New Friends Part Three

New Friends Part Two



Eileen and I were sitting in Isabel’s room, talking, and waiting for it to be time to leave for a party.


Suddenly Eileen handed me a bag.

“Isabel wanted you to have this. She has one like it. She said to tell you to think of her when you wear it, and she will do the same.”

Inside was the most beautiful teal skirt I have ever seen.

“It’s so pretty!” I exclaimed. “I’m going to go lay it out to wear tomorrow.”


I put it on the end of the bed with my hair ribbon, and a shirt and shrug.

“Lea!” Eileen yelled. “Time to go!”


When the party was over and we came home I was so tired I was going to just flop into my bed and sleep, without even changing my clothes.

But my bed wasn’t empty. Two girls I had never met were in the bed, sleeping. why-are-you-here

I started to climb up on the bed and yell at them to get out.


Suddenly Faith appeared behind me.

“Who are they?” I demanded.

“They are your new sisters.” Faith told me. “We were going to bring them here a long time ago, but we had to wait until the other girls left. State rules.”

“So they replaced Isabel?” I gasped. I couldn’t believe it. “Why are they in my bed?” Suddenly I was mad.

“We are working on redoing Isabel’s room for the girls, but it’s not finished yet, so they are in your bed. You will have to sleep on the floor.”

“What?” I sputtered.

“Until they have their own place to stay.” I knew from her tone of voice that arguing was useless. So I had to do it.


I woke up exhausted from sleeping on the floor. ‘Well.’ I thought, ‘At least I’ll get to wear my new skirt.’

But when I looked where I had laid it, it wasn’t there. I looked around, but it was as gone as the older girl in the bed.


I went into the living room. “Hey Faith, have you seen the-”

I stopped, because the older of the two girls was wearing the outfit. The ribbon and everything.

“Why Is SHE wearing my outfit?”

“I told her I was going to lay out an outfit for her, as she doesn’t have anything nice. She must have worn the wrong one. It’s okay, you can wear something else. In fact it would be nice if you let her have it. It looks so good on her.”

“What!!! I’m not giving her my outfit.”

“It would be nice.”

I was close to tears now. “It’s the only thing I have left from Isabel.”

“She doesn’t really have anything at all.”

I ran from the room. “I HATE her! She’s ruining everything. I wish she had never come!”

And with that I flopped down on the bed I could no longer call mine, and cried.


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