How To Do Braided Buns On Your Doll

dscn42411                             You will need: Your doll, a hair brush, and water (Optional) dscn42421                               Start by brushing out your doll’s hair. Obviously Mckenna’s hair could use some brushing, so I am going to brush it till it is all smooth. dscn42431                        You want it all free of tangles, like this. dscn42441                             Now you want to part it into two sections. If your doll already has a part it will be easier, but Mckenna doesn’t, so I am just going to separate it and brush it out, dscn42451                           Make sure it is all the way brushed out. dscn42471                            Now you are going to take a little piece of hair and braid it. dscn42481                            Braid it all the way down. dscn42491                             Now take all the hair and braid it. dscn42501                             Now twist it up into a bun. You can use hair pins or hair bands to hold it, your choice. dscn42511                         Enjoy!



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