How To Braid A Flower Crown


When I was younger I remember trying to braid flower crowns and leaves. One of my older sisters could do it, but I never quite understood how to add in more flowers without it falling apart, and it always fell apart. Now that I’m older though, I can do it. Today I am going to attempt to show you how, so pay attention.

You can make flower crowns for you or your dolls. The one I took pictures for I made for me, just because it was easier to take pictures of the bigger flowers.

Start by picking a bunch of flowers. The longer the stems the less you will have to replace flowers, but the shorter the stems the closer together the flowers will be.

Or you could just sit in a field

Or you could just sit in a place with a bunch of flowers like I did.

Three flowers

Start with three flowers that don’t have super short stems. It doesn’t matter if they are the same length or not.

Cross the first

Cross the right flower over the middle flower.

Cross the second one

Then cross the left flower over the new middle flower, what used to be the right flower.

Cross the third

Cross the right over the  new new middle again, then the left, then the right.

Keep Braiding

Keep braiding until one of your stems becomes almost too short to use, but still long enough for one or two more crossovers.

Adding A New Flower

Pick another flower and put it on top of the short stem.


Braid with the two stems until the first stem is all braided and all you have left is the new stem.

Keep braiding this way, replacing stems in that way until your crown is as long as you want it.

twisting toghether

There are multiple ways to finish the crown. You can tie the ends together with string,  you can tie each end to ribbon and tie a bow, or you can weave the ends into the beginning. I took the ends and wove them into the beginning of the crown.

big busy flower crown

There you have it! A braided flower crown!


For Gabi’s crown I used smaller flowers. I love the way it looks on Gabi!


These flowers are purple violets.

A circlet of crowns

Here’s the top view. You can see it doesn’t all look perfectly even, but that’s okay.

If you try this comment below and tell me how it went!lexie-sign-off

How To Make Valentines Day String Art


Since Valentines day is really soon (Tomorrow) I have a craft for your dolls. Valentines day string art. You could make some to put in a valentines day scene, or make them at a doll party.


Here is what you will need:



Paint (Optional)

A bowl



A box or thick sheet of cardboard

Pushpins (Not pictured)


If you want your yarn to be multicolored dump paint on it. When it dries it will be more than one color.


Start by making your box the size you want it. You can skip this step if you have the right size box or a piece of cardboard.


Cover your box with whatever paper you want.


Stick pushpins into your box in a shape or design. Since it’s valentines day I’m doing a heart.


Wind your string all around it, in a design, or just random.

And that is how you make a simple string art thing.


Good Bye

A couple weeks ago I decided to send some dolls to a charity that uses dolls called Broken Dolls Healing Hearts. I sent all of the dolls that I had rescued from thrift stores (That I could find) except for Mia. There were six, and I took a photo shoot of them before they left.


This is Lily  Anna. I found her at a thrift store spring of 2015. Here is how I restored her and two other dolls. She also stared in Lily Anna’s Troubles



This is Abbi. I found her at a thrift store right before Christmas 2015. I probably wouldn’t have bought her because I already had a Springfield Abby, but she was .29, so I went for it. I gave her to my cousin for Christmas, and she later traded her out for a different doll.



This is BridgetI found her spring 2016. She was actually an Our Generation Belle, but I changed her up some.



This is an Our Generation Ashley Rose, but I renamed her Passion. I found her summer 2016.



This is an Our Generation Audrey Ann found in fall 2016. She was in terrible shape, with no hair or anything, but I redid her eyes, her face paint, and gave her hair. Her name changed to Isabel. 



And this is Katie Lee, a BFC ink Katelyn I found in winter 2016. She had more hair, but I cut some of it off.


I miss having a zillion dolls, but I’m glad they are going somewhere people need them more than I do.



How To Make A Paper Pumpkin Decoration

With Thanksgiving coming up I wanted to make a decoration for my dollhouse. So I decided on this paper pumpkin decoration.

dscn44631                          You will need:

Scrapbook paper, in Thanksgvingish colors

Glue, preferably glue sticks


Something to trace, or a circle paper punch

Something to mark with (Not shown)

dscn44641                       First of all pick out some colors of paper and tear them out of your book, or cut the edging off.dscn44651                         Trace a circle onto your paper. I am using a small bowl, about the size of a canning lid, because I could not find my paper punch. dscn44661                         Cut your circles out. A good number of circles is anywhere from 5-8. I have eight. dscn44671                        Fold each of them in half, making sure that the pattern is on the inside. dscn44681                          Arrange them in the order you want them to be on the pumpkin. dscn44691                          Start gluing the white sides of the folded circles together. dscn44711                        When you have all the circles you want glue the two ends together.

dscn44731                        Collapse the pumpkin so you can cut the bottom off. dscn44751                         For the stem cut a piece of brown or green paper.dscn44761                     Spread glue all over it. dscn44771                             Now roll it up.dscn44781                        And glue it into the middle of your pumkin. dscn44811                            This makes a fun display piece, whether in your house or the dolls.


How To Make Plethry Stuff

First of all, sorry that I have been so nonexistent recently. Blah blah I blah have blah been blah busy blah blah blah blah. ON TO THE FUN STUFF!

