My Thoughts On The Underwear Outrage

This is NOT acceptable. I know that lots of people think it’s underwear, and it doesn’t matter, it won’t be seen, but this is not the real problem. The real problem is how much they are declining in quality.

A lot of my readers are not old enough to remember this, and I am not either, but there was a time when American Girl dolls were worth the price. They were well made, the outfits were just amazing, and they were just a reasonable price. I’ve seen them.

Even my oldest doll, Mia, is better than Gabriela. She is better quality.

Now the things that make American Girl worth the price are going away. The strings are being replaced with zip ties. The boxes are the same as any other dolls, not like the wonderful boxes that they used to have. The dolls are being sold in stores  other than American Girl. And now you won’t even be able to take the underwear off.

I’d be willing to pay the high price for the dolls, because the quality was worth it. But now they are just high priced dolls. What makes them special has been replaced with ways to make the company more money.

So I have decided I’m not a customer of American Girl anymore. They have lost me.

Some people are fighting for quality American Girl, but I’m not one of them. They have lost me. Even if they started making the dolls exactly like they used to, twenty, thirty years ago, I doubt I’d buy the dolls. American Girl isn’t worth it anymore.

I’ll still love my dolls, the ones that are worth having. I’ll still play with them. I’ll still read the magazine (At the library, where I don’t have to pay them for it) I’ll still read the books. And occasionally I might buy american girl products. But never from american girl anymore. They have lost me. They don’t deserve my money.  There are doll lines out there with better quality products that are less money. Things worth having. And yeah sure, if I happen to find an american girl with sewn on underwear at a thrift store in a couple of years, for a reasonable price, (Like $1) I’d buy it.

But if American Girl can’t even make underwear for the dolls anymore, than what they have isn’t worth having.


New Friends Part Four

The last part.



I walked past the room (Isabel’s old room) where the new girl and her sister were. I was wearing a new dress, which obviously was too big for me, and I was trying to make it work.

Suddenly the taller one spilled the cards. They got everywhere. I could have helped pick them up, but I was still too mad.


But when I spilled rubber bands everywhere.


The new girl helped me scoop them up into the container. Even though I wouldn’t help her.



I went to get something out of the room I was going to share with my little sister. Suddenly I saw Lea in the room. The lights were turned out, and she was crying. I wanted to help her, but I knew she would only snap at me if I asked what was wrong.

“Hey Lea!” I called. “Can I do your hair?”

“Are you saying my hair looks bad?” She snapped. So much for not having her snap at me.

“No, not at all. It actually looks quite nice, but I like to do hair, and I thought you might like your hair done.”

“Well, okay.” Lea agreed.


I flipped the lights on and started on her hair.


The new girl wanted to do my hair, and I agreed. She said it looked good, but I knew she was just being nice. I didn’t know why she was being so nice to me after she’d been so mean, but I wasn’t going to complain.


Suddenly the younger one skipped into the room.

“Mail for you Lea!”

“Thank you!”

It turned out to be from Isabel. She said: ‘I miss you Lea, but I’m glad to be home. I heard about the new girls, but I wanted you to know, I didn’t leave to make room for them. I would have gone anyway. And they would have come even if I hadn’t left. I think you should give them a chance. They probably could use a friend like you. I know I did.’

My anger started to melt away.

Maybe the girls weren’t so bad. Maybe we could even be friends?


In Which I Rant About Gabriela McBride

I know I said I was going to show you what I got today, but I want to do a nice photo story, so instead I am going to rant talk about the new girl of the year, Gabriela McBride.


First of all, Gabriela is not a real girl of the year. The website, the catalog, and even her box say ‘Available through 2017 and beyond’. This means that she is a modern character, but not a real girl of the year. So why are they advertising her as a girl of the year if she’s not? Is she going to be the last doll released on January 1? Are they going to turn her into a modern character at the end of the year and release a new girl?

She’s also not unique. I’ve seen people say that she looks like 56, and American Girl said so by offering a free meet outfit to anyone who has 56. I think they could have made a lot more money by making Gabriela a little different. She could have had longer hair, a different part, and a different color of eyes, maybe amber, instead of just being a Truly Me doll with a story.

If she is the last girl of the year that might explain why she is black, but really. Come on American Girl! You should offer black dolls even if they aren’t going to be the last girl of the year. And releasing her right after Melody is kind of strange.

