How To Make A Blender

Yup, I know that blenders don’t have much to do with baking, but I think this is a cool craft, so I am going to do it.

DSCN8698[1]                     You will need:

Duck tape



An empty container with a lid


Beads and buttons

DSCN8700[1]                         Start by cutting the cardboard to the size you want it. This will be the base. DSCN8701[1]                          Cover it with Duck tape or paint it.     DSCN8702[1]                       Glue a bead to the top for a lid and beads to the sides for handles. Glue beads to the base for buttons.DSCN8704[1]                        Now you have a blender. You can take the top off and put stuff in it.


Painting Fireworks

Today is painting fireworks. I have seen this using toilet paper rolls, but I used straws because it is for dolls.

DSCN8696[1]                          You will need straws, something to put paint on, paint, and paper.  Cut the straws into pieces and cut the end in strips. Spread the strips out to look like fireworks. DSCN8697[1]                          Paint fireworks!


Rope Course

My family always has ropes up in our backyard. We string them up different ways and walk across them. Ours our sort of in the woods, so I did it for jungle week. You will need thin rope or strong string. DSCN8692[1]                           I strung it from one tree to another, tying in the middle. Make sure to tie it really tight. You can add a top rope if you want. DSCN8693[1]                        Now put a doll on and maybe a harness. I am using a string tied around Abby’s waist and a clip, more to keep her up then for her. DSCN8694[1]                      Apparently Abby decided to go zip lining.

You can do this as many ways as you want. I just used the two strings so I did a tight rope, but we have done it more ways than I can count.

Till tomorrow!


Thrifty Thursday-Camp Welcome Bags

To make the bags:DSCN4473[1]


Cut a piece of paper about as tall as you want your bag to be.


Fold it into a rectangle and tape it.


Cut slits at the bottom and fold them in for the bottom. Add strings and you have a bag.


For a clipboard binder clip paper to a piece of cardboard.


Fill up your bag with goodies.


Mine has a clipboard, Pen, Sucker, and Hairband.


Set a bag on each bed and you are done.


Thrifty Thursday-Hammock




I wanted to make a hammock for my dolls as soon as I saw the release.DSCN4313[1]download

Here is the inspiration for the hammock and the real thing.

Here is how to make your own.


Get a box that is big enough for your doll to lay in. This is the best I could do but If I had a bigger one I would have used that instead.


I got my dad to hep me and we cut off the corners and flaps. You could use scissors but a box knife might be better. This is your base.


Cover it with contact paper. (Or Paper, Or cloth, Or duck tape, OR paint)


Cut a piece of cloth into a rectangle. I had a dress that I used to wear and I thought it would be perfect with the flowers and flip flops.


Gather the end and tie it with ribbon or string.



Cut a slit in the end of your base and stick your ribbon in and tie it and cover the open end with more contact paper.


Do it on both sides.


Open up the cloth, give your doll a magazine and let her relax!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the contest! There is still time. Here are the rules.


Thrifty Thursday-Science and Dolls


Hope and Katelyn found a box by the door.

“What do you think is in it?” Hope asked.

“Let’s find out.” Katelyn answered.


We sat down and opened the box. It was filled with a bunch of projects.



We pulled out a light and at attached it to a battery pack.


Hope pulled out a guitar and started playing it.


We found a fan.


And I pulled out a scale but Samantha jumped out of the doll house and started using it as a teeter totter.  We just moved it aside.


I found a stick. That was not making it into our lets do this science next year cause of all this cool stuff pile.


Then Hope had the idea to hook the fan and lights together. It works! We looked at each other.



“I was in the SHOWER!” Maria grumbled

“We found this cool thing and thought that you would want to use it in camp.”


This is what they did with it.


I am getting really lazy on Thursdays. I forgot it was Thursday. (What happened to Wednesday?) and turned this into the Thursday post. But if you did cool things in science you could use them for dolls. I put the fan and lights on the same circuit to make a cool thing for the doll cafeteria. The fan is actually solar powered but you can use battery’s for it too.


Thrifty Thursday-doll bed


Ever wondered how to make a doll bed? I made this because I am remodeling the doll house. When I am finished I will give a new tour. For this  all you need is the box your doll came in and cloth.


I covered Abby’s box with felt and a bandanna. You can glue the stuff in place but this way you can use the box for other stuff later and the doll can get under the covers.


Sweet dreams Grace.


Thrifty Thursday Cabin


I made this collapsible cabin to use for when Mckenna goes on a weekend in the woods and to use as a camp cabin when camp comes around.


The outside is contact paper.


Mckenna can stand up at the very edge.


Lay down sideways.


Or front ways.


Here the top is blue.


I made it out of a box and expanded it. I cut in a few places and it collapses.


What happened?


I made it from this post and the link in it.