Joy’s Journal 2-11

For Christmas Break we had awhile off. Savana’s parents were taking her home, and since Dad would be home most of the time it was decided I could come too.

dscn4665          Savana’s mom dropped me off at home. Nervously I went into the house.



She looked a lot better. I was glad.

“Oh Joy, I’m so glad you are here! We have so much to do. Let’s start with making cookies!” dscn4671            I looked at the clock. It was already nine forty, and I’d had a long day. At school lights out wasn’t till ten but I was always so tired I went to bed before nine. dscn4666              “Mom.” I started. “I’ve had a long day. I’m going to bed. You can make cookies if you want, but I’ll help you in the morning.” And I did.

After we were finished making cookies the next morning Mom announced we were going to the zoo. This time I just rolled my eyes.

“Take the little kids to the zoo. I’m staying here.”

That was a good day. But the best part came when I went upstairs. dscn4672               “Oh yay.” I was muttering as I walked up the stairs. “They got rid of the extra bunk bed because Grace went to college, and I left. Now how are we supposed to sleep extra people?”dscn4673            I started climbing up the ladder.



My sister was home from college.               dscn4676    Awhile later my cousins Elli and Ana arrived.  As we were making cookies in the kitchen Elli asked about how I was dealing with my school. dscn4677              “Welllllll.” I was afraid I was going to cry. “All my friends want to know about my secret, and are not being very nice to me. I don’t know how to make them stop.” dscn4679           Little Ana spoke up. “If you want them to stop, just tell them your secret.”

“I guess I can do that.”

Elli spoke next. “Joy it turned out well last time. There’s no reason it can’t turn out well again.”


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