Joy’s Journal 2-15

Finally, the much awaited (For some people) next part of Joy’s Journal, part fifteen! There are thirty parts in this series. 

When I went back to classes the next day my ‘friends’ set out to make my life miserable. It worked.


I remember seeing them crowded around my locker as I pulled my stuff out if it.


I jumped back as a jar of dirt and bugs spilled everywhere. It was positioned to fall out as soon as I opened the door.

By the way the girls were laughing I knew they had done it on purpose.


The janitor handed me a broom, and I heard Roberta whisper something to Serenity.

“Stupid girl.”

By the time I had finished sweeping the mess up I was late to Art, and the halls were deserted.

Talking to ze teacher.JPG.jpg

I hadn’t had time to grab my art supplies, so I went to the teacher to try to explain what happened.

“I’m late because some girls put a jar of bugs and dirt in my locker and I didn’t have time to clean in up. I didn’t have time to get my art supplie-”

Ri's lie.JPG

One of the other girls in Roberta and Serenity’s group waltzed in.

“She’s making things up Mrs Oakwood. She’s lying. No one did anything to her, she just didn’t want to paint.”

“Is this true Joy?”

“Of course not! It’s-”

“You are going to believe JOY?” The girl asked. “The one who lied to everyone about her illness to skip school?”

“Good point Cinnamon.”

“You are going to believe Cinnamon?” I burst out. “What abo-”

Mrs Oakwood cut me off. “That’s enough Joy. We need to start.”

emtpy easel.JPG

And so I got to stare at an empty easel the entire time.


Behind The Scenes Of The Easter Photoshoot

This is a rather unprofessional post, with rather unprofessional pictures. It should still be cool.

*If you would rather not see pictures of a bunch of naked dolls, I would suggest you don’t read this post.*

For the photo shoot I changed ALL FIFTEEN dolls’ clothes. It was a big job.

The first thing I did was take the clothes off of each doll and put them back on my shelf.


Here’s a batch of dolls waiting.

More waiting

And here are the others. (I didn’t change Keirra’s clothes.)

Doll Clothes

All the doll clothes went in a pile in the middle of the floor.

Then I put the clothes away and decided on fifteen Easterish outfits.

I matched the outfits with dolls and dressed each doll.

A pile of dolls

Then I took the dolls outside for the photo shoot. Here they are.

Waiting treeees

Half the dolls around a tree and the rest waiting.


Katelyn in the photo shoot spot, and the rest of the dolls waiting.

Pile o dolls

The dolls in the house.

So there you go. Behind the scenes of the Easter photo shoot.


Spring Photo Shoot

For Easter I dressed up all my dolls in nice, springy outfits and took them outside for a photo shoot. I did a group picture, but also single pictures of each doll. I am going to use these as profile pictures because the place where I used to take profile pictures no longer exists.


Group picture!

This was really fun to take. I had to arrange all fifteen dolls. (Count them!) Most of the dolls are positioned well. A couple of them I don’t like so much, such as Gabi, Jenny, and Faith. Overall though, I really like this picture.

I am going to try to use it as a header image. I don’t know how well that will work…

Mckenna is not colorblind


I really like this picture. Mckenna’s hair is frizzy, and I didn’t have a good pair of shoes for this outfit that no one else was wearing, but whatever. Who needs shoes?

Mckenna is wearing:

A dress that I sewed and tie dyed,

The shrug from the fall outfit I bought at our local festival,

The matching hair bow with aquamarine lace wrapped around it.


I like this one too. The outfit looks good on Abby, but come to think of it, she would never wear something that frilly.

Abby is wearing:

American Girl Grace’s opening night dress

Headband from American Girl Grace’s opening night outfit.


I like how the tall grass and flowers cast shadows on Riley.

Riley is wearing:

Shirt from the American Girl spring breeze outfit,

Tunic from the American Girl spring breeze outfit,

Leggings from the American Girl warm winter outfit,

Shoes from the American Girl spring breeze outfit,

Random butterfly hair clip.


