Meet Isabel

dscn38141            I finally finished Isabel, my rescue doll. I repainted her eyes, redid her lips and eyebrows, gave her freckles, and gave her new hair. dscn38151           I did her eyebrows with a brown watercolor pencil, same with her lips and freckles. Her eyes I just put more paint on, since they were kind of see-through. dscn38171            A close up of her freckles and eyes. dscn38181             I did the hair with a weave, and I love how it turned out! Her hair is so brushable, it’s soft, and I like the color.dscn38201

The doll from the thrift store was $.50

The water color pencils were $6

The wig/weave was $5

Making the doll was fun, and although it didn’t turn out as well as I had wanted, I love this doll and I think it was worth it.

The doll’s aqua eyes, freckles and brown curly hair make me think medieval princess so I named her Isabel.


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