Gabriela’s collection is quite small. I’m glad her ‘big’ item isn’t expensive, but it’s the only furniture item she has. Lea had a kayak, fruit stand, and rain forest hut. The dance ‘studio’ isn’t expensive, but really, it’s not unique. If you have Isabelle’s dance bar, which is the same as Gabriela’s you could easily make a background to put in your scene. It’s nothing like Lea’s rain forest house which can be recreated, but nowhere as easily as Gabriela’s studio. I wish they had done something amazing this year.

Her outfits are kind of strange. Her meet outfit is okay, but it could have been done better, with stitching on the jeans, and maybe another accessory. She has no skirts or dresses in her collection, which is really weird. I can’t recall any doll not having any skirts or dresses. And her practice outfit is really strange. It would be good for mix and match, but I have never seen anyone wear anything like that, and if I owned that outfit my dolls would never wear the entire outfit at the same time.

The tap shoes are really cool, but way overpriced, and the taps are plastic! Real tap shoes are only about twice as expensive, and they have real taps. In my drama group we do some tapping, and while at least twenty people have tap shoes, none of the shoes look like that. I just don’t think it’s worth it.

In fact almost nothing from her collection I really like. Maybe there will be good stuff for the summer release, but the way American Girl seems to be going I would not be surprised if there wasn’t.


Pictures From The AG Store

On Saturday we were near an American Girl Store, so we went to it. I didn’t take many pictures, and few of them were good, but here they are.        gabbys-world

Here’s just kind of an overview of the girl of the year section. Everything is packaged in the new way. I don’t like this. Because of the new style you can’t open the boxes to look at what’s inside.


Here is the ‘big’ piece from her collection. I’m kind of disappointed with this. It’s a lot cheaper than any of the other ‘big’ items American Girl is selling right now, but it doesn’t really come with a lot. What surprised me was that Isabelle’s dance bar was ten dollars more expensive, and Gabriela’s comes with a background. The mirror isn’t real, but it’s shiny enough to look like a mirror while still being lightweight.

The tap shoes are not sold with an outfit, which is nice for people who want the outfit, but they are expensive and the taps are plastic. How are you supposed to tap dance if you don’t have real taps? The style is the same as Marisol and Molly’s, but they are sparkly silver instead of black. I’m glad they didn’t make them the same, but I wish they had been a different style entirely. In my drama group we do some tapping, and while at least twenty people have tap shoes, none of the shoes look like that. And the price is ridiculous! The tap shoes I use we found at a thrift store, but still they were four times cheaper! Plus they are real, not fake doll shoes! I will definitely be making tap shoes, and NOT buying American Girl’s overpriced doll shoes with plastic on the soles.


This is the picture section. I don’t really know what it is supposed to be, except for maybe a podium? Lea’s hut, Grace’s table, and even Isabelle’s bar were all a lot more thought out, and all of them were really cool. It would have been nice if they had done a in the studio one, or at least something more thought out.

Okay, I’m done ranting. Come back tomorrow to see what I bought.


Review-American Girl Girl Size Merry Magenta Dress

dscn35941                         When we went to AG Chicago we were going to get Lea’s celebration dress for me. I love that dress. After I tried it on though, we saw this one. Mom asked if I wanted to try it on. I said sure, and we decided we liked this one better. So it came home with us.

I love how it looks, and it is very comfortable. It’s kind of a fancy dress, but I can wear it for school.dscn35951                         The ribbon has six plastic and metal jewels on it. I like how it has a little bit of decoration, but not the bows and flowers they always go overboard on.dscn35961                        The top layer is a layer of tulle with fabric (I’d call it plether, plastic leather) designs sew on. I love this. It’s so different from what they usually do. It’s light, and it still twirls well. And it is more durable than printed tulle.

dscn35971                        The top layer is tulle with plether, the second and third are more tulle, and the fourth is a stretchy cloth, like legging or T shirt cloth.dscn36011                        A metal  *AMERICAN GIRL tag is sewn on.

dscn35981                          I like how they did the zipper. It shows, but it is easy to zip and unzip. It is metal instead of plastic, which is a plus.

dscn36001                          The sleeves are tulle cap sleeves. dscn36041                          I made my sister take a picture of me in the dress, so you could see what it looks like models. (The leggings are just because I was already wearing them, and didn’t want to take them off.)

