About Me

I’m a thirteen year old doll lover. While I don’t actually play with my dolls much anymore I love to make posts about them. I love to make things for my dolls, and I love trying to figure out how to make something. I love all kinds of dolls, but mostly 18 inch dolls. Right now I have six 18 inch American girl dolls, One Wellie Wisher, two Bitty Babies, One Bitty Twin, Three mini dolls, four Our Generation 18 inch dolls, one mini doll, two Springfield dolls, one My Life As, and one Journey Girl.
I’m a christian homeschooled girl. I love to read, play outside, walk to the library, act, drive people insane (Sometimes)
I’m an introvert, and if you would like to drive me crazy insist that I answer stupid questions.
I love to write, especially on my other blog Creative Castle
I would love it if you sent me an email at Dolltasticallyfun(at)Gmail(dot)com