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DSCN8687[1]                           Today is a tour of the Kitchen.  It is one of the things I am still working on. It is in the dollhouse. DSCN8688[1]                         On one side we have a refrigerator made out of foam board, potato bin found at a thrift store and cabinet made out of velcro.  DSCN8689[1]                           The cabinet holds the trash and recycle cans found at dollar tree. DSCN8690[1]                       In the middle of the kitchen there is a thrifted spice rack painted and hung, and a paper organizer made into a shelving unit and stove and oven. DSCN8691[1]                         On the other side there is a cabinet rescued, painted, and hung, and a cabinet that came with a tea set.

That finishes the tour of the kitchen.


Camp Update

I had a review of one of the cabins that I was all ready to post for today. And then my camera broke. I have no idea if I will be getting another one, fixing the one I have, or just not doing pictures. For now I will be using my Mom’s I Pad, so posts might not always happen, (I have to pull the I pad out of my mom’s hands) and the pictures won’t be great. ( I am a camera person, not a I Pad person.)

I am really sorry about that, but there is nothing really I can do. So enjoy your summer, with or without Dolltastically Fun!


Welcome To Camp And How To Make Stationary

DSCN8453[1]                         Faith sat at the registration table for Pinecone camp. She checked to see if she had everything. Stuffed animals to give to the girls? Check. Clipboard with registration papers? Check. DSCN8458[1]                         The first campers, Lily Anna and Riley hopped up on to the table in the infirmary to be checked. Once clear they hopped down and went to the registration table. DSCN8454[1]                      The two girls walked over to the table. DSCN8455[1]                           “Pick a stuffed animal or doll while I check you in.”Faith told them. “Now would you like to be in the rain forest cabin, the house cabin, or the log cabin?”

“Can we be in the log cabin?” The two girls asked together.

“Log cabin it is.” DSCN8456[1]                         Lily Anna and Riley walked over to the log cabin, following the directions Faith had given them exactly. They soon came to a cabin in the woods. It had four beds, each covered with a bandanna blanket, a sink with a mirror and drawers, a rug, and a sign that proclaimed they were the dancing deer. A girl sat on one of the beds in the cabin and she looked to be thirteen.

“I am Joy.” The girl said. “I am going to be your leader for the summer. You are the first ones here, so pick a bed.”

DSCN8457[1]                          Lily Anna plopped on the top bunk, with Riley under her. DSCN8460[1]                          Joy gave the girls pieces of paper and markers to make stationary. Joy sat on the bed looking at the list of themes on her laptop.

“This says,” She told Lily Anna and Riley. “That this week’s theme is welcome to camp!”

DSCN8449[1]                         For today’s craft (since it is Make Something Monday) I am going to show you how to make…Stationary. You will need markers and doll sized paper. (I cut the doll sized paper from human paper.)

 DSCN8451[1]                         All you have to do is color the edges with a marker. Your dolls can help you with this. Now you have doll sized stationary!


An Update

Doll diaries has announced that Char is retiring. See Here.

I am very sad, as I loved Doll diaries. They inspired this blog. I loved reading the posts, doing the crafts, sending things in. I loved camp, and I did it twice with them.

They aren’t doing camp anymore, but I still am. This means I need themes. Comment down below any themes that you think I should use. When I start camp  next week I will pick Twelve themes and use them. Comment as many themes as you want, I will consider all of them.

If you would like to guest post crafts, photostories or shoots, or anything else for camp, email guest post to my gmail account. (Prettypiggiegirl) I will post any appropriate guest posts.

Comment away!

Joy’s Journal Part Thirteen

part one part two part three part four part five Part Six part seven part Eight Part Nine Part ten  Part Eleven Part TwelveDSCN8383[1]                      Summer. It used to be fun. That was when I had Savanna, before her Mom got a job and she went to camp all summer, and I could move without being in agony. (Just pain) I had written everything, done everything there was to do without having other people around. (Mom was at work, Savanna was at camp, my sisters were at classes, I didn’t have any pets.) Then I got an idea. We had a woods behind our house. I would go on a hike, and be home before anyone noticed. I went outside and started my hike.DSCN8385[1]                          As soon as I crossed the bridge it was a wonderland. Huge trees, adventure everywhere.DSCN8387[1]                        A log twice as tall as I was.DSCN8388[1]                          A very tall tree that was thinner than me.DSCN8389[1]                          I balanced on a log, trying to stay on. A breeze came on. I must not be very good at balancing, because I went…..

