How To Do Braided Buns On Your Doll

dscn42411                             You will need: Your doll, a hair brush, and water (Optional) dscn42421                               Start by brushing out your doll’s hair. Obviously Mckenna’s hair could use some brushing, so I am going to brush it till it is all smooth. dscn42431                        You want it all free of tangles, like this. dscn42441                             Now you want to part it into two sections. If your doll already has a part it will be easier, but Mckenna doesn’t, so I am just going to separate it and brush it out, dscn42451                           Make sure it is all the way brushed out. dscn42471                            Now you are going to take a little piece of hair and braid it. dscn42481                            Braid it all the way down. dscn42491                             Now take all the hair and braid it. dscn42501                             Now twist it up into a bun. You can use hair pins or hair bands to hold it, your choice. dscn42511                         Enjoy!



How I Made A Hair Bun

When I made Isabel I had extra hair left over. Because it matched I thought it would be fun to make a bun thing like the american girl one. Let’s see how it turns out. dscn39641                       What I used:


A plastic cup

A glue gun

Extra hair


Bobby pins

dscn39651                          First I cut the cup to a size to fit over her bun. dscn39671                         Now here comes the fun part: Covering it with hair however you want. dscn39681                       Now I glued a couple pieces of hair to the underside of the cup to keep it on.dscn39691                          I slid the bun over Isabel’s bun and pulled the hair out and bobby pinned it in place. dscn39701                       Now here it is from the front.dscn39711                        The side.

dscn39721                         And the top.

This certainly doesn’t look perfect, or maybe even great, but it was fun to make, and it will be fun to make more, better looking ones.


Doll Rescue-Audrey Ann Part Two

part one

Warning! If you don’t like seeing dolls taken apart, or in parts don’t read this post!


I did the lips and then the eyes. It was the same thing as getting them out, but way harder. I had lost one of the pieces, so I was just going to put the eye part in, and it would be an eye that dosn’t open and close, right? Wrong.                               dscn37441     

We got the eyes in, after much trouble. They are messed up. Sigh. (On a side note the lips look like that because the boiling water washed her lip color off.)                           dscn37451             

I decided to try something, hoping it would word. I put some glue on the eyelid.


Then I taped it in place till it dried. It didn’t turn out as nice as I wanted, but it worked, so I did the hair.


I went back and forth over how to give her hair several times. First I was going to use a doll wig. Then a hair weave. Then a human wig. We finally decided to go to Goodwill to look at human wigs. They were all $10 but the one. It looked like this, and the package said it was a hair weave. It was $5.


I was disappointed to find I had a wig till I actually looked at it. The way it is sewn together I could cut it apart and glue the strands on.


I started cutting the wig apart, grabbed a glue gun and started gluing.


A view from the front.


And the side.


Here she is with all the hair I wanted glued on and no styling whatsoever.


Then I put her hair in a bun so I could do her face ‘paint’.


Review-Fall Dress

dscn34081                          At the festival that happens every year in my area there was a doll booth. (Same booth that I got the cheer leading dress at.) I don’t remember the name, SewSweetness maybe?dscn34091                         The dress that I bought was modeled on Lea, as you see here. I loved the leaf pattern, so I asked if I could buy the display one and they said yes. dscn37041                         I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. It was fifteen dollars, a little more expensive than the other ones priced at twelve, but it was worth it. Just like the cheer leading dress, the quality was amazing. dscn37051                         First let’s talk about the hair bow. It is made out of the same material as the shrug, with a loop of fabric matching the dress holding it all together. I think this a great little piece, but what confused me is that there is nothing to hold it on. No ponytail, no bobby pin, no hair clip, no headband. For now I slipped a hairband through it, but I might slide it on a headband later. dscn37071                          Now here is the shrug. It is a pale green, a little darker than the pictures show, with lots of white dots. I like how this piece goes with the dress, but will be really fun to  mix and match. It’s perfect for spring!dscn37081                          The seams are all finished, the shrug is made with a lining, so no hems. dscn37111                         This is all that shows from the lining. If they made the lining a different fabric it could be reversible. In fact some of the shrugs they were selling were, but this one wasn’t. dscn37121                          Now for my very favorite piece! The dress, It is more like a jumper, the style it is. The pattern is leaves,  apple/cherries and acorns. I love this for fall, but it also works for early winter. dscn37131                       The straps are thin, but thick enough that dolls don’t have to wear anything over or under it for it to be appropriate.

dscn37141                       The skirt is very full, perfectly ruffled. dscn37161                        The back opens all the way up for easy dressing.

Overall I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit It’s cute, it works with many things, and it was affordable. I give it 7/5 stars. This is a dress that someone will always have on.


How NOT To Make A Bottle Cap Tripod

(Yes, I know that this isn’t directly related to dolls, but it’s fun SO THERE!)

