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A Not Kayaking Adventure

It was a hot summer day, the kind that makes you want to get wet. So Lea and Abby dragged a kayak to the river with intentions of going kayaking.

DSCN9938[1]                           They plopped the kayak down and sat down.

“Where is the water?” Lea asked Abby. DSCN9940[1]                       She got up on a rock and looked around.

“Let’s go down the river and see if there is any water.” DSCN9941[1]                       Abby slid into a hole. She screamed. DSCN9942[1]                      Suddenly she saw something cool. DSCN9943[1]                        “Hey Lea look at this!” DSCN9944[1]                       It went on like that. Lea found a mushroom. DSCN9945[1]                           Abby came to look at it. Soon the kayaking trip was forgotten and they spent all their time exploring. DSCN9946[1]                        After awhile they had to rest. DSCN9947[1]                         Abby went over to a big rock and climbed on it. DSCN9948[1]                     Jumping into the water made a huge splash. DSCN9950[1]                      Lea came to see what made the sound. DSCN9951[1]                      But she only dipped her feet in. DSCN9952[1]                          They found a mushroom rock, the signal that they should look for the bridge. DSCN9953[1]                             Pretty soon they saw it, a big bridge with three lanes, though no cars were on it. DSCN9954[1]                        Abby hopped onto a log. DSCN9955[1]                        Then some roots.DSCN9956[1]                   Then finally the ground. DSCN9957[1]                     Following, Lea jumped on the log. DSCN9958[1]                      Then the roots. DSCN9959[1]                           Then the pavement. DSCN9960[1]                         The girls walked down the bridge, sad that it was over. What started as a kayaking trip became so much more.


Adventure Into The Unknown Part Three

part one  part two

DSCN7100[1]         I sat up. Without my sleeping bag, it wasn’t warm enough here. DSCN7101[1]         So I grabbed my suitcase and got ready to go. DSCN7102[1]         I found a river, and I sunbathed on the rocks. DSCN7104[1]    Then I stuck my feet into the icy water, only because I knew it would make them clean.DSCN7109[1]        Now it was time to look for food. Looking around I saw something that looked like grass. It was grass, but I was THAT hungry. DSCN7110[1]     As I reached for some I slipped and fell over. DSCN7111[1] Owwwww! That hurt. But maybe it was a good thing I realized as I looked up. DSCN7112[1]         I looked up and up. DSCN7113[1]     In the tree I was looking at there was a tap. I knew that sap flowed into a bucket to be made into syrup, but this bucket was nowhere to be found. This WAS a good thing.          Lexie

Adventure Into The Unknown

I was going to do Joy’s journal, but my room is too messy. I am organizing the craft stuff (And It is all over my room, making it hard to even get up and dressed) but it should be here next week. Instead you get a long awaited adventure into the unknown starting NOW!DSCN7078[1]     As soon I woke up I could see that it had snown a little. I had slept the day away, but now it was time to find food and water.DSCN7081[1]         I laid everything on my sleeping bag except my suitcase, and went to find some clean snow to turn into water.DSCN7083[1]         I settled on a hill with clean snow.DSCN7088[1]         I filled my suitcase with snow. DSCN7089[1]         Then I went on my way. DSCN7098[1]         When I returned my stuff was gone. I knew it was my fault, (I shouldn’t have left it there) but I still was sad for Holly, and couldn’t help crying myself to sleep.DSCN7099[1]