My Thoughts On The Underwear Outrage

This is NOT acceptable. I know that lots of people think it’s underwear, and it doesn’t matter, it won’t be seen, but this is not the real problem. The real problem is how much they are declining in quality.

A lot of my readers are not old enough to remember this, and I am not either, but there was a time when American Girl dolls were worth the price. They were well made, the outfits were just amazing, and they were just a reasonable price. I’ve seen them.

Even my oldest doll, Mia, is better than Gabriela. She is better quality.

Now the things that make American Girl worth the price are going away. The strings are being replaced with zip ties. The boxes are the same as any other dolls, not like the wonderful boxes that they used to have. The dolls are being sold in stores  other than American Girl. And now you won’t even be able to take the underwear off.

I’d be willing to pay the high price for the dolls, because the quality was worth it. But now they are just high priced dolls. What makes them special has been replaced with ways to make the company more money.

So I have decided I’m not a customer of American Girl anymore. They have lost me.

Some people are fighting for quality American Girl, but I’m not one of them. They have lost me. Even if they started making the dolls exactly like they used to, twenty, thirty years ago, I doubt I’d buy the dolls. American Girl isn’t worth it anymore.

I’ll still love my dolls, the ones that are worth having. I’ll still play with them. I’ll still read the magazine (At the library, where I don’t have to pay them for it) I’ll still read the books. And occasionally I might buy american girl products. But never from american girl anymore. They have lost me. They don’t deserve my money.  There are doll lines out there with better quality products that are less money. Things worth having. And yeah sure, if I happen to find an american girl with sewn on underwear at a thrift store in a couple of years, for a reasonable price, (Like $1) I’d buy it.

But if American Girl can’t even make underwear for the dolls anymore, than what they have isn’t worth having.


5 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Underwear Outrage

  1. I don’t think AG really thought they would loose customers by reducing quality and not getting input. They genuinely don’t care. They’re rebranding a classic toy with a lower quality model that’s more easily available and much less value for the sake of profit. It’s such a sad thing to see.

    On the bright side, if the highest elected official in the land got his way with a 45% import tax from China, no one could afford AG or anything from Mattel anyway so hey, thanks to Mattel for letting us off early, right?

    I informed AG I wouldn’t be buying any more from them either. If we stick together, it will hit them in the wallet where they count.


  2. I understand why American Girl has made this decision. You would also not be happy if they had raised the price to cover all the changes that had been made. I wonder if maybe you are starting to outgrow AG. I doubt that you will ever outgrow dolls altogether, but it is always okay to move on to something new. You are above the targeted age range for AG. I doubt that your (younger) cousins would even notice the change let alone care. Younger girls are more into the dolls for fun and the stories.
    It is sad that AG cannot live up to your expectations, but really, no company can be perfect. AG dolls will still be collectible, and now there is yet another change that will help date a doll. Maybe this will make your older dolls more valuable, that could be a good thing.



    • Sorry, but I think you are horribly wrong in your assumption. I’m 52. WAY past their target age for these dolls. I have a large collection and I am a blogger. But I can see that the quality has drastically gone down over the last 2 or 3 years. It’s all about lining the pockets of some CEO. And why I won’t be purchasing anything further from them myself. There are other companies, I will be giving my business to them instead. Go to this link to see what poor quality they are expecting us to put up with for the price. Completely unacceptable.

      And oh, yeah, they will still be collectible. But because at the rate they are going, they aren’t going to exist anymore.


  3. hey Lexie. I’m 11, still in the doll age range. (not that there should be a range) I have heard about the underwear, and I don’t agree with it, either. while AG Is making it cheaper and cheaper, their making less special for girls to get dolls at the AG store. I, like you, am not going to get all riled up about it. I prefer to buy dolls online or at garage sales, ETC. anyway. I still love my dolls so dearly. So if i ever get another doll it probably won’t be new. AG is still my favorite thing, and probably will be for a long time. I really hope girls, anyone in general don’t stop playing with AG. that would be a sad day-if no one did anything with them any more. I am still going to support them, even if there horribly made, they’ve been my favorite thing since, well, as long as i can remember. ~Dollventuresblog


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