Spring Photo Shoot

For Easter I dressed up all my dolls in nice, springy outfits and took them outside for a photo shoot. I did a group picture, but also single pictures of each doll. I am going to use these as profile pictures because the place where I used to take profile pictures no longer exists.


Group picture!

This was really fun to take. I had to arrange all fifteen dolls. (Count them!) Most of the dolls are positioned well. A couple of them I don’t like so much, such as Gabi, Jenny, and Faith. Overall though, I really like this picture.

I am going to try to use it as a header image. I don’t know how well that will work…

Mckenna is not colorblind


I really like this picture. Mckenna’s hair is frizzy, and I didn’t have a good pair of shoes for this outfit that no one else was wearing, but whatever. Who needs shoes?

Mckenna is wearing:

A dress that I sewed and tie dyed,

The shrug from the fall outfit I bought at our local festival,

The matching hair bow with aquamarine lace wrapped around it.


I like this one too. The outfit looks good on Abby, but come to think of it, she would never wear something that frilly.

Abby is wearing:

American Girl Grace’s opening night dress

Headband from American Girl Grace’s opening night outfit.


I like how the tall grass and flowers cast shadows on Riley.

Riley is wearing:

Shirt from the American Girl spring breeze outfit,

Tunic from the American Girl spring breeze outfit,

Leggings from the American Girl warm winter outfit,

Shoes from the American Girl spring breeze outfit,

Random butterfly hair clip.


Katelyn isn’t looking at the camera. Argh! And her hair is messy.

Katelyn is wearing:

My Life As dress,

Headband from a Madame Alexander outfit. (I looked, but I got it years ago, and I have no idea what the outfit is called)


Oh, I love this picture of Grace. Even though the shoes never made it on her.

Grace is wearing:

Skirt that I made out of lace and fabric I dyed,

Tank top from American Girl Gabriela McBride’s meet outfit,

American Girl Isabelle’s purple Wrap sweater.

Hope and Pride

Argh! This one’s kind of blurry.

Hope is wearing:

Cheerleader dress from my local festival,

Pom pom from the cheerleader outfit (In her hair)

Headband from Our Generation Joy’s meet outfit,

Boots that I made.


Joy looks so adorable in that dress.

Joy is wearing:

A dress that I made,

Our Generation Joy’s meet shoes.

Maria moose

Maria isn’t looking at the camera, but I like this one.

Maria is wearing:

A baby dress I adjusted to fit my dolls,

The headband from the American Girl love to layer accessories,

The shoes that Journey Girl Callie was wearing when we found her.

Faith under the branches

Not one of my favorites, but it’s okay.

Faith is wearing:

A baby dress I adjusted to fit 18 inch dolls,

Our Generation Parker’s meet shoes.


I absolutely love this one. It fit’s Eileen’s personalty so well.

Eileen is wearing:

The American Girl petals and posies dress that Mia was wearing when I found her,

A pearl bracelet from Our Generation,

Random blue ribbon,

And she’s holding a dandelion.


I don’t really like this picture, but it fits Lea’s personality.

Lea is wearing:

American Girl Merry Magenta dress,

American Girl Merry Magenta headband.


I really like the outfit that Mia is wearing.

Mia is wearing:

A dress that I made,

A sash that my cousin crocheted,

The Journey Girls shrug Callie was wearing when we found her,

American Girl Lea’s meet shoes,

Our Generation Parker’s meet headband,

An ice skate charm on a piece of ribbon.


I like this picture. If only Gabi was sitting up more.

Gabi is wearing:

Our Generation Doll shirt, (Someone gave it to me, and I never identified it)

American Girl headband from Grace’s baking outfit,

American Girl Gabriela McBride’s meet leggings,

American Girl boots from Soft As Snow outfit.


Callie is so fun to pose! This picture was fun to take.

Callie is wearing:

A dress I made,

Headband from American Girl Spring Breeze outfit,

Shoes from Our Generation tworiffic twin set.


Argh! Jenny’s hair is so frizzy.

Jenny is wearing:

My Twin Blooming Flower dress,

My Twin shoes,

Random hair clip.


So there you have it. This year’s Easter photo shoot. I hope you enjoyed.


