Lily Anna’s Story

I used to  be played with. I acted out my stories and my hair was brushed till it was frizzy. Then One day after my hair had been colored, I found myself naked on a shelf at a thrift store. People walked by and some picked me up, but I was always put down. None wanted me. Then came a little girl that looked like me. She picked me up.

“Mom can I get her?”

“Look at her! She is terrible”

“I can fix that!”

Sigh “It’s your money.”

She carried me around the store. I went home with her and two other dolls. At home I was restored until I was better.

This is Lily Anna’s story. Now I am going to do a review on her.


This is Lily Anna, head to toe. I dressed her in the closest to her meet outfit I could.


She has a sweet face. Blue eyes, and a soft smile.


Here is her hair. It is VERY frizzy.


The top is shiny but it is still bad hair.


It is best in braids, like on her book cover.


I got the book from goodwill, a couple of months before I got Lily Anna. The cover has a nice picture on it.


The back of the book tells what is about.


It is in black and white, and it has a few pictures.



Thrift store finds.

In may I found four beat up dolls at valley thrift. There was an Abby doll there but I decided that she was too beat up, and only took home three. Mom said that I could bring them home. I could only take all three if I sold two of them. I restored them and my friend wanted to buy one. She was the one I had paid the most for. (Even though she was in the worst condition.) I had paid four dollars but she would only pay five. We decided that she would pay just a bit (She only paid less than a dollar.) and take the two dolls I had to get rid of to her house. When I saw her again she would lend me the dolls. They are her dolls so she can take them whenever she wants. But she doesn’t play with dolls all that much so I would have them most of the time. The other one I could keep all the time. Here is how I restored them. Although I don’t have pictures of all the steps you can get the idea.


This is the before picture. All of their hair was crazy. It was tangled and the blond one had color in her hair. It was pink, green, blue, and surprisingly, blond. She also had a stain on her. The next one had tan skin. She was the only one with any clothes. Her foot was also bent. The last one had awful.  hair and scuff marks on her face. They all smelled bad.

I removed their heads and took out the stuffing. I sprayed the one with the stain on her with stain remover and put their bodies in my washing machine.


UnStuffing them I found out what the ‘wires’ were. Some dolls have squishy limbs and wires inside them. Then you can move their arms and legs differently. Two of my dolls had squishy limbs. After I took their heads off I found that the arms and legs were connected to a block. All of the wires were put in the box to hold them. I had to take the box out to unstuff them.


Here is a different view of the wires.


I put the box thingy in a bag so I wouldn’t lose anything.

After the wash was done I hung the bodies upside down to get all the water out of the limbs. Then I stuffed them with new stuffing.


And here is a picture of how the wires fit into the box. The other arm wire goes in it too, and then the top goes on.


With the heads off I stuck them in a box with downy in it. If the hair soaked in the downy long enough it hopefully become easier to deal with.

After 24 hours I rinsed the hair out and left it to dry.



Here you can see the hair. Even after the downy it was hard to brush it. With the one on the right I ended up also washing, conditioning, hair spraying, and using water on it. When I finally got it brushed it was still bad. (It smelled worse.)  The one on the left wasn’t bad and the one in the middle was actually still nice. When I got it brushed it wasn’t very frizzy and it was shiny. After it was brushed I set it in big curlers.

I attached the heads with long wire ties. I snipped the ends and tightened.


Here is the after picture. I dressed them in the closest I could to their meet outfits. I got the stains out of the one on the left’s body and hair. In the middle the tan skin is here to stay. I did unfold her foot though. I Attached it to a flat piece of wood and melted the skin with a hairdryer till it was good. When I took the wood off it was almost flat. The one on the right’s hair got a lot better but still not great.

Soon I will share their story’s.


Welcome to CAMP

Camp officially starts tomorrow but my dolls came to camp a day early to get settled. 


I, Maria went to camp. I was the first one there because I was helping out. It was the perfect end to my month, the first day of camp. I got there and filled out some forms for Counselor Faith.


I went to the cabin to put my stuff down. Then I went to the infirmary to start check-ups on the girls who came.



Grace and I arrived at camp. We parked our car and went to the registration desk. 


We walked up to the desk. We were greeted by a counselor named Faith.


She asked us to sign some forms and give her the pre-sign-in forms. After that we were told to go to the infirmary and then to the cabin to put down our stuff. When the bell rang we were supposed to go back to the cafe.


We went and Maria was there, telling us to get on the bed and sit down. 


