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Pictures From The AG Store

On Saturday we were near an American Girl Store, so we went to it. I didn’t take many pictures, and few of them were good, but here they are.        gabbys-world

Here’s just kind of an overview of the girl of the year section. Everything is packaged in the new way. I don’t like this. Because of the new style you can’t open the boxes to look at what’s inside.


Here is the ‘big’ piece from her collection. I’m kind of disappointed with this. It’s a lot cheaper than any of the other ‘big’ items American Girl is selling right now, but it doesn’t really come with a lot. What surprised me was that Isabelle’s dance bar was ten dollars more expensive, and Gabriela’s comes with a background. The mirror isn’t real, but it’s shiny enough to look like a mirror while still being lightweight.

The tap shoes are not sold with an outfit, which is nice for people who want the outfit, but they are expensive and the taps are plastic. How are you supposed to tap dance if you don’t have real taps? The style is the same as Marisol and Molly’s, but they are sparkly silver instead of black. I’m glad they didn’t make them the same, but I wish they had been a different style entirely. In my drama group we do some tapping, and while at least twenty people have tap shoes, none of the shoes look like that. And the price is ridiculous! The tap shoes I use we found at a thrift store, but still they were four times cheaper! Plus they are real, not fake doll shoes! I will definitely be making tap shoes, and NOT buying American Girl’s overpriced doll shoes with plastic on the soles.


This is the picture section. I don’t really know what it is supposed to be, except for maybe a podium? Lea’s hut, Grace’s table, and even Isabelle’s bar were all a lot more thought out, and all of them were really cool. It would have been nice if they had done a in the studio one, or at least something more thought out.

Okay, I’m done ranting. Come back tomorrow to see what I bought.


American Girl Store Columbus BeForever

Part (I have no idea) Of my american girl store adventures! BeForever!DSCN6441[1]       A Julie set up. DSCN6442[1]   Kit’s desk. DSCN6443[1]    Kit’s scooter. DSCN6444[1]  The handlebars on that scooter. DSCN6446[1]Samantha’s gazebo. DSCN6448[1] Julie’s bike.DSCN6445[1] Some Addy stuff. DSCN6452[1]Maryellen’s living room. DSCN6456[1]Kaya’s display case. DSCN6454[1]Kit’s.DSCN6453[1]Samantha’s.DSCN6451[1]Maryellen’s.DSCN6450[1]Addy’sDSCN6449[1]  And Julie’s!DSCN6447[1]  And now the Mini’s!


American Girl Columbus

I have these pictures from December…..I forgot to post them, and everyone loves to see american girl store pictures, no matter where they are from. Today I will be doing the Christmas stuff (Dresses, trees) and later I will do the rest. DSCN6462[1]Here is the in store exclusive dress. DSCN6463[1]It was on sale. DSCN6461[1]Here is Julie and Kit’s dresses. DSCN6459[1]  And here is Rebecca’s DSCN6458[1]Josafina’s dress Is really pretty. DSCN6457[1]Samantha!DSCN6455[1]Maryellen’s dress is a bridesmaid dress turned into a birthday dress, which is green and could be a Christmas dress.DSCN6496[1]When you walk into the store you see these dolls, and the scene. DSCN6497[1]Here is the carriage. Grace snuck a ride. DSCN6488[1]  The sparkle spotlight outfit was there. DSCN6494[1]Lastly we have the Christmas tree…DSCN6495[1]   and the gifts under it.


Lea Earrings Review

I haven’t been posting as much as I should, yes I know. I’m just going to blame it on the fact that we are doing a science fair, and not regular school. Works really well right? Yeah I didn’t think so. Anyway, we went to the Ag store yesterday. (And by the way I have three sets of photos to share) I got Lea’s ears pierced, and I am about to show you them. By the way, Isabella and Mary Lyn are up for sale. Buy Mary Lyn Here and Isabella hereDSCN7278[1]Here Lea is. You pay and chose which set you want, then they take your doll in a room and pierce her ears, then come back with her and the earrings. Usually there is a doll sized bag too, but they said that they were revamping them to make them more Eco friendly, and they didn’t have any. Though I can’t take the earrings out of Lea’s ears yet, they pierce her ears with a duplicate of one of the pairs of earrings, so I will show you the earrings on Eileen. DSCN7280[1]Here is a close up of her earrings. DSCN7283[1]Eileen is ready to model. She has already pierced ears, so she can model. DSCN7281[1]These are the earrings you get. They come on a cardboard wedge, holding the earrings. DSCN7285[1]   For the first time, these are gold, and not silver. You can’t see the front, but it is her symbol, and the duplicate pair of earrings. DSCN7297[1]  The dangles are pink and orange beads, and they go with both pairs of studs. They are on string connected to a ring that goes on the stud. They stay in place instead of swinging like real earrings. Here are the choices.



I paid 17.20 (Tax included.) When I got mine done I think it was like 20$ (It was at least two years ago) For the solution, earrings, and piercing. I think 17$ is an okay price for four pairs of earrings and a hole. I would recommend it.


American Girl Store Columbus

The next part is store exclusives.


When you first walk into the store, there were the store exclusive school supplies. Here are the backpacks, book bags, notebooks, pencil cases, and socks.


Here is Grace’s spatulas.


More school supplies, and the doll bags. They also have cups.


Here we have the clothes, treat seat, and cups and plates. Here it doesn’t look like any new store stuff is available.


The hoodies are new, and I think the jeans are too.


I don’t know if the purple shirt is new, but it is pretty.

And that is all for today.


American Girl Store Columbus-Part One

You are in for a treat! I took 43 american girl pictures at the store last month. I will post them over a few different posts. It was a month ago, so they probably have rearranged the store, but there is a lot of pictures.

We will start with the bitty’s.


Here is just a view of the bitty baby area. The boxes have heart shaped holes, and the twin boxes are double. They have some outfits, and a stroller and bed. Looks like a wagon too. DSCN5343

Here are all the different choices of bitty baby’s.


Here are the twins, the bed, some more outfits, and the suitcase thingy.


Another view of the bitty stuff. This time you can see the crib, changing table, and some outfits. I really like the pink, orange, and yellow outfits, but they aren’t something I would buy.

This is all the pictures I took of the bitty area.

To be continued