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How To Make A Blender

Yup, I know that blenders don’t have much to do with baking, but I think this is a cool craft, so I am going to do it.

DSCN8698[1]                     You will need:

Duck tape



An empty container with a lid


Beads and buttons

DSCN8700[1]                         Start by cutting the cardboard to the size you want it. This will be the base. DSCN8701[1]                          Cover it with Duck tape or paint it.     DSCN8702[1]                       Glue a bead to the top for a lid and beads to the sides for handles. Glue beads to the base for buttons.DSCN8704[1]                        Now you have a blender. You can take the top off and put stuff in it.



DSCN8687[1]                           Today is a tour of the Kitchen.  It is one of the things I am still working on. It is in the dollhouse. DSCN8688[1]                         On one side we have a refrigerator made out of foam board, potato bin found at a thrift store and cabinet made out of velcro.  DSCN8689[1]                           The cabinet holds the trash and recycle cans found at dollar tree. DSCN8690[1]                       In the middle of the kitchen there is a thrifted spice rack painted and hung, and a paper organizer made into a shelving unit and stove and oven. DSCN8691[1]                         On the other side there is a cabinet rescued, painted, and hung, and a cabinet that came with a tea set.

That finishes the tour of the kitchen.


Cookie Bar

This Week is baking week. Today is cookie day! Set up a cookie decorating bar and set out some cookies for your dolls to decorate.

DSCN8631[1]                       You will need:






You can also mold cookies out of play dough. DSCN8632[1]                    Spread glue on your cardboard and cover it with napkin. It will give your cookies some texture. DSCN8634[1]                        Paint with brown or tan paint. DSCN8635[1]                     Cut out or use a paper punch to make circles. You can also use glitter as sprinkles if you want. DSCN8637[1]                       Set out things to make and decorate cookies. Yum!