I got on the bed while Maria checked my hair for lice. Then I sat down and Grace got checked.


We then went to the cabin. The beds had brightly colored blankets that looked like big bandannas and little bags on the beds. 


We put our stuff on the shelf, chose beds and tiered from our journey fell asleep. 


When the bell rung I had just gotten here. I listened to the counselor talk. 

“Everywhere in the camp is small. We are lucky to have a camp but we will rotate in groups because of the size. Right now however, We are going to take a tour.” 


She led us to the camping area, with a tent, a couple of trees, and a hammock. 


She led us to the pool. 


And then we went into the gym for welcome games.


Friend fights-Finale


We all sat in the gym for the tie breaker. Katelyn would ask a question and one team would answer.

We were evenly tied. Then Katelyn came to a question that only Joy knew. She knew in-But from her time. Which meant we won.


As soon as it was announced We went up and hugged. Then I realized something. The only reason we won was because Joy was from the 50s. That wasn’t fair.


I pulled Riley up.


Then we all hugged. We were all friends and family and we all deserved to win.

After it was over we we congratulated a lot. Things we back to normal between everyone who took place. Before when we weren’t at the filming place on Saturday there was a wall between the teams. The wall was broken and we were all set free!

Story Saturday is over for now because next week will be summer.


Story Saterday-Friend fights



Katelyn explained the rules of the challenge. A gymnastics contest. I got bar, Riley got beam, (and boy was she existed. She couldn’t get off of it,) Joy got floor and Grace got beam. I hoped we would win, I knew that Grace and I would try our bests. I was great at gymnastics but Riley and Joy were too shy to do anything so who knew? They could be better than us.


Bar was my best and I flew through the routine with grace and speed.


And Grace was graceful on the trampoline.


But when It was Riley’s turn she froze up.


And in her heels Joy was clunky.


When everyone was done Katelyn spoke. “It is clear that Mckenna and Grace won. Which brings us to a tie. Meet me in the gym for the tiebreaker.”



Happy birthday Kit!

Some of my pictures are on this blog

You can see them there. 

But here are my pictures on my blog of Kit’s birthday. 


We were all sitting around in our room.

“Today is Kit’s birthday.” I said. “Let’s do a surprise party.”


Samantha went to the closet and pulled some things out.



We grabbed things to give to Kit.

“I will get Kit and you rush to the fairy garden.” I told my friends.


I held up a bag. “This is my gift for Kit. Put your stuff in the bag and put it under the bed.”


While I got Kit.



My friends put the stuff in the bag.


And put it under the bed.



I led Kit to the garden where my friends were waiting.


Then we sat down and ate hot dogs.


Back at the house we gathered for gifts. Holly ran to get them.


She came back and gave the bag to Kit.


A laptop! Now I won’t have to use the typewriter! A headband and wallet too! Thank you!


Then we celebrated with cake.





guess the place-answers

Now for the answers! If you missed the first post go read it first.


1 It is a poster. 


2 The carousal is actually a shelf on the wall. 


3 Holly was hiding in our paper holder. 


4 Bethany in the bead drawer. 


5 The dolls were playing with dice on the table. 


6 Kit was in a potted plant. 


7 Ruthie was on a figure on the window sill. 


8 Stairs. 


9 Isabelle was in a book. 


10 Ruthie was  on our mini trampoline. 


11 Kit was kicking mini yarn. 


12 Bethany and Isabelle were on a rocking chair. 


Writing and Fun


(Ignore the doll feet.) 

I was writing in my journal.


Riley came up.

“Whatchya writing?” She asked.

“A story.” I told her. “Wanna read?” DSCN4268[1]

Riley took my journal and read the story.


When she came back she told me they were awesome.

“You should send them to camp for the contest.” She said. “They have a contest where you send in the story and they pick the best one and use it for the play.”

“Thanks for telling me.” I said “I think I will.”

You can be part of the contest too! Write a story that would work for a play and send it to my gmail account. It is pretty piggie girl. Send your entry(s) no later than June first and I will pick the best one and use it.

If you have any questions feel free to comment. 


guess the place

I am sorry. This was Friday’s post and I forgot to hit the post button. Oops. Oh well. You can read it now.

I am doing something new today. I am going to take pictures of my mini dolls in weird places and YOU can guess where they are. Tomorrow I will post pictures of where the are. 























12 and 13 . These two were taken in the same place. 



Stay tuned for the rest.