Welcome To The Indian House!

For school I had to do a project on Indians. I decided to make my dolls an Indian house, so here it is. I put a lot of work into this.dscn36811                          I make the house out of cardboard and covered it with twine stuff. On this side there is a door cut out. dscn36821                        The beds are stacked, and on the top there is blankets. The bottom layer they use for benches and tables during the day.dscn36831                            Here’s my collection of food. dscn36851                         And Mia’s outfit.

There are a few more things I forgot to add, but mainly it’s finished.


The Dollhouse Project Part 11

The link to the whole dollhouse project

This week I made a lot of progress on the kitchen. It still needs a light and a couple of other things, but it is mostly done.

dscn35811                          Here is the whole view, with the dining room too. dscn35821                            Just the kitchen. dscn35831                           I added a shelf thing in the corner. The blender is on top of it. dscn35841                       And in the other corner there is a cabinet.

I also added a back splash, and some more paint.


The Dollhouse Project

I have no idea what part this is. I lost track a long time ago. Anyway, here is the link to the whole project.  dscn34291                         This is what I have done on the kitchen so far. I have made a lot of process, but I’m not done yet. There is going to be a back splash, a light, more paint, a rug, more cabinets, more counter space.dscn34331                         I have the trash and recycle cans up in a cabinet.   dscn34341                         I hung a spice cabinet up on the wall.dscn34351                          There is a bucket in the corner, where the washing machine will be. dscn34361                   The floor space is just enough room to put the table, a stool. dscn34371                         When I’m using it, I will pull it out onto the ground, so I have space for the dolls.

I think that about sums it up. Now that I’m back in school, the dollhouse project will be on Mondays.         Lexie

Fun Find-Mini Turtle

When I was at the zoo the other day, in the gift shop I found a box of little stuffed animals. It was $7 for two or $4 for 1. There was several different kinds of sea animals. I chose the sea turtle.  


The sea turtle fits perfectly in Lea’s hand. It is just the right size for her.                        

This is the top of the turtle. It’s white with irregular green blotches. The shell is stuffed with little balls.


He has and embroidered on face, that is totally unrealistic but cute.


He can kind of stand up on his legs like a land turtle.

His belly is just tan.

I would give him 4.5/5 stars



How To Make A Blender

Yup, I know that blenders don’t have much to do with baking, but I think this is a cool craft, so I am going to do it.

DSCN8698[1]                     You will need:

Duck tape



An empty container with a lid


Beads and buttons

DSCN8700[1]                         Start by cutting the cardboard to the size you want it. This will be the base. DSCN8701[1]                          Cover it with Duck tape or paint it.     DSCN8702[1]                       Glue a bead to the top for a lid and beads to the sides for handles. Glue beads to the base for buttons.DSCN8704[1]                        Now you have a blender. You can take the top off and put stuff in it.



DSCN8687[1]                           Today is a tour of the Kitchen.  It is one of the things I am still working on. It is in the dollhouse. DSCN8688[1]                         On one side we have a refrigerator made out of foam board, potato bin found at a thrift store and cabinet made out of velcro.  DSCN8689[1]                           The cabinet holds the trash and recycle cans found at dollar tree. DSCN8690[1]                       In the middle of the kitchen there is a thrifted spice rack painted and hung, and a paper organizer made into a shelving unit and stove and oven. DSCN8691[1]                         On the other side there is a cabinet rescued, painted, and hung, and a cabinet that came with a tea set.

That finishes the tour of the kitchen.


Painting Fireworks

Today is painting fireworks. I have seen this using toilet paper rolls, but I used straws because it is for dolls.

DSCN8696[1]                          You will need straws, something to put paint on, paint, and paper.  Cut the straws into pieces and cut the end in strips. Spread the strips out to look like fireworks. DSCN8697[1]                          Paint fireworks!



DSCN8684[1]                     The gym doesn’t have much, but it doesn’t need to. The campers use it to play games, worship, and hang out. There is a stage, (Doll box) a chair, and a rope. DSCN8685[1]                          The rope is just tied onto the ‘rafters’ so the campers can swing. DSCN8686[1]                       It can be wrapped around during worship time.

This finishes my tour of the gym!

Till next time!


Turtles In The Kitchen

Yup. More apologizing for awful pictures. (The I pad doesn’t have a flash! Who knew?) Anyway, for team bonding, the turtles decided to make something for the rest of the camp! img_0169        Grace insisted that they all wear buns and aprons. They took a before picture. (Eileen said so that there was proof that they did intend to bake, and not just kill each other.) img_0174        After several minutes of battling for the mixer they worked it out. Mia read the recipe. img_0171        Grace mixed. (Without the coveted mixer.) The rest of the girls did what was needed. Eileen poured everything in the bowl. img_0175         Mckenna got stuff out of the fridge. img_0176        And Lea did everything else. Here she got stuck sweeping. img_0177          The team bonding worked, and soon they had made several treats.

Have you ever baked with friends, (Or not friends)?


The Dollhouse Project Part Ten

part one part two Part three part four part six part seven Part eight part nine                                                     On a trip to the thrift store I finally got some cabinets for the kitchen. I did a lot, and now it is almost done. Here is what I did. DSCN8369[1]                         First of all is the bin that I am painting. DSCN8370[1]                         The bin says salt, but I am using for a potato bin. However my dolls will probably put fruit in it. I will be hanging it on the wall.DSCN8373[1]                      Here is another cabinet/shelf for the wall. I have no idea what it was supposed to be used for, but my dolls will be putting plates in it. DSCN8375[1]                           I also painted this spice rack that I got for the camp infirmary last year. I have other things to use for the camp infirmary, and it will work really well in the kitchen.DSCN8376[1]                         I made this cabinet to hang on the wall.DSCN8377[1]                           It will hold the trash and recycle cans which came from the dollar store.DSCN8379[1]                         I found this organizer at the thrift store. I painted it and turned it on it’s side. The one side is an oven and stove. (I haven’t made the stove top yet) I think I am going to leave the other side for storage. DSCN8380[1]                          I put the sink on the top. The sink is a paperclip holder.DSCN8381[1]                          I made the door out of foam board and masking tape. I made the handle from a foil covered Popsicle stick and two silver pony beads. I love the way it looks!DSCN8382[1]                          The bottom of the door has straws and the main piece has a straw. I put a stick through it and now the door opens. I held it shut with velcro. There are straws in the oven to hold the unmade rack up.

So that’s it. My progress. I hope you enjoyed!