I love this dress. I would wear it every day if I could. I give it 4.99/5


Review Warm Winter Outfit

When I went to the AG store in Chicago one of the purchase with purchases was the warm winter outfit. After lots of deciding I got this one. It was half off, $15 if you bought more than 60$ worth of their stuff.

dscn34471                          It comes with three pieces, boots, a sweater and leggings.                   dscn34501                         Let’s start with the sweater. It is a thin knit. It seems well made, though mine has a tiny hole in the arm. There is a strange swoopy thing, like a piece cut out. I don’t really like this. dscn34521                        The back is fully straight, with velcro to open and close. dscn34531                        Then there is a heart patch on the elbow. It matches the leggings, but not really the sweater.dscn34551                         The leggings are a pale purple, a little bit of a deeper shade than the pictures show. In our house we aren’t allowed to wear leggings that thin without a skirt or long shirt covering it up. What surprised me was that the leggings went all the way down to her feet, even though there are boots. dscn34561                       The boots are well made, with lots of detail. The strings are elastic, which make the boots really hard to get on. The inside of the boots are lined.

dscn34571                        The soles of the boots have a snowflake design. It looks like they would really imprint snow. dscn34591                         The main park of the boot has snowy knit cloth, with the colors of the rest of the outfit.

Overall I like this outfit. I wouldn’t be willing to pay $30 for it, but it was only $15, and I think that was worth it. I am disappointing with the hole, and I will exchange the outfit for one without a hole, if the next time we go to an AG store they still have it.

Just a reminder, I rarely post on Thursdays during the school year. (I don’t have school on that day)


American Girl Violin Set

On my family’s vacation we went to the American Girl store in Chicago. The violin set had been on my list of things since I got a violin of my own. I was trying to decide between the cupcake set and the Violin. (Note to self-decide what to get before you go to an american girl store.) I had money for both, but I didn’t want to spend all my money. I decided on the violin set because my dolls already have cupcakes. It is the first day of school for me, so I decided to review the violin set and compare it with my violin.dscn32771

The set is $34 and it comes with a music stand, two books, rosin, a case, a bow, and of course, a violin. dscn32781                          One of the books is a theory book, and the other is a Christmas song book. dscn32791                        They both stand up on their own. dscn32801                         I HATE theory books, but the books are actual books, with real music. dscn32821                          The set comes with a little block of rosin in a case. I don’t like this. It would make the rosin really hard to use.                   dscn32851                         The bow is made out of plastic, with plastic strings. dscn32861                          The little thing at the end turns, but doesn’t do anything. dscn32881                          I was happy to see the case. Although it doesn’t open very much it is well made. The outside is a durable plastic, textured to look like leather. The inside is blue fuzzy material, with two ribbons to tie the violin in.                     dscn32891                       The handle turns, and the plastic buckles close. dscn32911                      Now we have the violin. Although it is plastic, it is very nice. The strings make noise, although the bow won’t.

dscn32921                    There is nice scroll work, and the tuners really turn. dscn32931                      There is a shoulder rest too. dscn32941                         The last thing is the stand. It is made out of metal, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece. dscn32951                          A bolt thing is underneath so you can rotate the holderything.         dscn32971                        The books actually fit on the stand. dscn32981                      The pole is supposed to be adjustable, but it wouldn’t stay in place so I tied a rubber balloon to it, so I can slide it around and keep it where I want it.   dscn33011                           Eileen can kind of hold the case, but she can’t stand. dscn33021                       I love that the violin can be held if you adjust it right. dscn33041                        She can hold the bow. dscn33051                     But this is the closest she can get to playing it.  dscn33081                          I put the cases side by side. Mine is blue also, but it has room for two bows, a pocket for the rosin, and velcro instead of ribbon. dscn33091                      The bows side by side. dscn33101                         And the rosin. dscn33111                              The doll violin looks a lot like mine. dscn33121                        They both have a shoulder rest. dscn33131                     And they both are fun to play with.

I wish it had come with a shoulder rest. I can’t play my violin without it, but the set didn’t come with one, so I guess I will just have to make one.

I give this set 4/5 stars, for the stand, the rosin and no shoulder rest. Other than that I love the whole set. I think the price is very reasonable, as there is a lot of pieces, and most of them are well made.


Help Me Decide Which Wellie Wisher I Should Get

I decided to get a Wellie Wisher when I go to the AG store. The thing is I can’t decided which one to get. So vote on my poll and help me decide.

An update. One look at it and my Mom yelled LEXIE! PUT PICTURES IN IT! She’s my mom. I have to obey her.

Wellie Wishers From left to right. Emerson loves being in the spotlight, Camille loves the ocean. Ashley is the ‘princess’ of the group, Willa loves animals and the outdoors, Kendall is the creative one who is always making things.