How To Make A Paper Pumpkin Decoration

With Thanksgiving coming up I wanted to make a decoration for my dollhouse. So I decided on this paper pumpkin decoration.

dscn44631                          You will need:

Scrapbook paper, in Thanksgvingish colors

Glue, preferably glue sticks


Something to trace, or a circle paper punch

Something to mark with (Not shown)

dscn44641                       First of all pick out some colors of paper and tear them out of your book, or cut the edging off.dscn44651                         Trace a circle onto your paper. I am using a small bowl, about the size of a canning lid, because I could not find my paper punch. dscn44661                         Cut your circles out. A good number of circles is anywhere from 5-8. I have eight. dscn44671                        Fold each of them in half, making sure that the pattern is on the inside. dscn44681                          Arrange them in the order you want them to be on the pumpkin. dscn44691                          Start gluing the white sides of the folded circles together. dscn44711                        When you have all the circles you want glue the two ends together.

dscn44731                        Collapse the pumpkin so you can cut the bottom off. dscn44751                         For the stem cut a piece of brown or green paper.dscn44761                     Spread glue all over it. dscn44771                             Now roll it up.dscn44781                        And glue it into the middle of your pumkin. dscn44811                            This makes a fun display piece, whether in your house or the dolls.


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