Welcome To The Indian House!

For school I had to do a project on Indians. I decided to make my dolls an Indian house, so here it is. I put a lot of work into this.dscn36811                          I make the house out of cardboard and covered it with twine stuff. On this side there is a door cut out. dscn36821                        The beds are stacked, and on the top there is blankets. The bottom layer they use for benches and tables during the day.dscn36831                            Here’s my collection of food. dscn36851                         And Mia’s outfit.

There are a few more things I forgot to add, but mainly it’s finished.


How To Sew An Indian Dress

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday. I should be doing a review, but the lighting in our house is bad, and the only light outside is lightning. Yes you heard me right. It is storming bad here. So instead I’ll post what I was going to Monday, but with technical difficulties it didn’t happen.

For school I am working on an Indian project. The rest will come later, but for now I am going to show you how I made an Indian inspired dress.dscn36471                         First I folded in half, so that each half is long enough for a dress. (I am using leathery cloth from the fabric store by the way) Next I cut a neck hole. Don’t cut it too big if you are using stretchy cloth.dscn36481                          I tried it on Mia, to make sure the neck hole wasn’t too big. dscn36491                            I sewed one side of the fabric and used it to mark the other. I sewed from the bottom corner in, then went outward for the sleeves After I sewed the dress I cut all the extra material off. I put the dress on my doll Mia.

dscn36501                          It fits, and I love how it looks.


Citrus American Girl Photoshoot

This week’s theme for AGDollAwsome’s photo shoot challenge is Citrus. Here are the pictures I took.

dscn36431 dscn36301 dscn36281 dscn36251 dscn36201 dscn36171 dscn36161 dscn36151 dscn36441 dscn36451 dscn36461                          In case you don’t get how this is citrus, I will tell you.

I was googling lemons, since lemons are citrus. It came up with Honey Lemon, one of the characters in Big Hero Six. I decided to dress Lea up as Honey Lemon, since Lemons are citrus.

I hope you enjoyed.


Review-American Girl Girl Size Merry Magenta Dress

dscn35941                         When we went to AG Chicago we were going to get Lea’s celebration dress for me. I love that dress. After I tried it on though, we saw this one. Mom asked if I wanted to try it on. I said sure, and we decided we liked this one better. So it came home with us.

I love how it looks, and it is very comfortable. It’s kind of a fancy dress, but I can wear it for school.dscn35951                         The ribbon has six plastic and metal jewels on it. I like how it has a little bit of decoration, but not the bows and flowers they always go overboard on.dscn35961                        The top layer is a layer of tulle with fabric (I’d call it plether, plastic leather) designs sew on. I love this. It’s so different from what they usually do. It’s light, and it still twirls well. And it is more durable than printed tulle.

dscn35971                        The top layer is tulle with plether, the second and third are more tulle, and the fourth is a stretchy cloth, like legging or T shirt cloth.dscn36011                        A metal  *AMERICAN GIRL tag is sewn on.

dscn35981                          I like how they did the zipper. It shows, but it is easy to zip and unzip. It is metal instead of plastic, which is a plus.

dscn36001                          The sleeves are tulle cap sleeves. dscn36041                          I made my sister take a picture of me in the dress, so you could see what it looks like models. (The leggings are just because I was already wearing them, and didn’t want to take them off.)

I love this dress. I would wear it every day if I could. I give it 4.99/5


Review Warm Winter Outfit

When I went to the AG store in Chicago one of the purchase with purchases was the warm winter outfit. After lots of deciding I got this one. It was half off, $15 if you bought more than 60$ worth of their stuff.

dscn34471                          It comes with three pieces, boots, a sweater and leggings.                   dscn34501                         Let’s start with the sweater. It is a thin knit. It seems well made, though mine has a tiny hole in the arm. There is a strange swoopy thing, like a piece cut out. I don’t really like this. dscn34521                        The back is fully straight, with velcro to open and close. dscn34531                        Then there is a heart patch on the elbow. It matches the leggings, but not really the sweater.dscn34551                         The leggings are a pale purple, a little bit of a deeper shade than the pictures show. In our house we aren’t allowed to wear leggings that thin without a skirt or long shirt covering it up. What surprised me was that the leggings went all the way down to her feet, even though there are boots. dscn34561                       The boots are well made, with lots of detail. The strings are elastic, which make the boots really hard to get on. The inside of the boots are lined.

dscn34571                        The soles of the boots have a snowflake design. It looks like they would really imprint snow. dscn34591                         The main park of the boot has snowy knit cloth, with the colors of the rest of the outfit.