DSCN8390[1]                          CLONK! All the way down the hill. DSCN8391[1]                          As soon as I stopped tumbling I pushed myself up. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get out. I lay there for hours, trying to get out but nothing worked. A couple hours later I heard Mom calling. “JOY!” I screamed till I had no voice left.DSCN8392[1]                          Soon though, Faith tumbled down to meet me. DSCN8393[1]                            She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. DSCN8394[1]                         I don’t remember much of the way back, as it was all blurry, but I do remember one thing.

“Joy, you can’t be home alone anymore. I am afraid you will hurt yourself. I am sending you to camp.” I probably protested, but it was settled. I was going to camp. After I recovered from this hike.


Red white and blue


As soon as we got back to camp from the bakery battle place I set about putting everything away with help from Sandy and Mckenna.


Soon everything was in place and ready. We decided to use some of the supplies and things we learned about to make something for all the campers. Here is how we did it so that you can do it too. 


We took three hunks of dough in red, white, and blue.  (They used clay.) You can use whatever you want but we made it in 4th of July colors. 


For the flag cake start by rolling out some white dough. 


I cut a rectangle out of it and then removed the rectangle from the rest. I set the extra clay aside so I could use it later.


I set the rectangle on a piece of rolled out blue dough and used a pen to make another rectangle. 


We made a red rectangle and set it on top of the others. Just make it the same way as you did the others.


We used that pen to cut away a square for the stars. Cut a square out of your red rectangle and put it with the rest of your red dough. 


Roll out red dough and flatten it to make strips. Put the strips  on the cake and put circles on the blue for stars. 


Take your leftover dough and make star cookies with it if you wish, or use it for something else. To make a star flatten a ball.


I Used my  pen to pull out points or flatten it into points. 


This is what my stars looked like. 


And here are all of the cookies and cake together. I got ready to bake them for 15 minutes. You can bake them for however long is needed. 


After baking we put the cookies and cake together and got ready to serve them as a end of the week treat. 

This was fun to do because I did the story in several different perspectives. I just told by way of the dolls how I made the cookies out of clay. 


Last time


“Here we are for the last round of bakery battles. Today you have some dough and you have to make pie. Whoever wins this round is the winner.”

No one saw Sandy sneak in and take some dough.


I made a pie crust out of my dough. I got some lime zest and dried fruit.


I separated out the limes and put some in. I sprinkled lime zest on it and then baked. 



I grabbed some sugar and strawberry jelly.


Then I made the crust.



I mixed sugar with the jelly until it was thicker. I put it into the pie and sprinkled it with sugar.


I grabbed lime and strawberry jelly and put my dough in a pan.


Then I swirled the jelly around for a lime strawberry pie.


I came to discuss the pies and I was surprised to see Sandy here. I judged her pie though.


“The winner of this round is Sandy. We will have another round cause she only won one round.” 

“You said that the winner of this round won the whole thing.”

“I wasn’t expecting you.” 

“You said!” 

“Fine! You win! We need to tear down the bakery so you get all of the supplies.” 

I groaned. 

“Susan? We all go to the same camp and live in the same house. So how about we share the prize?” 

Everyone agreed and we all went home happy and content.

Baking Battles

Today the dolls are going to start their battles. I made most of the items with clay or collected them. Lets get started!





“Hi. I am Susan Sandy. I am going to host today’s baking fun. You may pick some ingredients and make something with them. Starting NOW!”


I grabbed pie filling, a tart mold, tart dough, m and ms, and sprinkles. 



I grabbed milk, flour, eggs, sugar, sprinkles, a spatula, a bowl, muffin tins, and icing.


I took the dough out, stirred it, and shaped it into crusts. DSCN4806[1]

And put filling and sprinkles on them. 


I added eggs, flour, sugar, and milk.


I put the muffin cups in the pan.


I put the dough in and after it was baked, iced it.


I moved my treats over to the counter.


I tasted Mckenna’s tarts.


Then Grace’s cupcakes. Grace won.


Then we all left.




Here is a sneak peek picture of the play that the dolls are rehearsing.


Rainy Fun


Still rainy outside we all huddled together in Willow’s room. 


Willow held up a card game. 


And we all played till we were sick of it. 



Then we all watched a movie. 


After awhile a girl walked in front of the TV to get our attention. She held a bag of stuff. 


She introduced herself as Olivia, Willows younger sister and passed out stuff to do. There WERE nice people here you just had to find them.