Katelyn isn’t looking at the camera. Argh! And her hair is messy.

Katelyn is wearing:

My Life As dress,

Headband from a Madame Alexander outfit. (I looked, but I got it years ago, and I have no idea what the outfit is called)


Oh, I love this picture of Grace. Even though the shoes never made it on her.

Grace is wearing:

Skirt that I made out of lace and fabric I dyed,

Tank top from American Girl Gabriela McBride’s meet outfit,

American Girl Isabelle’s purple Wrap sweater.

Hope and Pride

Argh! This one’s kind of blurry.

Hope is wearing:

Cheerleader dress from my local festival,

Pom pom from the cheerleader outfit (In her hair)

Headband from Our Generation Joy’s meet outfit,

Boots that I made.


Joy looks so adorable in that dress.

Joy is wearing:

A dress that I made,

Our Generation Joy’s meet shoes.

Maria moose

Maria isn’t looking at the camera, but I like this one.

Maria is wearing:

A baby dress I adjusted to fit my dolls,

The headband from the American Girl love to layer accessories,

The shoes that Journey Girl Callie was wearing when we found her.

Faith under the branches

Not one of my favorites, but it’s okay.

Faith is wearing:

A baby dress I adjusted to fit 18 inch dolls,

Our Generation Parker’s meet shoes.


I absolutely love this one. It fit’s Eileen’s personalty so well.

Eileen is wearing:

The American Girl petals and posies dress that Mia was wearing when I found her,

A pearl bracelet from Our Generation,

Random blue ribbon,

And she’s holding a dandelion.


I don’t really like this picture, but it fits Lea’s personality.

Lea is wearing:

American Girl Merry Magenta dress,

American Girl Merry Magenta headband.


I really like the outfit that Mia is wearing.

Mia is wearing:

A dress that I made,

A sash that my cousin crocheted,

The Journey Girls shrug Callie was wearing when we found her,

American Girl Lea’s meet shoes,

Our Generation Parker’s meet headband,

An ice skate charm on a piece of ribbon.


I like this picture. If only Gabi was sitting up more.

Gabi is wearing:

Our Generation Doll shirt, (Someone gave it to me, and I never identified it)

American Girl headband from Grace’s baking outfit,

American Girl Gabriela McBride’s meet leggings,

American Girl boots from Soft As Snow outfit.


Callie is so fun to pose! This picture was fun to take.

Callie is wearing:

A dress I made,

Headband from American Girl Spring Breeze outfit,

Shoes from Our Generation tworiffic twin set.


Argh! Jenny’s hair is so frizzy.

Jenny is wearing:

My Twin Blooming Flower dress,

My Twin shoes,

Random hair clip.


So there you have it. This year’s Easter photo shoot. I hope you enjoyed.


Review-My Life As Party Dress

I don’t think you can still buy this dress, as I received it for my birthday last summer, and I don’t think it’s still in stores.

Lea's dress

The dress came with a headband, but not shoes, so I paired the dress with the shoes from the American Girl Truly Me meet outfit.


The headband has a pink bow matching the trim on the dress. It’s made of pink plastic with comb like ridges on the top. It fits very well, coming all the way down the doll’s head.


The dress has two layers, a white lace, and a shimmery blue cloth underneath.


The blue fabric ends, leaving just lace at the top. It looks kind of strange on Lea, but the My Life As dolls have a plastic breastplate so they can wear clothes like this. The edges are trimmed with pink shimmery cloth that matches the pink ribbon sash. It has little ripples in it, like when you hem a circle.


The sash doesn’t continue all the way around, but the lace at the top does. Velcro comes down part way to get it on and off.

Overall I’ll rate this dress 4/5 stars. It’s done well, but the material is kind of cheap.


Good Bye

A couple weeks ago I decided to send some dolls to a charity that uses dolls called Broken Dolls Healing Hearts. I sent all of the dolls that I had rescued from thrift stores (That I could find) except for Mia. There were six, and I took a photo shoot of them before they left.