Overall I like this outfit. I wouldn’t be willing to pay $30 for it, but it was only $15, and I think that was worth it. I am disappointing with the hole, and I will exchange the outfit for one without a hole, if the next time we go to an AG store they still have it.

Just a reminder, I rarely post on Thursdays during the school year. (I don’t have school on that day)


The Friend Fights

Wow this was a really long time ago. Anyway I put together the Friend fights. And corrected all those awful spelling errors.


“Welcome to the Friend Fights. I am the host, Katelyn Russ. You will be in teams of two. There are six challenges. In each challenge there will be one losing team.


Katlyn held up some mats and blankets. “The first challenge is to go outside and sleep there all night. If you come it your team may get a loss. You may use the supplies but nothing else.”


Every team got their pack and waited.



they gathered around the tree outside.

“I guess this is where we part.” Mckenna said.


“Let’s go somewhere away from wind and rain.” Grace suggested.

“That is a good idea.” Mckenna encouraged


It was cold so we got in bed as soon as we found a place and whispered as we huddled.


“We can just get into a sunny spot” Abby said

“But it might rain.” Hope protested.

“It won’t.” Abby said


They got settled-and it started to rain. DSCN3822[1]

As soon as Abby was asleep Hope was gone.


Meanwhile Riley and Joy were huddled. They were so shy nether spoke.


Finally they just dropped and slept.


In the morning everyone met up messy and tired. Hope was with Katlyn.

“Wash up and then come back.” Katlyn said.


Mckenna looked around the nice bathroom. It was as nice as everything else.


When everyone was back Katlyn spoke.

“Hope and Abby, Do you want to take a loss or vote someone off?”

Hope said take a loss but Abby said vote someone off.

“That means you have to go Hope.” Katlyn said “What team is Abby on?”

“Her own.” Hope answered. She knew what the next challenge was, everyone did, and she wanted Abby to know that she was not happy with her.


“It is time for that second challenge.” Katelyn said “Abby since you are on your own team you will just have to work with it.”

DSCN3901[1]“The challenge is a hairstyle  one. On member of each team will do the other’s hair. You can use anything it this basket. Now GO!”

DSCN3902[1]Mckenna and Grace decided that Grace would do Mckenna’s hair.


Mckenna grabbed some stuff and sat down.

DSCN3904[1]Riley and Joy decided that Joy would have her hair done.

DSCN3905[1]Riley grabbed a barrette.

DSCN3906[1]Then she started on Joy’s hair.


Abby grabbed a clip.


Half an hour later they gathered again. Mckenna had wavy hair and a clip, Joy had a nice pullback, and Abby had….messy hair?

“Team Abby loses.” Katelyn announced. “Girls is she going home or taking a loss?”

Mckenna thought of what Abby had done to Hope and said she should leave. the other girls thought that way to and the players were now only four.


“Today we have the art challenge.” Katelyn said to all the contestants. DSCN3976[1]

“One girl from each team will draw something with the utensils and on the canvases.” Katelyn said turning toward the supplies.

“Oh can I do it?” Joy asked Riley.

“Sure.” Riley told her.

“I will do it.” Mckenna said to Grace.

“You do it then.” Grace said.


Mckenna and Joy turned to the canvases and started.


When they were told to present their masterpieces it was clear that Joy’s was much better.

“We will take a loss.” Mckenna said before Katelyn could even ask.


Katelyn explained the rules. We would have thirty minutes to bake and decorate a cupcake. The best one would win.


We added the ingredients and Mckenna added blueberries.


I filled the pans and started to take them to the oven. Joy was putting hers in. I realized that there wasn’t enough time to do both in the oven and turned back to Mckenna.


“This is a crazy idea.” I said “So please don’t vote me off if we lose.”


I put the cupcakes in the microwave and set the timer.


We started decorating our cupcake, already having iced it, with our supplies around us.


Katelyn came to taste our cupcake. DSCN4066[1]

Then Riley and Joy’s.


We all gathered to hear what Katelyn had to say.

“I think it is clear that the winner is Mckenna and Grace!”

“We Will take a loss.” Joy said before Katelyn even asked.

Now we are tied 1-1


Katelyn told us the challenge. A singing challenge.


Riley and I sang. DSCN4228[1]Then Mckenna and Grace.