Taking pictures that aren’t blurry is hard. I’ve seen a bottle cap tripod thing floating around Pinterest. I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile, so I decided to try to make one now. It failed, but I thought it might be fun to see how NOT to make a tripod.

dscn36861                        To fail at this you will need:

A water bottle

A screw, (The longer the better, and if it doesn’t fit your camera it will work the best.)


A very floppy thing to put over lids.  dscn36871                       Cut a hole in your floppy thing.dscn36881                        See? A hole!

dscn36891                         Stick your screw through it, making sure it doesn’t hold very well. dscn36911                            Cut slits in your floppy thing and stick on a water bottle.

And this is the device you use to make super blurry pictures and possibly break your camera!Lexie

Welcome To The Indian House!

For school I had to do a project on Indians. I decided to make my dolls an Indian house, so here it is. I put a lot of work into this.dscn36811                          I make the house out of cardboard and covered it with twine stuff. On this side there is a door cut out. dscn36821                        The beds are stacked, and on the top there is blankets. The bottom layer they use for benches and tables during the day.dscn36831                            Here’s my collection of food. dscn36851                         And Mia’s outfit.

There are a few more things I forgot to add, but mainly it’s finished.


How To Sew An Indian Dress

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday. I should be doing a review, but the lighting in our house is bad, and the only light outside is lightning. Yes you heard me right. It is storming bad here. So instead I’ll post what I was going to Monday, but with technical difficulties it didn’t happen.

For school I am working on an Indian project. The rest will come later, but for now I am going to show you how I made an Indian inspired dress.dscn36471                         First I folded in half, so that each half is long enough for a dress. (I am using leathery cloth from the fabric store by the way) Next I cut a neck hole. Don’t cut it too big if you are using stretchy cloth.dscn36481                          I tried it on Mia, to make sure the neck hole wasn’t too big. dscn36491                            I sewed one side of the fabric and used it to mark the other. I sewed from the bottom corner in, then went outward for the sleeves After I sewed the dress I cut all the extra material off. I put the dress on my doll Mia.

dscn36501                          It fits, and I love how it looks.


The Dollhouse Project Part 11

The link to the whole dollhouse project

This week I made a lot of progress on the kitchen. It still needs a light and a couple of other things, but it is mostly done.

dscn35811                          Here is the whole view, with the dining room too. dscn35821                            Just the kitchen. dscn35831                           I added a shelf thing in the corner. The blender is on top of it. dscn35841                       And in the other corner there is a cabinet.

I also added a back splash, and some more paint.


The Dollhouse Project

I have no idea what part this is. I lost track a long time ago. Anyway, here is the link to the whole project.  dscn34291                         This is what I have done on the kitchen so far. I have made a lot of process, but I’m not done yet. There is going to be a back splash, a light, more paint, a rug, more cabinets, more counter space.dscn34331                         I have the trash and recycle cans up in a cabinet.   dscn34341                         I hung a spice cabinet up on the wall.dscn34351                          There is a bucket in the corner, where the washing machine will be. dscn34361                   The floor space is just enough room to put the table, a stool. dscn34371                         When I’m using it, I will pull it out onto the ground, so I have space for the dolls.

I think that about sums it up. Now that I’m back in school, the dollhouse project will be on Mondays.         Lexie

Skating Skirt And Bow – A Short Tutorial Made Longer By My Silly Commentary

Sorry I haven’t been posting. Blah blah blah been busy blah blah blah didn’t have time blah blah blah lots of other stuff going on blah blah blah blah ON TO THE INTERESTING STUFF!

This week is Olympic week. (Because of the Olympics this week.) Yes I know that skating is in the winter Olympics, but today I am going to show you how to make a skirt!DSCN0290[1]                         All you need is cloth, a plate and a marker. The cloth should be stretchy if you don’t want to hem it.          (Because when you try to hem it your mom calls you, you go do the chore you have to, your sister needs help, you help her,  your hamster gets out, you catch it, and by the time you get back to the sewing machine it’s dinnertime and you have to put it away)DSCN0291[1]                         Trace your plate on the cloth. Cut it out. Oh, wait. You need scissors for that. Let me rephrase that. Find scissors, try to cut it out, give up on your terrible scissors and take the time to go get scissors that cut. (Actually just start with good scissors.)DSCN0292[1]                        Fold your circle in quarters. DSCN0293[1]                        Cut the top off, try it on your doll, cut more off if needed. Cry because you cut to much off and don’t have any cloth left, but let your doll wear it anyway. You are done! (Until you realize you weren’t using stretchy cloth and have to hem it.) DSCN0294[1]                        For a bow fold up a rectangle of cloth and tie something around it to keep it in place. (Then you get to figure out how to get in in your doll’s hair!)DSCN0296[1]                          Enjoy! (Or have it get ripped up by your dog as soon as it’s done.)