This is Lily  Anna. I found her at a thrift store spring of 2015. Here is how I restored her and two other dolls. She also stared in Lily Anna’s Troubles



This is Abbi. I found her at a thrift store right before Christmas 2015. I probably wouldn’t have bought her because I already had a Springfield Abby, but she was .29, so I went for it. I gave her to my cousin for Christmas, and she later traded her out for a different doll.



This is BridgetI found her spring 2016. She was actually an Our Generation Belle, but I changed her up some.



This is an Our Generation Ashley Rose, but I renamed her Passion. I found her summer 2016.



This is an Our Generation Audrey Ann found in fall 2016. She was in terrible shape, with no hair or anything, but I redid her eyes, her face paint, and gave her hair. Her name changed to Isabel. 



And this is Katie Lee, a BFC ink Katelyn I found in winter 2016. She had more hair, but I cut some of it off.


I miss having a zillion dolls, but I’m glad they are going somewhere people need them more than I do.



New Friends Part Five



My sister and I were in the kitchen. I don’t really now what we were doing, but I was homesick. I felt like no one here cared about me, except for maybe my sister. It was quite obvious that that other girl, Lea maybe, hated me.


So it was a surprise when Lea walked in the kitchen, carrying two cupcakes (Where did she get them? I thought they kept cupcakes in the kitchen!) and flipped a light switch I hadn’t known about. Light filtered into the room.

Lea started to hand my sister a cupcake, but she wouldn’t take it. “We know you hate us!” she screamed. “Why would you give us cupcakes? Are they poisoned?

I know Lea was hurt, but she didn’t get mad. “No, they are not poisoned. I know I haven’t been very nice to you, but I want to make it up to you. I was missing my friend, who I thought you had replaced, but that was no reason to be so mean to you.”

“You thought we replaced your friend?” I asked.

Her face turned red. “I did, but now I know better. I was jealous of all the attention you were getting.”

“You, jealous of us?” I asked. “Really? You have friends. People care about you. No one cares about us.”

“My best friend left about the time you came. Lea explained. “We always hung out together, and none of the girls really cared about me.”

Suddenly my sister spoke up. “I can be your friend Lea.”



I took the girls up to the family room. “Why don’t you start with telling me about yourselves?”

The older one spoke. “My name is Gabriela, but everyone used to call me Gabi. This is my sister Kierra. I’m fourteen, and Keirra is nine.”

After that conversation Gabi and I became friends. We did everything together. (Often with Kierra too,)  Gabi could never replace Isabel, but she was a friend.

Slowly I started to get over Isabel leaving. I never forgot her, but I wasn’t missing her all the time.

Side note from Lexie: Gabi and Kierra really are new, and Isabel really did leave. I sent six dolls to a charity, because I didn’t need as many dolls as I had. 



The Blogger Recognition Award


I was nominated for this award by Julia and Kaitlynrh1. Thank you so very much for nominating me!! And check out Julia’s blogs:  Julia’s Journal and The Joys Of Julia, and Kaitlynrh1’s blogs: Paws All In and Kait’s AG Crafts

On a side note: neither Julia nor Kaitlynrh1’s blogs had the blogger recognition award picture on them, so instead of ‘borrowing’ the picture from another blog, I just made my own.

Why I started this blog:

When I was eight or nine my sister had a blog, and I wanted one. (I don’t remember why) My mom helped me set up a blog for my guinea pigs, which I named Guinea Pig Stars, or Star Guinea Pigs, I don’t really remember which. When I started to get into dolls I changed the name to Creative Castle, (The domain name was Modern English 2) and used it for my mini doll stuff. After awhile I ran out of space to put pictures on, so I started this blog, Dolltasticallyfun. Last fall I started using Creative Castle again, just for words, because I wanted a place to put all my non doll related stuff. I really enjoy Creative Castle as a lifestyle blog now, and Dolltasticallyfun for dolls.

