Sunshine Blogger Award


I am finally getting around to this! Yay!

Madi just nominated me for the award, so I went to see if anyone else had nominated me, (I didn’t think so) and in my drafts section I had written Sunshine Blogger Award. But there were no words, so I had to dig through my history to find the post where Jordan nominated me  (Actually she said YOU! Yes, you right there, random reader!) for the award, and then again because I forgot to leave the tab open.

Anyway thank you so much for nominating me, Madi and Jordan!

First Jordan’s Questions:

Favorite movie? 

I don’t know. There have been so many good ones I’ve seen. Grace Stirs Up Success is pretty good though.

Longest plane trip you’ve ever been on? 

I’ve actually only been on a plane once. It was at a small airport. They had a children’s flying program or something. I got to ride in the plane with my sister and a pilot. I actually got to fly the plane for a few minutes.

If you could invent a color, what would it look like? 

Um, well, it would be…Glittery. And girly, but also rain forest/ocean inspired. It would be cool.

Can you do a cartwheel? 

Kinda. I used to be a lot worse than I am now, barely getting my feet off the ground, but now I can do a semi decent cartwheel.

Is your hair long or short? 

LONG! Definitely long. It’s so long that I always keep it in two braids, but even in braids it comes all the way down my back.


Here’s a picture of my hair in pigtails a couple of months ago. It’s a bit longer now.

Best short story you’ve ever read (as in, on a blog)? 

The best short story I ever read wasn’t on a blog, it was on a friend’s laptop. (she wrote it)

The best short story on a blog was this one.

Do you make your bed every morning? 

Heh heh, no. My bed is a bunk bed with the bottom bunk taken out so it’s really hard to make my bed, only in rare occasions do I make it. I have been known to make friends beds for them, or make my bed in a hotel. I like making beds that aren’t mine.

Candy canes or hot chocolate? 

You mean I have to chose? Can’t I have candy canes in hot chocolate? I guess I’ll chose hot chocolate, since I’m drinking it right now, but I like candy canes too.

Do you have any jewelry? 

Yes. I am usually wearing a zillion bracelets that I wear till they fall off (Right now I have only three), I usually have a basic pair of earrings in that I change occasionally, and often I am wearing a necklace.

What’s your toothpaste flavor? 

This awful mint stuff.

Christmas present that you really want (or wanted, if you do this after Christmas)? 

A stand mixer.

Madi’s questions:

  • What inspired you to start your blog?

This is a long story…

When I was eight or nine my sister had a blog, and I wanted one. (I don’t remember why) My mom helped me set up a blog for my guinea pigs, which I named Guinea Pig Stars, or Star Guinea Pigs, I don’t really remember which. When I started to get into dolls I changed the name to Creative Castle, (The domain name was Modern English 2) and used it for my mini doll stuff. After awhile I ran out of space to put pictures on, so I started this blog, Dolltasticallyfun. Last fall I started using Creative Castle again, just for words, because I wanted a place to put all my non doll related stuff. I really enjoy Creative Castle as a lifestyle blog now, and Dolltasticallyfun for dolls.

  • How well do you like the design of your blog?

Meh. It’s fine, but it could be better. I have changed it more times than I care to count, but I guess I like it now.

  • What are your blogging goals for 2017?

I want to try to make better posts, and I want to try to keep posting every day, which isn’t working all that well so far because I’m editing my pictures now, which takes a long time.

  • What was your favorite blogging memory of 2016?

That’s hard. I started Joy’s Journal, which I loved. Maybe when I started sharing Joy’s Journal with my friends instead of keeping it secret? Since I told some of my friends about Joy’s Journal it’s been fun to talk about it with them, and have them help me with inspiration.

  • How do you come up with inspiration for a blog post?

Often I’ll just be doing something random and an idea will come to me. I try to write those down so I can do them. But other times I try to come up with something, and fail. Sometimes I’ll just randomly ask my siblings for ideas.

  • Which blog post of yours is your favorite?

I really like In Which I Rant About Gabriela McBride.

  • What is your favorite thing to blog on – computer, phone, laptop, etc.?

Well most of the time I do it on my computer during school hours, since I don’t have anything else. Once or twice I’ve done it on my mom’s Ipad, but I hate doing that.

  • How long does it usually take you to make a blog post?

It used to take me 1/2 an hour or less, but now it’s taking an hour or two.

  • What do you think is the hardest part of blogging?

When WordPress refuses to let me make a post.

  • What do you think is the easiest part of blogging?

Posting publish!

  • What is your favorite part about blogging?

I like writing the posts, and taking pictures.

I nominate:


Hello Dollie Blog

Silver Sky Dolls

Sew Sweet Dollies

Rolling Rock Dolls

Fun With AG Fan

Dolls And Dance

Hidden Hollow AG Crafts

Epilepsy Fun For Kids

The Lucent Logophile 

The AG Doll Dreamer

Little Miss Fluffet

My questions:

Do you keep a journal?

What is your opinion on socks?

If you could live on a farm would you?

Long skirts or short?

What is the hardest thing you have ever done?

I like your skirt.

How many batteries does the clock in your kitchen use?

If you were put on a stage and told to talk what would you talk about?

What is in the tab to the left of this one (right if there isn’t one to the left) on your device?

What time is it?

What color is the towel hanging in your parent’s bathroom right now?

Congratulations if you read all that! XD


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