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How To Make A Blender

Yup, I know that blenders don’t have much to do with baking, but I think this is a cool craft, so I am going to do it.

DSCN8698[1]                     You will need:

Duck tape



An empty container with a lid


Beads and buttons

DSCN8700[1]                         Start by cutting the cardboard to the size you want it. This will be the base. DSCN8701[1]                          Cover it with Duck tape or paint it.     DSCN8702[1]                       Glue a bead to the top for a lid and beads to the sides for handles. Glue beads to the base for buttons.DSCN8704[1]                        Now you have a blender. You can take the top off and put stuff in it.


A Mess In The Kitchen

First of all I apologize for the post that posted today. It was supposed to be last Tuesday’s, but I messed it up.

DSCN8669[1]                       Katelyn, Riley and Hope Gathered in the kitchen to make something. They had but one rule. ‘Don’t make a mess, or use the cookie dough. ‘ They discussed what to make. They finally decided on cookies.Riley went to the instructions on her laptop. DSCN8671[1]                          She leaned over to look at the recipe. The container tottered. DSCN8672[1]                          Then it fell, spilling cookie dough EVERYWHERE. DSCN8674[1]                     They cleaned it up and decided what to do.

“Tell Faith.” Riley said. “It was an accident after all.”

“Even if we tell her, she will still need the dough she doesn’t have.” Hope said.

“We need to make more.” All the girls said it together. DSCN8675[1]                         Supplies were gotten out and stirred together. DSCN8677[1]                    Soon they had enough for both the cookie dough container, and cookies. DSCN8679[1]                            They put the cookie dough into the container and shut the lid.

When Faith asked them how it went? They told her “Great.” then they winked at each other.


Cookie Bar

This Week is baking week. Today is cookie day! Set up a cookie decorating bar and set out some cookies for your dolls to decorate.

DSCN8631[1]                       You will need:






You can also mold cookies out of play dough. DSCN8632[1]                    Spread glue on your cardboard and cover it with napkin. It will give your cookies some texture. DSCN8634[1]                        Paint with brown or tan paint. DSCN8635[1]                     Cut out or use a paper punch to make circles. You can also use glitter as sprinkles if you want. DSCN8637[1]                       Set out things to make and decorate cookies. Yum!


Turtles In The Kitchen

Yup. More apologizing for awful pictures. (The I pad doesn’t have a flash! Who knew?) Anyway, for team bonding, the turtles decided to make something for the rest of the camp! img_0169        Grace insisted that they all wear buns and aprons. They took a before picture. (Eileen said so that there was proof that they did intend to bake, and not just kill each other.) img_0174        After several minutes of battling for the mixer they worked it out. Mia read the recipe. img_0171        Grace mixed. (Without the coveted mixer.) The rest of the girls did what was needed. Eileen poured everything in the bowl. img_0175         Mckenna got stuff out of the fridge. img_0176        And Lea did everything else. Here she got stuck sweeping. img_0177          The team bonding worked, and soon they had made several treats.

Have you ever baked with friends, (Or not friends)?


Doll Mixer

We went to a museum this weekend. They have a teen tech  studio. There is a bunch of technology there, and as long as you are learning you can use it.  Now why did I tell you all this? I must have made something. Right. And you get to see it. I used the 3D printer to print something I made awhile ago, in August. Back When Grace wasn’t even close to retiring. Even though it’s not her year, you can still enjoy the mixer.


Here is Grace looking at her new mixer. (Wondering how it works, it doesn’t have a beater yet) DSCN6884[1]

Here it is, close up. There is a bowl and a base. Since it’s made out of plastic it’s shiny. The 3D printer does it in lines, so it had a certain texture.


Her is the bowl. It stands up on it’s own, and it holds stuff. It looks sort of like half and Easter egg, and since none of my other doll bowl fit in there, I might use Easter eggs as bowls.


And here is the base. If I get tired of it being a mixer, I might put it on the doll desk as a lamp. You might be wondering what that orange circle is doing there…


The top moves up and down to get the bowl out, and that is the pin. Pretty cool huh?


And here is another view of the top.


It’s a little small to be a mixer, (It’s only three inches.) But it still looks great in the kitchen.


One more picture.

See? This is why you should go to museums. So you can make cool stuff. You can’t really print anything big on the 3D printers, so it is perfect for making doll stuff.


My Life As… Snack Stand




For My birthday my mom got me the my life as… snack stand. She almost didn’t get it for me because, it was big, and I could easily recreate it. I like making things, but it is also good to have ‘real’ things. It is very good, but several things set it apart from American Girl. It would be a good alternative  to Grace’s pastry cart.                                 DSCN5497[1]


Here it is all set up. It comes with 4 signs, a cash register, money, 2 lemonades, 2 milkshakes, 3 cupcakes, 2 cookies, a tray, 2 plates, and 4 napkins.