My advice:

Be unique. Don’t do what other people are doing. It may be fun to read something the first 67 times it’s done, but after awhile it gets old. Do things that you haven’t seen done before. Often you can gain followers that way. When I come across a blog because it has content I’m looking for I’m very likely to keep reading it.

Don’t stress out about how many followers you have. It doesn’t help. You can, however, do things like participate in blog shout outs and comment on other people’s blogs.

I nominate:


Spreading My Joy

Mallory’s Wee Blog

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Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. Write a post to show your award
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award
  6. Comment on each blog to let them know you nominated them and link to the post you created

Thanks again Julia and Kaitlynrh1!


New Friends Part

The last part.



I walked past the room (Isabel’s old room) where the new girl and her sister were. I was wearing a new dress, which obviously was too big for me, and I was trying to make it work.

Suddenly the taller one spilled the cards. They got everywhere. I could have helped pick them up, but I was still too mad.


But when I spilled rubber bands everywhere.


The new girl helped me scoop them up into the container. Even though I wouldn’t help her.



I went to get something out of the room I was going to share with my little sister. Suddenly I saw Lea in the room. The lights were turned out, and she was crying. I wanted to help her, but I knew she would only snap at me if I asked what was wrong.

“Hey Lea!” I called. “Can I do your hair?”

“Are you saying my hair looks bad?” She snapped. So much for not having her snap at me.

“No, not at all. It actually looks quite nice, but I like to do hair, and I thought you might like your hair done.”

“Well, okay.” Lea agreed.


I flipped the lights on and started on her hair.


The new girl wanted to do my hair, and I agreed. She said it looked good, but I knew she was just being nice. I didn’t know why she was being so nice to me after she’d been so mean, but I wasn’t going to complain.


Suddenly the younger one skipped into the room.

“Mail for you Lea!”

“Thank you!”

It turned out to be from Isabel. She said: ‘I miss you Lea, but I’m glad to be home. I heard about the new girls, but I wanted you to know, I didn’t leave to make room for them. I would have gone anyway. And they would have come even if I hadn’t left. I think you should give them a chance. They probably could use a friend like you. I know I did.’

My anger started to melt away.

Maybe the girls weren’t so bad. Maybe we could even be friends?


BIBPC The Fourth Entry

I am participating in Megan’s BIBPC photo contest this time. Here is my entry.


I took this picture at a zooish place in South Dakota when my family went on vacation. It was in a garden with a bunch of flowers, but the plant is actually rainbow chard, a vegetable.



Sunshine Blogger Award


I am finally getting around to this! Yay!

Madi just nominated me for the award, so I went to see if anyone else had nominated me, (I didn’t think so) and in my drafts section I had written Sunshine Blogger Award. But there were no words, so I had to dig through my history to find the post where Jordan nominated me  (Actually she said YOU! Yes, you right there, random reader!) for the award, and then again because I forgot to leave the tab open.

Anyway thank you so much for nominating me, Madi and Jordan!

First Jordan’s Questions:

Favorite movie? 

I don’t know. There have been so many good ones I’ve seen. Grace Stirs Up Success is pretty good though.

Longest plane trip you’ve ever been on? 

I’ve actually only been on a plane once. It was at a small airport. They had a children’s flying program or something. I got to ride in the plane with my sister and a pilot. I actually got to fly the plane for a few minutes.

If you could invent a color, what would it look like? 

Um, well, it would be…Glittery. And girly, but also rain forest/ocean inspired. It would be cool.

Can you do a cartwheel? 

Kinda. I used to be a lot worse than I am now, barely getting my feet off the ground, but now I can do a semi decent cartwheel.

Is your hair long or short? 

LONG! Definitely long. It’s so long that I always keep it in two braids, but even in braids it comes all the way down my back.


Here’s a picture of my hair in pigtails a couple of months ago. It’s a bit longer now.