Review-My Life As Mega Blocks

On Monday we went to five below. One of the isles has Lego type blocks in it, and Mom pointed out the My Life As sets. I asked her for her phone to take pictures of them. She asked why I was taking pictures, and I told her they were for my blog.

“Do you write about other stuff too?” She asked, confused.

Then she realized that they were ‘a doll brand’. She pointed them out because they were little dolls, but I thought she knew they were a My Life As set. Anyway, here are the pictures from the store. a270d5c6-4086-4cc8-b3c6-f52b68611206

this picturehores picbbxnellat                     My mom bought me one (Thank you Mom!) so I am going to review it. I picked the pretty ballerina. DSCN7411[1]  Here is the box after I took everything out of it. DSCN7430[1]                                                                  And the back of the box. It shows a ballet studio. DSCN7412[1]       The card board everything is displayed on looks like the ballet studio on the back of the box. It does little for playing with it. It would have been nice if they included a back drop, or made the box bigger so the back of the box could actually be used. DSCN7414[1]      It includes a set of stickers for the set, and a My Life As and Mega Blocks sticker. DSCN7415[1]Here is the set put together one of the ways it shows. Kathleen The mini figure can use the bar, and listen to music. DSCN7416[1] Here’s another view.DSCN7417[1]  Kathleen can Hold on to the bar like this, but her feet have to be off of the pink block, and they don’t line up with the blue block.DSCN7418[1]      If the pink blocks are removed she can stand up straight. DSCN7419[1]   She can bend over some too.DSCN7422[1] Let’s talk bout the mirror. It’s a real mirror, and clear plastic forms a box around it. You can build things on the top, and connect the bottom to things. DSCN7425[1]   The speaker thing is nice, but a piano would have been better. The speaker is a block with a sticker on it. The MP3 is another block with a sticker, and the stand is another block.DSCN7426[1]  The MP3 comes apart from the speaker, which is cool but I haven’t used it. DSCN7427[1] This is Kathleen. DSCN7428[1]   Her body moves so she can sit, her head moves, and her arms swivel. It would have been nice for them to turn so she can put both hands on the bar. Her legs do not move! I am really disappointed about this. How can you have a ballerina if her legs don’t move! Her feet do have indentations to stay upright on legos. DSCN7429[1]   She comes apart. DSCN7431[1]        I built a ballet studio for the set, because it isn’t all that much fun on it’s own. It would be great to build a ballet studio for, (Like I did) or add it to an existing ballet studio for a speaker and bar.

Five dollars is an okay price for this. I would have liked it to be cheaper, but it still works.

I give it 8/10


My Life As Scooter

Today I have a review of the My Life As scooter.


Lily Anna is on the scooter, at the top of the hill, so she won’t fall down.


And here she is scootering down the hill. (when I took the picture, the scooter was rolling down the hill.)


The scooter is purple and pink, made out of cheap plastic. It is like a tricycle, with one wheel in the front, and two in the back. It is made to stand on, and not a push scooter.


There are feet spots on the scooter, and elastic straps.


But when you put her feet in them, she falls forward. It reminds me of a hand hitting forehead pose.


You can get her to stand up nicely, but not in the feet spots.


One hand can ‘hold’ the bar, but not the other.


There are flowers on the bottom.


The handle bars are similar to the ones on my scooter.


It says My Life As… on the front.


The front turns all the way around.


And you can tilt it.


The front wheel has a flower on it, and rolls.


The back are the same


The bar is metal.


Here it is next to my scooter.



My Life As… Snack Stand




For My birthday my mom got me the my life as… snack stand. She almost didn’t get it for me because, it was big, and I could easily recreate it. I like making things, but it is also good to have ‘real’ things. It is very good, but several things set it apart from American Girl. It would be a good alternative  to Grace’s pastry cart.                                 DSCN5497[1]


Here it is all set up. It comes with 4 signs, a cash register, money, 2 lemonades, 2 milkshakes, 3 cupcakes, 2 cookies, a tray, 2 plates, and 4 napkins.


Here is Grace at it. It isn’t really any taller then her, but you can still see her face.


Close up!


