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Review-Fall Dress

dscn34081                          At the festival that happens every year in my area there was a doll booth. (Same booth that I got the cheer leading dress at.) I don’t remember the name, SewSweetness maybe?dscn34091                         The dress that I bought was modeled on Lea, as you see here. I loved the leaf pattern, so I asked if I could buy the display one and they said yes. dscn37041                         I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. It was fifteen dollars, a little more expensive than the other ones priced at twelve, but it was worth it. Just like the cheer leading dress, the quality was amazing. dscn37051                         First let’s talk about the hair bow. It is made out of the same material as the shrug, with a loop of fabric matching the dress holding it all together. I think this a great little piece, but what confused me is that there is nothing to hold it on. No ponytail, no bobby pin, no hair clip, no headband. For now I slipped a hairband through it, but I might slide it on a headband later. dscn37071                          Now here is the shrug. It is a pale green, a little darker than the pictures show, with lots of white dots. I like how this piece goes with the dress, but will be really fun to  mix and match. It’s perfect for spring!dscn37081                          The seams are all finished, the shrug is made with a lining, so no hems. dscn37111                         This is all that shows from the lining. If they made the lining a different fabric it could be reversible. In fact some of the shrugs they were selling were, but this one wasn’t. dscn37121                          Now for my very favorite piece! The dress, It is more like a jumper, the style it is. The pattern is leaves,  apple/cherries and acorns. I love this for fall, but it also works for early winter. dscn37131                       The straps are thin, but thick enough that dolls don’t have to wear anything over or under it for it to be appropriate.

dscn37141                       The skirt is very full, perfectly ruffled. dscn37161                        The back opens all the way up for easy dressing.

Overall I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit It’s cute, it works with many things, and it was affordable. I give it 7/5 stars. This is a dress that someone will always have on.


Review-American Girl Girl Size Merry Magenta Dress

dscn35941                         When we went to AG Chicago we were going to get Lea’s celebration dress for me. I love that dress. After I tried it on though, we saw this one. Mom asked if I wanted to try it on. I said sure, and we decided we liked this one better. So it came home with us.

I love how it looks, and it is very comfortable. It’s kind of a fancy dress, but I can wear it for school.dscn35951                         The ribbon has six plastic and metal jewels on it. I like how it has a little bit of decoration, but not the bows and flowers they always go overboard on.dscn35961                        The top layer is a layer of tulle with fabric (I’d call it plether, plastic leather) designs sew on. I love this. It’s so different from what they usually do. It’s light, and it still twirls well. And it is more durable than printed tulle.

dscn35971                        The top layer is tulle with plether, the second and third are more tulle, and the fourth is a stretchy cloth, like legging or T shirt cloth.dscn36011                        A metal  *AMERICAN GIRL tag is sewn on.

dscn35981                          I like how they did the zipper. It shows, but it is easy to zip and unzip. It is metal instead of plastic, which is a plus.

dscn36001                          The sleeves are tulle cap sleeves. dscn36041                          I made my sister take a picture of me in the dress, so you could see what it looks like models. (The leggings are just because I was already wearing them, and didn’t want to take them off.)

I love this dress. I would wear it every day if I could. I give it 4.99/5


Trash Bag Ponchos

This week is……..Water week! I had an outside themed post ready, but it was raining. Before the dolls can play outside in the rain they need ponchos. I came across an idea a few years ago and today I am going to show you how to adjust it for dolls. DSCN9891[1]                Trash bag ponchos! You can do this all kinds of ways, I am showing you just one. DSCN9883[1]                          You will need trash bags, scissors and ribbon. DSCN9884[1]                        Start by cutting the bottom of the bag off, to the length you want. I am using a bag with ties in them so I can gather it.

DSCN9885[1]                              Pull the ties tight and cut the loop in half. DSCN9886[1]                          Slide on your doll. DSCN9887[1]                        Tie a ribbon around her waist. DSCN9888[1]                       For the poncho I am using leftover plastic. DSCN9889[1]                         Cut slits in the top and thread ribbon through it. DSCN9890[1]                          Now you can tie it around her neck. DSCN9891[1]                       And you are finished!


Review My Twin Blooming Flower Doll And Girl Dress

For Easter I got the My Twin Blooming Flower Dress and girl dress plus some shoes. I am going to review those things in this post. I put the dress on to model it, and it was a lot of fun, even though I am going to have to take it off here in a minute. I decided not to wear it for Easter, but it is a nice dress, and I am going to wear it a lot. DSCN7993[1] Here is Lea in the whole outfit. She is also wearing a pink pearl bracelet and pink hair clip.  The dress is made of white satiny cloth, with a pink sash made of the same material. DSCN7994[1]       The front has embroidered hearts and stems, like a garden. The skirt is nicely gathered, there is a lot of cloth. DSCN7995[1]   The sleeves are puffy, with a band. DSCN7998[1]   The sash doesn’t go all the way to the back, but a bow of the same cloth is sewn onto the back. DSCN7999[1]   The dress opens all the way to the skirt, but it was extremely hard to get on. It took me awhile. Girls the age the products are directed at would not be able to get the dress on without help. DSCN8004[1]     The dress has a slip, and mesh on top of that. It is sewn in place but to have it as a slip might be nice.DSCN8006[1]   Lea can sit well in the dress.DSCN8000[1]    The shoes are pink leather like material with a pink ribbon bow on each shoe. They are slip on shoes, very easy to get on, but they stay on. DSCN8002[1]   The sole is white, with a bit of heal. DSCN8007[1]  Here is me in my dress and lea in hers. Nether the dress nor sash is the same cloth or color. The girls dress isn’t shiny, but it will hold up better. DSCN8008[1]    The heart garden is the same, still embroidered. DSCN8010[1]     In the girls dress the sash goes all the way around and ties.

All of the things were less than 20$ all together, a great deal for the quality of the items. They are well made, and I am glad I got them.