The Play

Before we left on Sunday, We watched the play, that the campers put on. We thought that because you all competed to win your story as the play, that you might like to see it. It is in picture form, of course, but you can see the story line. I made this with the winner.DSCN4781

We all got in the car, going to scene 75. Elli drove, George and Corrissa argued the whole time, and Molly and June talked.

“I have to go to the bathroom, I need to change my makeup.” Corrissa complained.

“What 9 year old would wear make up?” George muttered.


So we stopped at a restaurant. There was one table that was there, but it was taken. A few people were at the counter.


Elli, Molly, and June went up to order.

“I’d like 2 ice cream cones, a chocolate bar, and….”


Elli looked over to see what Corissa and June wanted, but they were fighting. Elli got their orders, and sent them to the bathroom.

“We will be waiting outside in the car.” Elli told Corissa, George, and Molly. When Molly got in the car, everyone thought that Corissa and George were with them.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom……

“Hurry up!”

“I haven’t even got my lipstick on!”

George yanked the lipstick from Corissa’s hand, and then yanked the rest of the makeup from her purse.


When they finally got out of the bathroom, Corissa had wonky make up. When they went outside, no one was there.


Meanwhile, in the car. “Corissa!”

“She’s asleep. Right George?” June asked But nether of them were in the car.

“We must have left them in there.” Elli realized. “We’ll have to go back.”


George yelled at Corissa, then decided that that wouldn’t help, and they went outside, just as the car was pulling up.


They got in the car, reunited at last.

What did you think?


River Riding

The aquarium had a activity where I could ride in a boat on the river to see fish. I chose a small boat and set out.


Setting out. The water was murky.


It was sort of rocky but that was okay. I paddled though it.


It was sort of dark here but I didn’t see any fish. It was time to get out.

I was disappointed that I didn’t see any fish but I walked though the rest of the exhibits to see what they had.


There was a whale,




And frogs.

I guess it wasn’t so bad.

Fun fact. Never put your doll in water. I put her in the boat and stuck it in rocks or sand so that it wouldn’t tip but I still had to be careful. 


A Quick Note

For the past few days I have been away from my blog and haven’t been able to post. I Took pictures though so I am going to try to get the posts up now.


Story Saturday- Friend Fights

Yes I know that it is Tuesday and I am just now posting Saturday’s post. I have had shows, fractured finger, and other stuff. But now for the fun part!


“It is time for that second challenge.” Katelyn said “Abby since you are on your own team you will just have to work with it.”

DSCN3901[1]“The challenge is a hairstyle  one. On member of each team will do the other’s hair. You can use anything it this basket. Now GO!”

DSCN3902[1]Mckenna and Grace decided that Grace would do Mckenna’s hair.


Mckenna grabbed some stuff and sat down.

DSCN3904[1]Riley and Joy decided that Joy would have her hair done.

DSCN3905[1]Riley grabbed a barrette.

DSCN3906[1]Then she started on Joy’s hair.


Abby grabbed a clip.


Half an hour later they gathered again. Mckenna had wavy hair and a clip, Joy had a nice pullback, and Abby had….messy hair?

“Team Abby loses.” Katelyn announced. “Girls is she going home or taking a loss?”

Mckenna thought of what Abby had done to Hope and said she should leave. the other girls thought that way to and the players were now only four.