The box implied that the shelves were made to be in the back. I think that it looks fine ether way, but if this is the front then why are there holes?


Here it is without treats.


And the other side.


The first shelf is shallower then the second one. The drawer also opens.


It can hold most of the stuff.


Here are the signs. I think it is weird that the stand doesn’t come with everything on the menu. The price for lemonade is different on the two signs. They are made out of thick, (bend and tear-able) cardboard.


There are two milkshakes, and lemonades.


The cups are pretty much Communion cups. The drinks come out of the cups. The cups stack. They don’t look really weird, but it’s weird that they come out of the cups.


Lots of detail, but if you want them they could easily be made with resin and pony beads. The lemonade has pony bead ice. I don’t mind using pony beads in my own drinks, but I have come to expect way better from this company.


The cookies fit on a tray.


The cookies have lots of detail, and the tray looks well made, but it is silver plastic, and not metal.


There are three cupcakes. It looks like they have wrappers, but the icing is unrealistic.


It comes with two plastic plates, and four cardboard napkins.


The cash register is plastic.


It has a sticker with numbers printed on it.


The drawer opens, and there is money.


The money is thick paper.


And here it is again.

I am going to use this a lot. Starting tomorrow at the bakery battles.


Welcome to CAMP

Camp officially starts tomorrow but my dolls came to camp a day early to get settled. 


I, Maria went to camp. I was the first one there because I was helping out. It was the perfect end to my month, the first day of camp. I got there and filled out some forms for Counselor Faith.


I went to the cabin to put my stuff down. Then I went to the infirmary to start check-ups on the girls who came.



Grace and I arrived at camp. We parked our car and went to the registration desk. 


We walked up to the desk. We were greeted by a counselor named Faith.


She asked us to sign some forms and give her the pre-sign-in forms. After that we were told to go to the infirmary and then to the cabin to put down our stuff. When the bell rang we were supposed to go back to the cafe.


We went and Maria was there, telling us to get on the bed and sit down. 


I got on the bed while Maria checked my hair for lice. Then I sat down and Grace got checked.


We then went to the cabin. The beds had brightly colored blankets that looked like big bandannas and little bags on the beds. 


We put our stuff on the shelf, chose beds and tiered from our journey fell asleep. 


When the bell rung I had just gotten here. I listened to the counselor talk. 

“Everywhere in the camp is small. We are lucky to have a camp but we will rotate in groups because of the size. Right now however, We are going to take a tour.” 


She led us to the camping area, with a tent, a couple of trees, and a hammock. 


She led us to the pool. 


And then we went into the gym for welcome games.


Make a message center


We were sitting by the pool again when Faith suddenly said something “We need a message center!”

Here is how to make your own.

For a board for your announcements


Cut the lid off of a egg carton.


Line it with paper.

For the mail center.


Take a piece of paper. I am using the leftover stuff from the board.


Cut a square of paper and fold the corners in to make an envelope.


Cover your paper with envelopes.


On the wall I hung the board with thumbtacks and the dolls can use it for announcements. I also hung the mail paper with thumbtacks and the dolls can give and receive mail there.

There is still time to enter my contest


Camp is coming


I sat waiting. The camp counselor was supposed to be coming.


When she got here she said hi.


Then she sat down and handed me her clipboard. “Would you please sign these forms?”


I showed her around and then we sat talking in the pool area.


We made the first camp shirt and then decorated it.


I made the shirt by cutting a piece of cloth, Cutting arm holes. Gluing on buttons and cutting button holes, and then decorating it with markers. 


Meet  Counselor Faith!



I got a new doll a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t been able to share her with you. I got a my life as……. a camp counselor doll. She didn’t come with a name so I named her faith.


Her shirt has a flower on it and her shorts have stitched pockets.


Her shoes are little hiking boots. She also has socks.


She has freckles and big brown eyes. She has a camp hat with a string behind the braids.


The back of her head says CITY TOY.


She has a chest plate made out of plastic so that straps look better but her arms and head don’t move as easily as the legs, which are connected to the rest of the body which is cloth.


And her clipboard has a handle on the back and reads: Go swimming, Chase butterflys, Make s’mores.

I  love this doll and if you need a doll for a counselor you should get her.