How To Make Plethry Stuff

First of all, sorry that I have been so nonexistent recently. Blah blah I blah have blah been blah busy blah blah blah blah. ON TO THE FUN STUFF!

This was inspired by some slime that some I knew made. He put sand in it, and then accidentally left it out for a couple of days. The result was this really cool dried sand slime, kind of like leather. So I decided to make a bunch of sand slime and leave it to dry. Then I could use it for things like picture frames, or chair seats. It’s very sturdy, but also lightweight. Wanna see how to make it?

dscn44251                          Start with slime or silly putty. You can buy some or make some any way you know how, but I am using glue and liquid starch to make some. dscn44261                          If you are making some with liquid starch and glue dig all of the glue out of the liquid starch and put it some place that is easy to clean. Use your hands to knead it till it is putty like. Then dump sand in it. (Being careful not to get sand everywhere.) dscn44271                        The result is this really fun Sand slime. dscn44281                        Now you will want to set in on a surface that you will be able to get it off of when it’s dry. Let it dry overnight or until you can pick it up without it oozing into another shape. Flip the sand slime over and let the other side dry. Do this until it is fully dry. dscn44501                      And you have a sheet of dried sand slime which you can use to make other things!Lexie

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