A book world


I looked at all of the books. It was like a dream come true.


I made a chair for reading.



Or a desk.


I lined up books for a bed and put a soft book for a pillow.


Then I decided to explore. I climbed up the bookshelf, shelf by shelf.


I got to the top and enjoyed the sight.


I jumped down and turned around. I thought that was a lot of books. This place is AWESOME!


I climbed onto a shelf and sat down.


Then I started crawling.


I came to the end of the shelf and stopped short. What now?


I crawled a bit more and fell. It was like a ladder! I could climb up the shelf!


I pulled myself up and up.


I stopped and rested near the top.


I sat on the top of the shelf.


Then I sat near a plant and read a book till I was ready to go.


I looked down. It was a long way.


I started down.


When I was down I went back to my bed and took a nap.


The library is my basement. We have a lot of books………..



Stop yelling!

Random name, Yes I know. I couldn’t think of anything better.

I have been stuck on camp lately so I went outside to think about other things.


I sat on the bridge and gazed at the water. It would be fun to go swimming in this during camp. I thought.


On the hammock I wondered how much fun camp would be.


I wondered how much time we would spend outdoors.

Then I decided to just go in.


I wasn’t prepared to come it. Grace was yelling: I can’t bake, Katelyn was rolling for a random reason and everyone else was screaming.


“I know we are all excited  for camp but STOP YELLING and come with me.”


I took them to the doll camp


And the rest to the campgrounds.


The mini doll camp is on my dresser and I stuck the dolls in drawer to get them to stand up.


disappearing items


Grace and I were admiring things on the shelf. I leaned back to sit down…….


Plop! I fell over because the seat wasn’t there.


And then I fell down to the kitchen.


“Are you okay?” Grace asked.

“That was fun, let’s do it again! Not!”


Grace saw the kitchen.

“Where’s my kitchen?” Grace said “I wanna bake, I can’t bake!”

I giggled. “I think your kitchen is at the same place as my chair. At camp”

“Can I go to camp?”

“No but you can be the cook.”


It’s true that that stuff went to camp. I am busy setting up camp and that is really all I am thinking about. However you will be able to see a few more non camp things.




I was writing a camp story. (I am kind of stuck on camp.)


Mckenna came and started writing something.


She pulled a book off the shelf and showed it to me. I saw that it was Grace’s book.

“I think that Grace is lonely,” Mckenna started. “It can be hard to be the one getting all the praise. I think that we should surprise her with some treats in the kitchen.”

“I like that.” I said “I will tidy up the kitchen and set out some pretzels and you go get everyone.”


I went to the kitchen and looked around. It was pretty messy.


I tidied up and set out 8 pretzels, the best for Grace.


Mckenna went to where all the dolls were watching a movie.

“Grace would you mind getting me some pretzels?” Mckenna asked. “I think there are some right over there.”


Grace quickly sat up and did as she was told.


“Come into the kitchen.” Mckenna told everyone. “We are going to surprise Grace.”


Everyone went into the kitchen.

“As soon I am finished talking we are going to turn the lights off.” I said “Riley you will hit the lights as soon as Grace comes in. Everyone will yell surprise. Got that?”

Everyone agreed.


Mckenna met Grace.

“I couldn’t find any.” Grace said

“Let’s go look in the kitchen.” Mckenna told Grace.


Mckenna and Grace came in, Riley hit the light and everyone yelled surprise.

“We wanted to surprise you.” Mckenna said “We thought that you were sad and we want you to be happy and enjoy your year.”

“Thank you.” Grace said “I like that.”

Then we partied and ate our pretzels.


Thrifty Thursday-Setting Up Camp

The camp was getting set up because the camp counselor was supposed to get here yesterday. But she got delayed so I went over to start setting up the infirmary and look around.


There wasn’t much to put in the infirmary yet so I set it up and then went to take a look around.


I went up to the cabin  and there was nothing there. No beds or anything.


I went down to the cafeteria and all there was was some not put together yet tables. I was disappointed. “I’ll just wait for the counselor to get here.” I thought. “She will take care of everything.” Then I realized something. I didn’t need help. I could get the camp to look better without it.