Here is Grace at it. It isn’t really any taller then her, but you can still see her face.


Close up!


The box implied that the shelves were made to be in the back. I think that it looks fine ether way, but if this is the front then why are there holes?


Here it is without treats.


And the other side.


The first shelf is shallower then the second one. The drawer also opens.


It can hold most of the stuff.


Here are the signs. I think it is weird that the stand doesn’t come with everything on the menu. The price for lemonade is different on the two signs. They are made out of thick, (bend and tear-able) cardboard.


There are two milkshakes, and lemonades.


The cups are pretty much Communion cups. The drinks come out of the cups. The cups stack. They don’t look really weird, but it’s weird that they come out of the cups.


Lots of detail, but if you want them they could easily be made with resin and pony beads. The lemonade has pony bead ice. I don’t mind using pony beads in my own drinks, but I have come to expect way better from this company.


The cookies fit on a tray.


The cookies have lots of detail, and the tray looks well made, but it is silver plastic, and not metal.


There are three cupcakes. It looks like they have wrappers, but the icing is unrealistic.


It comes with two plastic plates, and four cardboard napkins.


The cash register is plastic.


It has a sticker with numbers printed on it.


The drawer opens, and there is money.


The money is thick paper.


And here it is again.

I am going to use this a lot. Starting tomorrow at the bakery battles.


Baking With Grace


I led the way into the camp kitchen. Mckenna and I were having a bake off this week, and I was going to help her make some treats. DSCN5492[1]

I pushed the stuff back, so that there would be more room. DSCN5493[1]

I set out some items. DSCN5494[1]

Then we started baking.DSCN5495[1]

We put cupcake liners in. DSCN5496[1]


And put the cupcakes in the oven.


Red white and blue


As soon as we got back to camp from the bakery battle place I set about putting everything away with help from Sandy and Mckenna.


Soon everything was in place and ready. We decided to use some of the supplies and things we learned about to make something for all the campers. Here is how we did it so that you can do it too. 


We took three hunks of dough in red, white, and blue.  (They used clay.) You can use whatever you want but we made it in 4th of July colors. 


For the flag cake start by rolling out some white dough. 


I cut a rectangle out of it and then removed the rectangle from the rest. I set the extra clay aside so I could use it later.


I set the rectangle on a piece of rolled out blue dough and used a pen to make another rectangle. 


We made a red rectangle and set it on top of the others. Just make it the same way as you did the others.


We used that pen to cut away a square for the stars. Cut a square out of your red rectangle and put it with the rest of your red dough. 


Roll out red dough and flatten it to make strips. Put the strips  on the cake and put circles on the blue for stars. 


Take your leftover dough and make star cookies with it if you wish, or use it for something else. To make a star flatten a ball.


I Used my  pen to pull out points or flatten it into points. 


This is what my stars looked like. 


And here are all of the cookies and cake together. I got ready to bake them for 15 minutes. You can bake them for however long is needed. 


After baking we put the cookies and cake together and got ready to serve them as a end of the week treat. 

This was fun to do because I did the story in several different perspectives. I just told by way of the dolls how I made the cookies out of clay. 


Baking Battles

Today the dolls are going to start their battles. I made most of the items with clay or collected them. Lets get started!





“Hi. I am Susan Sandy. I am going to host today’s baking fun. You may pick some ingredients and make something with them. Starting NOW!”


I grabbed pie filling, a tart mold, tart dough, m and ms, and sprinkles. 



I grabbed milk, flour, eggs, sugar, sprinkles, a spatula, a bowl, muffin tins, and icing.


I took the dough out, stirred it, and shaped it into crusts. DSCN4806[1]

And put filling and sprinkles on them. 


I added eggs, flour, sugar, and milk.


I put the muffin cups in the pan.


I put the dough in and after it was baked, iced it.


I moved my treats over to the counter.


I tasted Mckenna’s tarts.


Then Grace’s cupcakes. Grace won.


Then we all left.


Grace’s bakery

When I got Grace at the American girl store I took pictures of her bakery.


It is really big and cool.


Mckenna in the bakery. there is easily room for three dolls. The bakery is cool but way expensive. You could easily make one for a lot less. Hobby lobby sells mini rolling pins and you could make a lot of the stuff.


Some of my doll’s kitchen supplies. In the container I have brown play dough that I am using as cookie or pastry dough. I made the icing bag out of a plastic bag and cloth. The chocolate chips are real mini chips. And the sprinkles are glitter.

If anyone makes a bakery or kitchen for their dolls please comment and tell me about it.