I knew we would win. We sounded wonderful whereas Mckenna and Grace weren’t even singing the same song! We won. We only had to win one more to win the whole thing!


Katelyn explained the rules of the challenge. A gymnastics contest. I got bar, Riley got beam, (and boy was she excited. She couldn’t get off of it,) Joy got floor and Grace got beam. I hoped we would win, I knew that Grace and I would try our bests. I was great at gymnastics but Riley and Joy were too shy to do anything so who knew? They could be better than us.


Bar was my best and I flew through the routine with grace and speed.


And Grace was graceful on the trampoline.


But when It was Riley’s turn she froze up.


And in her heels Joy was clunky.


When everyone was done Katelyn spoke. “It is clear that Mckenna and Grace won. Which brings us to a tie. Meet me in the gym for the tiebreaker.”


We all sat in the gym for the tie breaker. Katelyn would ask a question and one team would answer.

We were evenly tied. Then Katelyn came to a question that only Joy knew. She knew in-But from her time. Which meant we won.


As soon as it was announced We went up and hugged. Then I realized something. The only reason we won was because Joy was from the 50s. That wasn’t fair.


I pulled Riley up.


Then we all hugged. We were all friends and family and we all deserved to win.

After it was over we we congratulated a lot. Things we back to normal between everyone who took place. Before when we weren’t at the filming place on Saturday there was a wall between the teams. The wall was broken and we were all set free!

Help Me Decide Which Wellie Wisher I Should Get

I decided to get a Wellie Wisher when I go to the AG store. The thing is I can’t decided which one to get. So vote on my poll and help me decide.

An update. One look at it and my Mom yelled LEXIE! PUT PICTURES IN IT! She’s my mom. I have to obey her.

Wellie Wishers From left to right. Emerson loves being in the spotlight, Camille loves the ocean. Ashley is the ‘princess’ of the group, Willa loves animals and the outdoors, Kendall is the creative one who is always making things.



Skating Skirt And Bow – A Short Tutorial Made Longer By My Silly Commentary

Sorry I haven’t been posting. Blah blah blah been busy blah blah blah didn’t have time blah blah blah lots of other stuff going on blah blah blah blah ON TO THE INTERESTING STUFF!

This week is Olympic week. (Because of the Olympics this week.) Yes I know that skating is in the winter Olympics, but today I am going to show you how to make a skirt!DSCN0290[1]                         All you need is cloth, a plate and a marker. The cloth should be stretchy if you don’t want to hem it.          (Because when you try to hem it your mom calls you, you go do the chore you have to, your sister needs help, you help her,  your hamster gets out, you catch it, and by the time you get back to the sewing machine it’s dinnertime and you have to put it away)DSCN0291[1]                         Trace your plate on the cloth. Cut it out. Oh, wait. You need scissors for that. Let me rephrase that. Find scissors, try to cut it out, give up on your terrible scissors and take the time to go get scissors that cut. (Actually just start with good scissors.)DSCN0292[1]                        Fold your circle in quarters. DSCN0293[1]                        Cut the top off, try it on your doll, cut more off if needed. Cry because you cut to much off and don’t have any cloth left, but let your doll wear it anyway. You are done! (Until you realize you weren’t using stretchy cloth and have to hem it.) DSCN0294[1]                        For a bow fold up a rectangle of cloth and tie something around it to keep it in place. (Then you get to figure out how to get in in your doll’s hair!)DSCN0296[1]                          Enjoy! (Or have it get ripped up by your dog as soon as it’s done.)



Trash Bag Ponchos

This week is……..Water week! I had an outside themed post ready, but it was raining. Before the dolls can play outside in the rain they need ponchos. I came across an idea a few years ago and today I am going to show you how to adjust it for dolls. DSCN9891[1]                Trash bag ponchos! You can do this all kinds of ways, I am showing you just one. DSCN9883[1]                          You will need trash bags, scissors and ribbon. DSCN9884[1]                        Start by cutting the bottom of the bag off, to the length you want. I am using a bag with ties in them so I can gather it.

DSCN9885[1]                              Pull the ties tight and cut the loop in half. DSCN9886[1]                          Slide on your doll. DSCN9887[1]                        Tie a ribbon around her waist. DSCN9888[1]                       For the poncho I am using leftover plastic. DSCN9889[1]                         Cut slits in the top and thread ribbon through it. DSCN9890[1]                          Now you can tie it around her neck. DSCN9891[1]                       And you are finished!