I stood admiring my work. It needed a lot more setting up but it was a start. I was happy for myself and exited for camp as I left.

I made the tables out of boxes and I am going to add legs soon. I made the benches out of egg cartons and jars.

The infirmary is under a desk. The cafeteria is under another desk and the cabin is on top of it.


Taking the lead


I was reading a book when I heard clunk, a split second of silence, and then a LOUD scream.


I looked over the edge of the floor and saw that Hope had fallen from the living room.


I carried her to where the infirmary supplies were and set her on the bed. The infirmary wasn’t set up yet but some of the supplies were there.

“What hurts?” I asked.

“M…My…Leg” She said


I sat down next to her and looked at it with a light.


I wrapped it up and told her to stay off of it.

“Thank you.” She said when she left.


So what do you think? Will Maria make a good camp nurse?


Camp plans


I was in the library in my pajamas reading a book while waiting for everyone to get up so I could change.


Katelyn came up and sat down.

“Why are you here?” I asked

“I just want to talk.” She said

“Then move to the more comfortable place.” I said


We were just sitting side by side talking.

“I heard that you are going to be the camp nurse.” Katelyn said. “Would you like to see some of your utensils?”

“Of course.” I told her. So off we went.


“There will be more when camp starts as well as an infirmary.” Katelyn said.

“That is okay.” I said “For now this is cool. I can’t wait till camp. Are you volunteering at camp?”

“I will probably teach everyone how to make a bracelet but I am mostly going to the camp.”

“That is okay.” I said “We still can’t wait for camp.”

In the Library


Hi. I am Maria. I was in the library reading a book about all the dolls. I was surprised to see that I was in there and I was about to read my page when I heard talking.

“Of course I will meet you there.” Mckenna said “I just have science homework to complete.”


Mckenna came in and sat down on the other chair. “Oh hi Maria.” She said “What are you doing here?”

“I love to read and write.” I told her “So the library is my favorite place.”

“What are you reading?” Mckenna asked.

“A book of different dolls.” I said “And they got me all WRONG! They said that I like acting and baking.”

“Then what do you like?”

“Besides reading and writing I like helping people and I want to be a doctor when I grow up.”

“There is an opening for camp nurse if you would like that.” Mckenna said

“Cool!” I said “Thanks for telling me. What can I do to get that spot?”

“I will show you.” Mckenna said and we got up to leave.

Meet Maria

Yesterday I got Maria. Maria’s name on Springfield packaging used to be Sofia but it got changed to Maria so this doll’s name is Maria Sofia. Maria loves reading and writing but she also Likes to help people and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Maria will be the subject of May.



This is Maria.


Maria came in the same dress Abby did but hers is green. She has a soft body that is fun to hug but she has a hard time standing up. Her feet are shaped weirdly so it is easier for her to stand with shoes.


She has brown eyes and dark lips. I don’t know if people with darker skin have darker lips but she is wearing more lipstick than Grace and Grace is wearing too much. I like the pretty brown eyes though. Maria has shiny black hair that reflects off of everything.


Her hair came in this plastic piece. It was hard to get off but it kept the hair from getting too messy. I wish that they had used a different method to package the hair though.


Her hair is layered.

I got Maria at Michals for half off at about 10 dollars. She is a great doll, her quality isn’t great but she is very affordable.


Abby’s Hike

Today for my last post in April I am going to take a hike.


I look around and then I am ready.


I start walking but then I found a fork in the trail. So I decided to turn left.


I saw a nice hut but I turned around.


At the fork I put flowers in my bag.


At the top of the hill I saw a plant that I know I can eat. DSCN3952[1]

I was hungry so I ate some. It was good.


I found a clearing and there I found a platform so I stopped to look at the amazing view.


I stopped to rest before going on.


But before long I went back into the woods.


I found more flowers so I put them in my bag.



And then I started down the hill.



I found more flowers.


And more.


But before I went in I saw a birdhouse with a bird on it.


At home I put my bag full of flowers on the table and then in a vase.


Staring at the flowers I hoped that the next girl’s month will be just as fun as mine was.