Last Year

2016 has been quite an interesting year. Here’s some of my favorite posts from each month:


LEa.jpg                                                      A few days after I bought Lea at the American Girl store I reviewed her. (I’m wincing at my photography by the way) Lea is a really beautiful doll, a lot more thought out than Gabriela seems to be.


DSCN6913[1]       In which I post a photo shoot of Lea in the snow. I love snow on Lea’s hair.

March DSCN7633[1]       This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken of any of my dolls. It’s actully a post about how to make the dress Eileen is wearing, which you can read here.


Though I didn’t post much in April I really like this picture from Joy’s Journal part seven. In fact I liked it so much I turned it into a Joy’s Journal poster which you can see here.


DSCN7644[1]      In this post I opened my new doll Mia that I had found at a thrift store (for 1$!) and sent to the doll hospital for a new head. Yes, all of my dolls are watching me open her. (What?! Mom made me wait for her and she was on the phone. I had time!) I also reviewed her.


DSCN8555[1]                      I went to the Wellie Wishers preview! (And then I came home and posted pictures)


DSCN8704[1]                          I love this doll blender that I made.


DSCN0296[1]                          In which I post a craft that is not really a craft but a silly way of saying how I did everything wrong.


dscn34921                         A photo shoot of Eileen and one of my guinea pigs for AGDollawesome‘s photo shoot challenge.


dscn37041                            A review of this adorable doll dress I bought at a local fair my family went to. (I love this dress so much!)


dscn44811                          I showed y’all how to make a paper pumpkin for your dollhouse.


dscn4679                          Last but not least is a part of Joys Journal.

I want this year’s posts to be at least as good as 2016, hopefully much better.

Here’s to a grand 2017!


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