This was inspired by some slime that some I knew made. He put sand in it, and then accidentally left it out for a couple of days. The result was this really cool dried sand slime, kind of like leather. So I decided to make a bunch of sand slime and leave it to dry. Then I could use it for things like picture frames, or chair seats. It’s very sturdy, but also lightweight. Wanna see how to make it?

dscn44251                          Start with slime or silly putty. You can buy some or make some any way you know how, but I am using glue and liquid starch to make some. dscn44261                          If you are making some with liquid starch and glue dig all of the glue out of the liquid starch and put it some place that is easy to clean. Use your hands to knead it till it is putty like. Then dump sand in it. (Being careful not to get sand everywhere.) dscn44271                        The result is this really fun Sand slime. dscn44281                        Now you will want to set in on a surface that you will be able to get it off of when it’s dry. Let it dry overnight or until you can pick it up without it oozing into another shape. Flip the sand slime over and let the other side dry. Do this until it is fully dry. dscn44501                      And you have a sheet of dried sand slime which you can use to make other things!Lexie

How To Make A Tissue Paper Tutu

dscn44361                          I wanted to make something special for Halloween, so I decided on a tissue paper tutu for Lily Anna’s paper princess costume. I love the way the skirt looks with Lily Anna’s eyes. Here is how to make the skirt. It is made just like a normal tutu, except with tissue paper instead of tulle.  dscn44321                        Start by ripping or cutting tissue paper into strips. (Side note, you do not have to use new tissue paper, I used wrinkled paper because that’s what I had, and it turned out just fine.) dscn44331                        Use a ribbon or tissue paper to use as a base. Fold a strip in half and stick it under the base. dscn44341                        Now pull the ends through the loop you made. dscn44351                       Continue till the skirt is as full as you want it. dscn44361                        Then you can tie or twist the ends of the base together to hold it on. I love this tutu!


How To Make A Rock Necklace

dscn43991                         You will need: Scissors, Some kind of string, And a rock (Wash it if you found it outside.)

dscn44011                         Cut an even number of strings, at least six. Tie a knot about a third of the way through.  dscn44021                             Place  your strings on the rock and macrame it to make the rock stay put. dscn44031                           To macrame, take two of your strings and knot them. Do this with all of your strings, making the knots about the same place. Then divide your two strings and tie a not with the string from the knot next to it. dscn44041                             Put your rock in. dscn44051                          Tie a knot to keep it put.   You can braid the ends or tie knots, but I decided to leave it like this. dscn44061                           Put on your doll!


How To Do Braided Buns On Your Doll

dscn42411                             You will need: Your doll, a hair brush, and water (Optional) dscn42421                               Start by brushing out your doll’s hair. Obviously Mckenna’s hair could use some brushing, so I am going to brush it till it is all smooth. dscn42431                        You want it all free of tangles, like this. dscn42441                             Now you want to part it into two sections. If your doll already has a part it will be easier, but Mckenna doesn’t, so I am just going to separate it and brush it out, dscn42451                           Make sure it is all the way brushed out. dscn42471                            Now you are going to take a little piece of hair and braid it. dscn42481                            Braid it all the way down. dscn42491                             Now take all the hair and braid it. dscn42501                             Now twist it up into a bun. You can use hair pins or hair bands to hold it, your choice. dscn42511                         Enjoy!



How I Made A Hair Bun

When I made Isabel I had extra hair left over. Because it matched I thought it would be fun to make a bun thing like the american girl one. Let’s see how it turns out. dscn39641                       What I used:


A plastic cup

A glue gun

Extra hair


Bobby pins

dscn39651                          First I cut the cup to a size to fit over her bun. dscn39671                         Now here comes the fun part: Covering it with hair however you want. dscn39681                       Now I glued a couple pieces of hair to the underside of the cup to keep it on.dscn39691                          I slid the bun over Isabel’s bun and pulled the hair out and bobby pinned it in place. dscn39701                       Now here it is from the front.dscn39711                        The side.

dscn39721                         And the top.

This certainly doesn’t look perfect, or maybe even great, but it was fun to make, and it will be fun to make more, better looking ones.


Doll Rescue-Audrey Ann Part Two

part one

Warning! If you don’t like seeing dolls taken apart, or in parts don’t read this post!


I did the lips and then the eyes. It was the same thing as getting them out, but way harder. I had lost one of the pieces, so I was just going to put the eye part in, and it would be an eye that dosn’t open and close, right? Wrong.                               dscn37441     

We got the eyes in, after much trouble. They are messed up. Sigh. (On a side note the lips look like that because the boiling water washed her lip color off.)                           dscn37451             

I decided to try something, hoping it would word. I put some glue on the eyelid.


Then I taped it in place till it dried. It didn’t turn out as nice as I wanted, but it worked, so I did the hair.


I went back and forth over how to give her hair several times. First I was going to use a doll wig. Then a hair weave. Then a human wig. We finally decided to go to Goodwill to look at human wigs. They were all $10 but the one. It looked like this, and the package said it was a hair weave. It was $5.


I was disappointed to find I had a wig till I actually looked at it. The way it is sewn together I could cut it apart and glue the strands on.


I started cutting the wig apart, grabbed a glue gun and started gluing.


A view from the front.


And the side.


Here she is with all the hair I wanted glued on and no styling whatsoever.


Then I put her hair in a bun so I could do her face ‘paint’.