How NOT To Make A Bottle Cap Tripod

(Yes, I know that this isn’t directly related to dolls, but it’s fun SO THERE!)

Taking pictures that aren’t blurry is hard. I’ve seen a bottle cap tripod thing floating around Pinterest. I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile, so I decided to try to make one now. It failed, but I thought it might be fun to see how NOT to make a tripod.

dscn36861                        To fail at this you will need:

A water bottle

A screw, (The longer the better, and if it doesn’t fit your camera it will work the best.)


A very floppy thing to put over lids.  dscn36871                       Cut a hole in your floppy thing.dscn36881                        See? A hole!

dscn36891                         Stick your screw through it, making sure it doesn’t hold very well. dscn36911                            Cut slits in your floppy thing and stick on a water bottle.

And this is the device you use to make super blurry pictures and possibly break your camera!Lexie

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