it in a drawer.


Mckenna March


“Hello Mckenna here. Welcome to Mckenna March. I don’t care if it is Grace’s year, this month is all about me.”


“My tryouts are coming up later this month so I need to practice. The beam is the thing I am most worried about.”


“But it is hard to stay on it without help.”


“I can help.”

“Really Grace? That would be great!”


“I can stand on the beam now! Now I need to practice staying on.”


“I guess the handstand wasn’t a great idea…”


“Until next time!”