Best short story you’ve ever read (as in, on a blog)? 

The best short story I ever read wasn’t on a blog, it was on a friend’s laptop. (she wrote it)

The best short story on a blog was this one.

Do you make your bed every morning? 

Heh heh, no. My bed is a bunk bed with the bottom bunk taken out so it’s really hard to make my bed, only in rare occasions do I make it. I have been known to make friends beds for them, or make my bed in a hotel. I like making beds that aren’t mine.

Candy canes or hot chocolate? 

You mean I have to chose? Can’t I have candy canes in hot chocolate? I guess I’ll chose hot chocolate, since I’m drinking it right now, but I like candy canes too.

Do you have any jewelry? 

Yes. I am usually wearing a zillion bracelets that I wear till they fall off (Right now I have only three), I usually have a basic pair of earrings in that I change occasionally, and often I am wearing a necklace.

What’s your toothpaste flavor? 

This awful mint stuff.

Christmas present that you really want (or wanted, if you do this after Christmas)? 

A stand mixer.

Madi’s questions:

  • What inspired you to start your blog?

This is a long story…

When I was eight or nine my sister had a blog, and I wanted one. (I don’t remember why) My mom helped me set up a blog for my guinea pigs, which I named Guinea Pig Stars, or Star Guinea Pigs, I don’t really remember which. When I started to get into dolls I changed the name to Creative Castle, (The domain name was Modern English 2) and used it for my mini doll stuff. After awhile I ran out of space to put pictures on, so I started this blog, Dolltasticallyfun. Last fall I started using Creative Castle again, just for words, because I wanted a place to put all my non doll related stuff. I really enjoy Creative Castle as a lifestyle blog now, and Dolltasticallyfun for dolls.

  • How well do you like the design of your blog?

Meh. It’s fine, but it could be better. I have changed it more times than I care to count, but I guess I like it now.

  • What are your blogging goals for 2017?

I want to try to make better posts, and I want to try to keep posting every day, which isn’t working all that well so far because I’m editing my pictures now, which takes a long time.

  • What was your favorite blogging memory of 2016?

That’s hard. I started Joy’s Journal, which I loved. Maybe when I started sharing Joy’s Journal with my friends instead of keeping it secret? Since I told some of my friends about Joy’s Journal it’s been fun to talk about it with them, and have them help me with inspiration.

  • How do you come up with inspiration for a blog post?

Often I’ll just be doing something random and an idea will come to me. I try to write those down so I can do them. But other times I try to come up with something, and fail. Sometimes I’ll just randomly ask my siblings for ideas.

  • Which blog post of yours is your favorite?

I really like In Which I Rant About Gabriela McBride.

  • What is your favorite thing to blog on – computer, phone, laptop, etc.?

Well most of the time I do it on my computer during school hours, since I don’t have anything else. Once or twice I’ve done it on my mom’s Ipad, but I hate doing that.

  • How long does it usually take you to make a blog post?

It used to take me 1/2 an hour or less, but now it’s taking an hour or two.

  • What do you think is the hardest part of blogging?

When WordPress refuses to let me make a post.

  • What do you think is the easiest part of blogging?

Posting publish!

  • What is your favorite part about blogging?

I like writing the posts, and taking pictures.

I nominate:


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Sew Sweet Dollies

Rolling Rock Dolls

Fun With AG Fan

Dolls And Dance

Hidden Hollow AG Crafts

Epilepsy Fun For Kids

The Lucent Logophile 

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My questions:

Do you keep a journal?

What is your opinion on socks?

If you could live on a farm would you?

Long skirts or short?

What is the hardest thing you have ever done?

I like your skirt.

How many batteries does the clock in your kitchen use?

If you were put on a stage and told to talk what would you talk about?

What is in the tab to the left of this one (right if there isn’t one to the left) on your device?

What time is it?

What color is the towel hanging in your parent’s bathroom right now?

Congratulations if you read all that! 😄