Doll Rescue-Audrey Ann Part One

This is my newest doll rescue, Audrey Ann. I am fixing her up, and I thought it would be fun to show you how I am doing it.

Warning! If you don’t like seeing dolls taken apart, or in parts don’t read this post!

dscn3519                          I found Audrey Ann at a thrift store for $.50. She had no hair, but I was looking for one to give new hair, so it works. She also came with her original dress.  Here was my plan: redo her eyebrows, give her freckles, redo her lips, replace or repaint her eyes and give her new hair.dscn3520                          Her eyebrows were green, and one of them was smudged. dscn3693                          I cut her hair shorter, and used nail polish remover to get rid of her eyebrows. I was going to use nail polish remover with acetone in it, but I couldn’t find it, so I just used the stuff without, and it worked.dscn3694                       To get her eyes out I took her head off and put it upside down in a cup. dscn3695                         I poured boiling water in her head and waited till it was squishy. Then I attempted getting her eyes out. It was really hard. Eventually my mom did it with pliers and a wooden spoon. dscn3703                        Here she is eyeless. I took they eyes and repainted them aquamarine. dscn37181                         Here are the three pieces of the eye. The actual eye, a ring to go around it, and a black piece that holds it so it can spin. dscn37191                       And here it is set up. (Kinda)

That’s all there is for now.


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